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Original Myth, the Final Frontier: The Original Myth, the Final Frontier, #1

Original Myth, the Final Frontier: The Original Myth, the Final Frontier, #1

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Original Myth, the Final Frontier: The Original Myth, the Final Frontier, #1

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Nov 26, 2019


All ancestral cultures shared the same knowledge: Yoga, Meditation and Chakras.

This book is an introduction to the spiritual path, seen from the mythology of all the ancient cultures of the world. We study the Trinity and its applications in the field of meditation. The human body as a development tool.

Simple and powerful meditation practices introduce us to the world of mantras. The seven chakras, a six-step method that we use to overcome the challenges that oppose our well-being.

The Original Myth is a model of reality that guides us to cultivate: Compassion, Wisdom and Power.

Nov 26, 2019

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Original Myth, the Final Frontier - Pedro de Eguiluz


To penetrate ancient history is a challenge for the current inhabitant of the earth. A good idea is not enough to enter a historical context. Each individual must face this challenge alone. Like the climber who clings to each stone, he can see it and more importantly he can touch it. This is necessary with history, and life in general. If we do not touch it and choose to trust the word of others, reality becomes superficial and you are only left with ideas. That in my experience, over time, life itself is responsible for denying them. On the other hand, when we experience something for ourselves, we obtain the minimum necessary elements to discover in a balanced way, what is reality. If there is even a way to describe it.

I invite you to go through these lines, taking every aspect of the information, as a climber does, with the confidence that it will sustain your understanding.

Original Myth, a Model of Reality

Living Knowledge

The Original Myth is a model of reality, which describes Everything. Given the changing nature of our existence, a model is living knowledge. That is, in constant experimentation and evolution. It adapts to the times and remains consistent with its origin.

The original model is formed in the great battle of the Gods. Where the follow-up to the planetary cycles, describes the creation of the contemporary human. Where the human passions that oppose our well-being, are described in the cosmogonic process, as a method for the knowledge of our mind and energy flow. Symbol of the process of consciousness, which crosses several levels, to form the perfect body, which will have the right substance to access the highest heaven.

The seeker recognizes a system, a process for the spiritual practitioner; knowledge inherited by humanities previous to ours. The Original Myth, intimately linked to the cycle of the planets. A map of the model of the hero, that each great civilization, will try to reproduce. Since its function is to synchronize the development of the individual, society, planets and by extension all creation.

Black and white do not exist for humans, all are shades of gray. The white of the Sun blinds us, while the darkness of Night swallows us. When we look at a shade of gray, I am not asking you to tell me if it is black or white, I suggest you look at the shade of gray. We can identify trends, models, that we use to travel between light and darkness. Between the known and what you want. Between what you sense and what the weavers of time prepare for you.

Our experience of reality is indescribable, so we use models to refer to it. Our actions are tools that transform our life experience. Knowledge is the model in action, the solution that completes the process.

All experience, all knowledge is a model. It is never the truth, nor the answer to the truth. It is a model that brings us closer to the experience of self-knowledge. All paths, all teachings, processes are that development models, philosophical, psychological models, etc. And any model being an approximation and an interpretation of reality, including Ontogony (Self Realization), are disposable. When a model no longer serves you, when a model does not satisfies your needs. It is thrown away, modified or transformed. Because otherwise, it can no longer give you an experience of reality in your life. Carlos de Leon

Seeing all the angles of a situation does not mean that we see different things, are perspectives of the same reality. Perceiving and interpreting are different aspects of the same flow. Each attempt is a sequence of possibilities. To understand and make the experiment useful, we use models, descriptions of reality that allow us to communicate the abstract.

Knowledge is valuable when it is useful. That is, when we can understand it and benefit. Our ancestors used numbers and astronomy to design a proposal that allowed them to prosper.

Heaven did not yet exist; the gods were not yet born; earth did not yet exist; human did not yet exist; death did not yet exist. Texts of the pyramids Ancient Empire Egypt

The Egyptian creation myth begins by presenting a five-step model: heaven, gods, earth, human, and death. The existence of the first generates the next step. That is, for death to exist, the human must arise, as well as before the Earth. The sequence completes a cycle that like a dragon bites its tail, since death is the return to heaven.

This structure was used by all the ancient cultures of the Earth, from before the departure of the modern human being from Africa. To assimilate a symbolic language, to identify the metaphor, we train the mind in the abstract. This, without forgetting to keep our feet firmly on the concrete. We identified five steps in the Egyptian creation myth, after reflecting briefly. However, to identify the same model in complete mythologies, we put on the researcher's cap. We open our hearts to regain innocence. Without obsessions, we walk until we discover that we understand.


Numbers, the suit of the hero

The Original Myth is mathematics, which we embody to perceive, interpret and remember. The first aspect is Unity, we call this Reality, Universe, God, and represents everything that exists, both the perceived, and beyond.

The first tool is a trend, which we experience when we step between chaos and certainty. This conception of everything is preserved in the Nahuatl word Senkawa, which means Evolution, and its parts are translated as What tends to Unity. This technique is the highest and most complex, so we divide the One into simple models that guide us towards the development of our own criteria, product of your experience.

Unity, produces the method of three aspects; Observation, Energy and Void. The Trinity is our relationship with activity and rest, with the reception of information and your response. Of the balance between both, will depend your reach.

