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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 7

Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 7

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 7

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Nov 28, 2019


Soldier King Ye Chen was one of the top fighters in the country's special forces. However, his teammates' deaths caused him to leave the army and return to the civilian population. On one side, there were many schemes and on the other, there were countless beauties. If one could defeat a tyrant, they would be able to kill off their enemy, win the favor of beauties, and then see how the super soldier king would play with his city life.
Nov 28, 2019

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard - Fan Tian



The feelings of the Chinese towards Fu Sang had always been complex, and they hated him to the bone because he was always opposing China. He was despicable, but he was also good at studying, making people grind their teeth and love him, because Fu Sang had a famous industry that allowed him to live for a long time, and that was sending small movies of beautiful women all over the world, enlightening how many pure young men were there? How many men had given a sigh of satisfaction in the middle of the night?

When Ye Chen landed on the ground, he could immediately feel the strong aura of culture.

There were all sorts of young girls dressed extravagantly. There was very little fabric on their bodies, and they would smile charmingly when they saw a man.

If it was just a tourist, it would really be a refreshing experience!

Ye Chen's mood had also improved a lot. Who would not want it for free? He could easily send her a kiss with just a coquettish glance, but he would reject it if it was true.

There was only one reason, and that was that he found it dirty.

After much difficulty, he finally found a place to stay. For convenience's sake, he chose a rather good hotel with a luxurious name, Crystal Orange.

Crystal decorations could be seen everywhere in the hotel. A big feature was that the hotel was filled with the scent of orange, which made people feel relaxed.

However, this orange perfume wasn't the kind that was commonly seen in the market. It was the signature perfume of the luxury brand, Candy. It was the Heart of a Girl.

Of course, the service within the hotel was not bad either. They were considerate, dedicated service, and communication was not a problem at all. In comparison, the price was also several times higher than other hotels.

It did not matter, as the only thing Ye Chen lacked the most right now was money.

Bald Eagle and the rest were travelling a bit further, they had to arrive tomorrow. After a day and night, they were all alone, so what could Ye Chen do? Of course it was to find something fun to play with!

Therefore, during the day, Ye Chen stayed in the Internet Cafe the entire time and specifically contacted the fairy. The fairy had already organized the information about Fu Sang and even though they had not confirmed who had infiltrated China, they had basically locked down three organizations, namely Qian Hu, Shan Kou and wing of Zoysia.

In Fu Sang, these organizations were all open and aboveboard, so it was easier to obtain information. These three organizations were all organizations that were in the top three of Fu Sang's organizations.

Compared to the other two organizations, 1,000 households were the smallest in size. However, their whereabouts were the most hidden. The most conspicuous aspect was that they had an extremely large entertainment area called Red Pavilion, located behind their most famous school in Fusang.

The red pavilion was also connected to the Cherry Blossom School and the most famous Windy Moon Street of Fusang. It was said that there were many students at the school who attended school during the day and turned into pretty girls who were in the physical business at night. They would carry their student identification cards with them and earn even more money.

If you didn't go to Fu Sang to be a man, if you didn't go to Fu Sang to be a woman, then the red pavilion would be a waste. This was the sign that the red pavilion had posted.

As a true man who came to Fu Sang, Ye Chen naturally wanted to explore around.

It was already 4 in the afternoon, so Ye Chen went back to the hotel to casually order some food, which was basically raw and not tasty. He ate until he shook his head, casually stuffed 2 mouthfuls of food into the trash can.

Afterwards, he went to the Merchant Shop to buy a new set of clothes. It wasn't that he cared about his image, but he wanted to enter the Red Pavilion.

After all, the tickets to the Red Pavilion were very high, equivalent to 2,000 yuan in China. Some of the wine was free after entering, and one would need to pay for other entertainment projects.

Ye Chen had a tall stature and an outstanding appearance to begin with. After changing into a flashy casual suit, he had an even more extraordinary temperament. The little sister who sold suits had secretly stuffed her phone into the pocket of her suit as a gift for Ye Chen to buy a suit.

Of course, after Ye Chen found out about it, he threw away the small slip of paper.