'' Elliot had been expounding on the doctrine of the trinity, when one of the hearers, after a long and reflective pause, thus addressed him. -I believe, Mr. Minister, that I understand. The trinity is like water and ice and snow. Water is one, ice is another, and snow is another; And yet, they are all one water. '' Anecdotes of the American Indians, Anonymous, 19th Century

Our ancestors elaborated vessels with three feet, alluding to the three supports of all human experience; Observation, Phenomena and Relaxation. That is, we can deal with a particular circumstance using the three principles. Unlike other methods, we must embody the Trinity to be effective, hence, it's ideal door is Meditation.

If you saturate your experience with Phenomena, you will lose the ability to Observe, that is, integrate it into your experience. If you fall asleep, the excess of Emptiness, will make you miss the best part of the play that life presents to you. If you praise your Observation, the excess of Clarity blinds you. While balancing the three aspects, will make you bloom.


Three Aspects

In the Beginning God created Heaven and Earth. However, the Earth was shapeless and empty, darkness covered the surface of the abyss, and the spirit of God moved under the waters. Genesis

The creation myths begin with a time before time, when only the primordial waters existed. An undifferentiated whole, where the Divine swims like a fish. How to understand that these words are more than a belief? They are a model of thought, of energy management, of contact with the Divine. A description of the hero's experience reaching its origin. The Tao, experience known as Mahamudra, Rigpa in Dzogchen. Senmati, the unity of the mind, of experience. The last Samaddhi.

In the most remote antiquity, before the human existed, there were only two worlds in the universe: The Upper and the Lower. The Middle World had not been built. R. Benito Vidal Magical History of the Redskin Indians. Cherokee Creation Myth

Ketsalkoatl, the hero par excellence, gives structure to the primal chaos separating the sky from the underworld; that is to say creating an intermediate space, where human beings can live. Linear light expands in all directions and circular light contracts, the friction between the two produces divine sparks. We obtain a model of three aspects that describe the whole.

As with Earth, planets, constellations, and the Sun, the Original Myth is a dynamic model. That is, it is transformed during its natural cycle, and especially when we cultivate it. However, we use a base structure to describe it. Shiva and Shakti, the Father and the Mother, Consciousness and Energy, are always united, from the beginning of time and will remain so until the end. However, we can divide them into two aspects to refer to the model and associated techniques.

In principle, the head is Heaven, Earth is the heart and the underworld is the hip. From Buddhism we call them Nirmanakaya, the physical world, Samogokaya, the energy world and Dharmakaya, our spiritual origin. Paracelsus describes the trinity as follows: The body comes from the elements, the soul from the stars and the spirit of God. The Secret Teachings of All Ages, by Manly P. Hall, p.137


Heaven, Earth and Infra-world

Talking about subtle connections, rituals, ceremonies and levels of consciousness, produces in most contemporary humans one of two reactions. The skeptic simply dismisses the phenomenon a priori. The believer accepts without questioning the valued dogmas. Both are barriers that alter our perception of reality. Its natural function is as two tools that allow us to value our experiences.

The simplest way to present the model, we find it still in use in India, in the Trikamonist tradition, the three divine principles. Trika is translated as triple: Shiva, Shakti and Kamakala. Some streams of Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir see the threefold nature in Shiva, Shakti and Nara. Shiva represents consciousness, Shakti energy and Nara is the human being. The Trika teaches that Shiva, Shakti and Nara have the same nature.

Shiva in this philosophical system, is the Being of the entire universe and there is no difference with Shakti. Shiva being the static aspect of the divine and Shakti the dynamic, together they are freedom. So Nara, the human who has the same nature, is potentially free as well. Humans experience lack of freedom because of Mala, the limiting condition. However, it is something that is within the human being itself and comes from the divine.

The Shiva / Shakti union has the will to seek knowledge and experience, inherent in all beings. When the human being becomes aware of his union with this divine couple, forms a trinity that puts an end to the slavery of appearances. Mala is ignorance of nature itself. The divine is not just a great void, it is a Being overflowing with consciousness.

Nomadic myths and legends have the virtue of presenting the complete myth in a few words. In the following Teenek (Mexico) story, we find a model equivalent to that used by the Trikamonista tradition. Tithach Shiva represents the north pole of creation, our head, the sky. Tsabaal, Shakti, symbol of the Earth and the perceived phenomena. It is the South, our hip and the entrance to the infra-world. The space where we live is Middle Earth, the heart held by the Tameme, chargers of the year. They are distributed, marked by great celebrations that we still carry out. The steps of the stairway to heaven.

Sky - Earth - Underworld

Head - Heart - Hip

Observation - Energy - Void

Father - Mother - Son / Daughter

Solar - Terrestrial - Sidereal

Ice - Steam - Water

Topan - Tlaltikpak - Miktlan (Nahuatl)

T'ithach - Tsabaal - Underworld (Tenek)

"Count the wise old teenek that there was a time when there was nothing. There was no Earth or Sky, there was only an infinite sea and a terrible darkness. One day, the gods decided to create the universe and conceived it as an organic whole structured in three planes. On the upper plane is the Sky, supported by a pillar called T'ithach. This plane constitutes the paradisiacal dwelling of the gods, and its nature is hot.

In the second plane is the Earth, Tsabaal, the place where the life of human beings takes place. The Earth is supported by four men located in the four cardinal directions. These men died drowned, are very fragile and are cracked, reason why every year they break and they go towards the East, where Muxi lives, the Grandfather Thunder, omnipotent God of the rain. When the human pillars die, they are soon replaced by other men who lost their lives in the same way. Tsabaal is very beautiful, always green and fresh, she is the owner of all the animals that inhabit its surface. It

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