After buying a cigarette and getting on the carriage, Ye Chen arrived at the entrance of the Red Pavilion.

Although it was called a pavilion, its actual size was much larger. It was about three thousand square meters, no wonder it was so famous.

The first floor was a place for drinking, entertainment, beauties and girls. The second floor was a bit higher, and there were more than a hundred small rooms, each only a few square meters in area. There were two women sitting inside.

The other woman was very old and dressed casually. She held a fan in her hand and was responsible for attracting business and contacting customers.

Above that were hotels. There were all kinds of rooms for the topic. You could choose a woman from the second floor, or you could bring a woman from the first floor and spend the Spring Festival Gala with her.

This was all written on the card that the security guard gave Ye Chen when they entered.

Ye Chen did not recognize the character Fu Sang, and only spoke a few sentences, which were translated by a beautiful Fu Sang woman who was standing beside him.

There was nothing he could do, if he did not find a woman, those women would pounce on Ye Chen like madmen. Helpless, he could only choose one that looked good, which did not stop those women from winking at him.

It could only be said that they were too passionate!

The woman said as she placed her hand on Ye Chen's shoulder, her eyes twinkling. Brother, your muscles are really hard!

Hahaha! I like hearing that! " Ye Chen took out a stack of money and stuffed it into her clothes, and then took out two pieces of money to light a cigarette, the cigarette started to burn, and the money was almost used up too. He casually threw the money on the ground without any mercy, and this caused the woman beside him to almost collapse on top of him.

Such a handsome guy who treated money like dirt would make a woman extremely happy!

Brother, I'm a bit tired, why don't we go up early to rest? She firmly held onto Ye Chen's arm and spoke coquettishly.

Ye Chen did not pay attention to her as he focused on smoking, his eyes casually sweeping his surroundings. All he could see were various men and women doing all kinds of unsightly actions in front of everyone, as if they were acting in front of him in a real life movie.

However, Ye Chen only glanced over their bodies lightly, his attention was focused on the men seated in the corners, or to be more precise, it was the bodyguards.

In a place like the red pavilion, it was impossible for there to be no bodyguards. On the surface, there were no less than fifty bodyguards. They were all sitting there idly drinking and playing on their phones.

Ye Chen mainly wanted to see if there were any other people watching the show. He did not believe that there were only these few people.


But after looking around twice, Ye Chen only saw about ten or so guards. Their skills were only better than ordinary people, and in his eyes, they were nothing more than trash.

As such, it was not on the surface. There would be even more powerful people upstairs.

The first floor was no longer anything new. Ye Chen took a cup of wine and went up to the second floor.

The woman thought that was moved by her words, and followed behind happily. However, she realised that Ye Chen couldn't move a muscle when he reached the second floor, and couldn't bear to leave even if he wanted to, so she didn't have the ability to take him away. She could only follow beside her in displeasure, hoping that her charm would move Ye Chen.

On the other hand, the second floor was much quieter than the first floor. Other than the women who were having POSE in their rooms, the ones coming and going were all men.

They wandered and thought like they were looking for goods. Occasionally, they would talk about prices, but most of them just came back and forth, comparing, as if they felt that since they had spent a lot of money, they had to pick one that was worth the price.

Ye Chen could not help but feel that it was a little funny. These men were normally dressed up, but most of them were disguised themselves. Some of them were wearing masks, some were even wearing large hats, as if they were trying to hide their face, or were afraid that others would recognize them?

But it made sense, since Fu Sang was only that big, Ye Chen had always thought that it was just a province of China, with generations of ancestors present, who wouldn't know someone in the province? Who knows, maybe the one sitting in that room was his little sister!

The goods upstairs were indeed better than those downstairs. After all, they were all marked with a price. Ye Chen admired them as he looked around at his surroundings.

Although there were fewer people upstairs, there were more bodyguards. There were an extra three rooms with two bodyguards, and they were also more skilled than the ones downstairs. They were probably equivalent to the fighting strength of Bald Eagle and the rest when they set up the Death Reaper Team.

This also further strengthened Ye Chen's belief that this was not just a romantic place.

The bodyguards were not only looking at the guests to prevent them from taking away a certain woman without paying. They were also looking at the people with other intentions. Their eyes were all as sharp as an eagle's, making the second floor seem more orderly.

No matter how beautiful their attire was, and how richly dressed they were, Ye Chen could not conceal the seductive temperament that they had. He could not help but feel that these women had grown a good set of skin for nothing, and actually thought of relying on this skin to earn money, so he was in a bad mood and had no choice but to pick one of them. Otherwise, if he wanted to go upstairs again, he could cause quite a commotion.

This customer! You can't take her! Our price has yet to be agreed upon! " Just then, a woman's voice entered Ye Chen's ears. It was not far from him, and it was only five to six rooms away.

Ye Chen watched the fun from the side with interest. Not to mention giving him less, even if he gave his more, he would still feel sorry for the young girl. He would probably never want to return to the house to sit with this man for the rest of his life, right?

Although he did not talk much into Fu Sang's language, Ye Chen still felt no pressure. The most important part was that he did not like Fu Sang's language, which was too unpleasant to listen to.

Bullshit! Isn't her price there? I agree! How much do you want? It's embedded in gold! " The man shouted in dissatisfaction, as if he was especially humiliated and annoyed that everyone was looking at him.

But she just showed off her talent. You also said that she is far more than just this amount of money, so we still need to add on some more! The woman holding the fan was unrelenting.

The bodyguards also went over to try to mediate, but the man seemed to have his reasons. They didn't want the girls in the room to be suspicious of the price, so they tried to persuade them otherwise.

Cut the f * cking crap! That's all! Today, even if you want to do it, you have to do it! Even if you don't want to, you still have to! " The man tried his best to pull the girl again, but he didn't expect that the girl would throw the man flat on the ground like a dog. Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh as he looked at the girl.

There was an indescribable temperament about her, and if one had to use a word to describe it, it would be sharp, very sharp, beautiful, not like a rose. Although it was sharp, it was also seductive.

The man didn't seem to think that he would actually be pushed down by a girl. He stood up and cursed, but he didn't dare to start it. He was afraid that he would be taken advantage of by her hands again.

Something's wrong! The lady muttered softly, but Ye Chen heard it clearly. He could not help but raise his eyebrows, because he heard the lady speak in Chinese.

'Comrades? '

He couldn't help but take two steps forward.

What the f * ck are you laughing for? The man suddenly shouted at Ye Chen.

How long is your reaction arc? Is it difficult to walk through your fat? Ye Chen used Fu Sang's words. Although it was not smooth, but he wanted the man to understand it with his eyes.

Do you want to fucking say it again?! After the man finished speaking, he rushed towards Ye Chen, the flesh on his face constantly trembling, as though Ye Chen was afraid that he would use a little more strength to shake the flesh off his face.

Something's wrong. Ye Chen also said in Chinese. The girl took another glance at Ye Chen, seeming to be a little surprised as well.

Ye Chen gave her a flirtatious glance. Come with me, how is it? No matter how much it is, just name a price!"

The girl seemed to be in a difficult position, but she saw that the bodyguard's face wasn't good. He had knocked a customer down. If she rejected another customer, then she might have come here not to earn money but to cause trouble!

Eighty thousand yuan for one night, no bargaining! The woman with the fan said, 'Eighty thousand dollars is the price of a little star.

Thus, Ye Chen agreed without hesitation.

One hundred thousand, serve me well! I'll give it all to you! Ye Chen smirked, wasn't it just money? Meeting her here was fate, and he was very interested in her …

The woman swallowed her saliva, as though there was no longer any way to find a way to reject them. She looked at the woman who was helping her recruit business, and the two of them exchanged glances and nodded towards Ye Chen.


Big brother, what about me? The woman who was originally by Ye Chen's side finally felt a sense of danger, and refused to admit defeat: I can accompany you too! Otherwise... The two of us will accompany you!

Ye Chen was a little embarrassed, he had not even had a woman who could play with him! However, he still decisively refused the woman in case she came over and gave her another stack of money.

Damn, trash! Before the woman left, she did not forget to bury Ye Chen's words. Then, she took the money and left hurriedly, leaving Ye Chen feeling helpless.

Besides, even if he picked two women in one night, he wouldn't choose her!

This time, Ye Chen only had this woman in his eyes, he laughed mischievously, Because you and I have been laughed at, but tonight, you better make it up to me!

The bodyguards all laughed along with Ying Huanhuan. This was the best way to keep things peaceful and peaceful, so that they wouldn't have to fight and affect their business.

That fat man still wanted to say something, but was pulled away by his bodyguard. Since business was already out of the question, naturally, he wouldn't be too lazy towards him.

The lady walked over with a fake smile, and stopped by Ye Chen's side.

Yes. Ye Chen put his hand in his pocket and looked at the woman.

Some women were like this. They would deliberately keep their men in suspense, so they had a unique appearance. However, this woman wasn't like that. She seemed to have come to the wrong place, and the closer they got, the more they could feel the coldness in her bones.

Ye Chen did not care about all that. He had already swiped the card, and spending money was not just looking at people's faces.

Don't go too far! The woman gritted her teeth and whispered. If it wasn't for the fact that she couldn't make a move here, she really wanted to tear this man in front of her into pieces!

Since you're already here, behave a little more obediently. Do you really want others to see that you're different from the others?

Hearing this, the woman pursed her lips and averted her eyes. She felt that the man in front of her had something to say, as if he wanted to point it out. She did not dare to hesitate any longer.

Ye Chen proudly hummed a song and swaggered up the stairs. In order to accommodate his steps, the woman had to follow him with extreme difficulty, her heels were very high, and her skirt was long. She swayed left and right following Ye Chen, and after a few stomps, she fell onto Ye Chen's body.

It's not time to take advantage of them yet, be more reserved! Ye Chen glanced at her, causing the lady to clench her teeth even more. Although there was still a smile on her face, Ye Chen could hear her clenching her teeth even more clearly.

The third floor was where the residents were registered, but it was different from the outside. They didn't need a customer's ID, they just needed to register which girl was registered and then arrange for a suitable room.

Nice to meet you, esteemed customer. I've arranged 412 for you. Just turn right after you go upstairs. The person in charge of registration was a sweet-looking girl, and she politely said to Ye Chen.

I want to stay on the top floor. Ye Chen said to the lady: Can you translate for me? I have a good view of the top floor, so it's more amorous to work by the window.

You! The woman's face suddenly turned red. It was one thing to say such outrageous words, but she actually asked him to translate them!

The registration lady looked at Ye Chen apologetically. She indeed did not understand what Ye Chen said and could only look at the lady beside him. However, the lady was too angry and refused to translate.

Ye Chen did not make a sound, lit another cigarette and started puffing out smoke, as though he had been standing there the entire time without any translations.

However, staying here wasn't an option. The woman could only say in anger, He wants to stay on the top floor.

Did you translate everything I said? Why are you saying it's so short! Ye Chen asked.

The woman's face was on the verge of bleeding. After holding in her anger for a long time, she said, The top floor has a good view. He wants everyone to see him stripping!

After hearing the woman's translation, her face didn't change at all, but she still maintained her smile and said, Sir, I'm sorry, but only VIP customers can choose the top floor, how about I arrange a seventh floor for you with a good vision, is that okay?

Can it be the same? The feeling was completely different! I like being high and mighty! Tell me, how much is VIP? I'll do it right now!" Ye Chen said directly.

Only then did the woman realize that she had been tricked. So this person knew how to speak Fusang's language. He was just trying to embarrass her! She began to look down on Ye Chen more and more. He obviously looked quite like one, but she didn't expect him to be a guy who only had money on him! How shameful!

Sir, please understand, this is not a matter of money …

How about this, you let me stroll around the top floor for a bit and compare it with the seventh floor. If there's nothing wrong with it, then I'll choose the seventh floor. What do you think? Ye Chen seemed to be an easy-going person.

I'm sorry, sir …

Why are you always so embarrassed? Ye Chen said: Is my request excessive? Otherwise, don't open up to the public on the eighth floor, what kind of logic is this? If you say so, I'm going to the eighth floor to have a look! F * ck, not only is he cool but he is also looked down by others!"

Ye Chen had already determined that there was something fishy about the eighth floor. Although it was said to be open to the outside world, or perhaps it was a VIP, it should only be there to deceive people.

What's the matter, sir? Ye Chen had seen her before, he had thought that she was a customer, because she was too refined, he could not associate her with this kind of place, like a legal wife waiting for her husband. Turns out he was also a service personnel.

I'm the person in charge here. If there's anything I'm not satisfied with, you can tell me. The woman had a polite look on her face, but her eyes didn't change at all. She looked like someone who had seen the world and wouldn't panic like that registration lady just because there was someone here.

Didn't you hear it all? I want to live on the eighth floor! Ye Chen did not take advantage of her, but on the surface, he looked to be arrogant and despotic.

How about this, Sir, let me accompany you on a tour of the eighth floor. You can compare it with the seventh floor, but my suggestion is that the seventh floor is more suitable for you. The main purpose of the eighth floor is to satisfy some guests with special hobbies, so it might not be suitable for you. The woman still had that professional smile on her face. As she said that, she had already walked towards the elevator, leaving Ye Chen with a clean view of her back.

Ye Chen naturally unceremoniously followed along behind, his eyes constantly sweeping over the woman's body, this figure was not bad, after getting fatter, they became thinner and thinner, and was considered top quality!


I'm not interested in you

The lady beside her curled her lips in disdain, as if she was not satisfied with Ye Chen's gaze, but Ye Chen did not care about that.

The elevator was a sightseeing elevator, and one could see the scenery outside. However, Ye Chen was continuously enjoying the scenery inside the elevator. With two beautiful girls standing beside him, if he was still interested in seeing the outside, it would mean that he was a fool!

Ding! When the elevator reached the eighth floor, the woman smiled and indicated to Ye Chen before she took the lead to walk out. Ye Chen followed behind her.

The eighth floor didn't look that different. It was a set of rooms, and the woman's high heels clattered on the floor. Please take a look at this room.

As she spoke, she opened up a guest room. Like she said, this room was meant to satisfy people with special interests. Inside were handcuffs, whips and the like. The room was set up in a warm red color, to make the atmosphere more lively.

Ye Chen stood at the doorway and admired it with great interest, nodding his head repeatedly from time to time. It's fine, but it doesn't really suit me. I'm the more serious kind of person. Ye Chen said seriously.

In order to keep this room a secret, there was not even a window. Just as Ye Chen had said, it was impossible to stay outside the window, so there was no reason to stay inside.

She then brought Ye Chen and the other two to the seventh floor. In a spacious suite with French windows, there was red wine and a fragrant aroma. Ye Chen laughed out loud: I like your place! I like this room!

Well, I wish you a pleasant evening. The woman nodded in acknowledgement before she left, leaving behind only Ye Chen and the woman he had just bought.

What's your name? Ye Chen asked casually.

Little Red. The woman replied snappily. Finally, she reached a place where no one was watching her and her face fell.

Can you have some snacks? You've made up this name casually, right? Ye Chen laughed.

The woman ignored him. I still have other things to do. I advise you to earnestly enjoy your scenery and not give me any trouble!

What is it? Officer, are you going to carry this over here?

How do you know? Right after she finished speaking, she immediately covered her mouth with her hands. Ye Chen's gleeful smile was simply telling her that he was just trying to trick her, but she wasn't up to it, and actually said it out!

She couldn't help but reach behind her waist. There was another advantage to having a big skirt, and that was if she hid a gun, no one would notice her.

You'd better not worry about it. Ye Chen casually sat on the sofa: The soundproofing in these rooms is indeed not bad, but I can't cover the sounds of the gunshots.

I installed a silencer. The woman smiled and said, Are you afraid?

Ye Chen opened the bottle of red wine beside him and poured it into two cups, he then muttered: Stupid woman.

Who are you calling stupid? Do you believe that I won't shoot you?! The woman frowned and pretended to take out her gun. It was one thing for this man to tease her so many times, but he actually dared to speak to her in such a manner when there were only the two of them here. He must be tired of living!

Just then, the lady suddenly saw Ye Chen pouncing towards her, she immediately reacted, but her movements were still slower than's, and she was pressed down by Ye Chen's body!

Go to hell! The woman tried her best to bend her legs, and pushed her way between Ye Chen's legs, and actually dared to push herself down! Where was his innocence?

Do you think you can shoot me first, or do you want someone who's aiming at you to shoot you first? Ye Chen hugged her leg, and smiled while sticking close to her face.

There's someone on the other side?! Halfway through, she wanted to turn her head and look out of the window, but it was blocked by Ye Chen's face and she actually stuck on Ye Chen. She couldn't help but be angry, and tried to struggle free from Ye Chen's shackles. However, after futilely using all her strength for half a day, she was still unable to fulfil her wish.

Ye Chen was helpless, why is it that the women he meets all want to try their luck with him? He did guess that this woman was a police officer because of her temperament, her style, and her upright posture. These things that were hard to hide were not easy to conceal, but now it seemed like it was all settled.

Moreover, this policewoman shouldn't be here on a mission. She wanted to investigate on her own and rely on her own abilities, wanting to enter the tiger's den on her own!

This made Ye Chen think of a person, Wu Li, who was also a hot-tempered beauty. She could have relied on her face to survive, but she always wanted to rely on her own abilities to accomplish something, even though her strength was truly lacking.

This also caused Ye Chen's mood to plummet. Not only that, Wu Li was someone he was starting to miss.

Her every frown, her anger and helplessness, she tried her best to protect her appearance, but she didn't expect to feel it again so clearly.

Ever since Wu Li died, he would almost never bring up this name, and the people around him would never even mention this name, it was as if Wu Li had disappeared from his world. Sometimes, Ye Chen would even think that this person had actually appeared in his life before, or else why would it be like a reflection in the ocean?

The woman struggled for a while before she stopped. She realized that no matter how strong Ye Chen was, he was not as strong as her, and she also realised that Ye Chen's emotions were off. That feeling was very strange, the man clearly did not say anything, but his body was suddenly filled with a gloomy aura, and was completely different from the playful look from before.

Ye Chen sat up, no longer pressing her down, and only spoke a few bland words: There's really someone on the other side, don't look at him, it'll arouse his attention.

The woman nodded, not knowing what she should say. She picked up the glass of wine and pecked at it, believing in the man before her for no reason. Perhaps he was right, after all he was much stronger than her, and there was no need to lie to her.

You're a woman, what are you doing here? Has your husband been taken away? Ye Chen also drank a mouthful of wine, the smile on his face returned, as though the person who was extremely hurt just now was not him.

Naturally, he controlled his emotions, not because he forgot Wu Li, but because he put her back in his heart, the woman who sacrificed her life to protect him.

However, the woman opposite him was unhappy. What do you mean I'm a woman? What happened to women?! They could also be very outstanding! I am an excellent woman! And I don't need a boyfriend!

Oh, so you're hinting that I'm single. Ye Chen replied: Don't worry, I'm not interested in you!


Because the dress wasn't long enough, not only did she not hit Ye Chen, she almost fell down.

I advise you to save your strength. Aren't you here on a mission? You don't want to be exposed, do you? Ye Chen's face suddenly turned cold, because this woman looked too similar to Wu Li. It was not her appearance, but her temperament.

You'd better not provoke me! The woman didn't know why Ye Chen had suddenly turned cold, but it was as she wished. If this man was afraid of something, it would be difficult for her to deal with him. However, she was also a little curious about Ye Chen. She was very skilled, and instantly guessed what she was doing.

Ye Chen started to restore the map in his mind. Just now, he looked like he was just passing by, but he had pretty much seen everything on the eighth floor, and when he stood at the door, he heard people talking in the house beside him, but the soundproofing in the room was just too good. Even with his hearing, he could only hear the words goods and handover.

But it was enough for him.

Thinking about it, the woman who led the way was also extremely confident about the soundproofing inside the building, which was why she was so at ease when bringing Ye Chen to the eighth floor. However, she didn't think that she would bump into a monster whose hearing far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

Ye Chen reckoned that there were a few rooms up there that were just for show. Of course, this did not exclude the fact that their people really had some strange hobbies, and the remaining rooms were all for them to work in.

No matter what goods they were going to deliver tonight, Ye Chen planned to join in the fun.

This was the territory of the thousand man captains, and the items they received definitely weren't ordinary.

Now, he was waiting for them to take action. Since Ye Chen had nothing to do, he started to play with his phone.

The woman had already gone back to her room to change clothes. When she came out again, a valiant and valiant smell emanated. She was wearing a black suit with the gun pinned to her waist. A thin windbreaker covered the gun.

Perhaps seeing that Ye Chen was not interested in her, she was relieved. Her fingers moved agilely on her phone, probably on a quest to contact her external help.

He didn't get enough rest last night, so Ye Chen threw himself onto the big bed and fell asleep just like that!

Pig head! She thought that she had overthought things and that she was just a weirdo who only knew how to sleep. As for the fact that he had guessed her profession just now, it was simply a facade, wasn't it?

Dong, dong, dong! Just as the two of them were playing on their own phones, someone suddenly knocked on the door. The woman panicked and ran over to Ye Chen's side: What do we do? Someone has come to investigate us!

However, she realised that Ye Chen was sleeping soundly, and didn't even react to his greeting. He was so anxious that she kept circling around the room.

She seemed to be fighting with them outside, and did not have any intention to stop at all. Helplessly, she breathed towards Ye Chen's face!

Pah! Just as she was about to be hit, Ye Chen held onto her wrist.

You lied to me? Ye Chen was clearly awake. He was not asleep at all, he just did not want to care about her!

The people outside must be looking for you. Why are you calling me? Ye Chen did not answer her question.

But... But didn't I sell it to you? If they found out that this was fake … Ugh!" Before she could finish, her windbreaker was suddenly torn off. She was wearing a sling with one side slanted over her shoulder and was about to fall off.

What are you doing?! Her eyes immediately turned red.

Didn't you want to look more real? Ye Chen acted like it was the most normal thing he did. He opened the door and asked: What are you doing?

I'm sorry, sir. I'm here to deliver some necessities. I can see that you don't have a 'Do Not Disturb' sign. There was a man standing outside the door who looked like a waiter. In his hand was a tray with some adult items on it.

Put it inside. Ye Chen took a step back and stood by the door. The waiter nodded and walked in.

What are you doing?! The woman let out a surprised sigh, crossing her arms in front of her chest to block. She had thought that Ye Chen would reject her, or even take the things that she wanted.

How can you say that?! However, Ye Chen's voice was even louder than hers, he just smacked her butt, causing her to grimace in pain. She saw that the waiter was looking at her puzzledly, so she didn't dare to attack, and only snuggled up to Ye Chen: Don't you like my look? His voice was soft and soft, as if she had been a different person. However, her slightly red eyes showed just how angry she was.

I wish you all a memorable night. The waiter politely nodded his head. Without another glance at them, he turned around and left the room.

You … The woman had only managed to spit out a single word, but her mouth was already covered by Ye Chen. She stared at Ye Chen with all her might, as if she wanted to turn her gaze into a killing weapon.

He hasn't gone far. Ye Chen was a little impatient: You think you have the nerve to do this mission yourself? I don't even know how I died!

The woman listened from the side, then pointed at Ye Chen's hand. She did not know if what Ye Chen said was true or not, but she did not dare to shout anymore.

Would I have shouted if you weren't so reckless? The woman said with a bit of grievance.

Do you think ordinary waiters will stay behind if they don't open the door? Ye Chen said snappily.

So you did it on purpose? The woman immediately understood what was going on, but after looking at Ye Chen, her anger rose to the top, Then you can totally negotiate with me previously, I didn't say that I wouldn't cooperate … In any case, she felt that she wasn't wrong. Any woman who was suddenly stripped by a man would be angry, right? Yet he didn't even bother to apologize, and now he still acted as if he was making a fuss over nothing!

Didn't I already say that? I'm not interested in you. Ye Chen asked seriously, causing the woman to become quiet, she never thought that her shoulders would be exposed, this man was actually not interested in her! She was clearly the one who was angry at Ye Chen just now, but she was also very angry when Ye Chen wasn't interested in her.

I'm different. The woman smiled. "I feel

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