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Action Beats Fear

Action Beats Fear

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Action Beats Fear

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Nov 22, 2019


A book wrote from the entrepreneur perspective. -Are you tired of wishing a better life?-Are you always procrastinating because you don't know where to start?-Do you think that you don't have time? 

This book will answer this and other questions by:-Teaching you how to make your idea a statement-Providing the knowledge on things that are stopping you to start-Showing tips to overcome those challenges and more...Whether you are thinking of creating a new service or selling a product the lessons that you will see here applies to any idea of entrepreneurship.One of the most difficult parts of starting a business is the tons of uncertainty that you have to deal with and that most of the time, you do not have someone that has already done this before to guide you. This book what precisely written to address that big issue that prevents a lot of people from doing the leap of faith.

This book will guide you with the ultimate steps, to create great quality content for that passion that you want to transform into a profitable business. 

Nov 22, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Born in 1987 into a middle-class family and diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or ASD, Kristian Hartmann is an entrepreneur who found his passion after working in several jobs that he did not suit him in combination with the experience that came after his first marriage failed. Fed up with his existing circumstances that threatened his well-being, he questioned himself and analyze the reasons of his unhappiness and failures. In order to get a better perspective, he started reading books and articles about other people that achieved success in all areas of their lives. It wasn’t until he successfully digested those life transforming materials did he realize that these people had similar situations of hardships and disappointments just like him and every other individual.  However, it dawned on him that they had a unique way of dealing with those issues and getting the results they desired, which distinguished them from the rest. Instead of complaining and doing nothing, he learned that they picked vital lessons from their mistakes and those of others, and transformed their lives for the better. Having arrived at this realization, he had his eureka moment and was inspired to take financial and entrepreneurship courses before his venture into real estate and writing career, with the aim of sharing his knowledge with others. He firmly believes that through acts, and as he does something that he is incredibly passionate about, the lives of those he reaches out to will be greatly improved. Kristian Hartmann intends to shed light on the area of creative content development as a strategic business tool that can be harnessed by anyone determined enough to succeed. Through this approach, he seeks to liberate those that are still stuck in creating unique business models via content creation that will appeal to their patrons. Having created successful businesses for himself with his tested and trusted trade secrets, Kristian Hartmann strongly believes that such secrets applied in one’s business will yield nothing but success. Even though we are all born with a limitation like the syndrome that he has, he wants to demonstrate to you that your strengths are capable of overcoming what you believe is your weakness.

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Action Beats Fear - Kristian Hartmann



In today’s world, we coexist in a digital era, and information seems to be an important tool in generating success in one’s business. We cannot turn a blind eye to the importance of content creation as a form of business strategy that can be harnessed by any goal-oriented individual passionate about achieving success in the business sector. There has been so much buzz over content creation that most people seem to be misled by information overload, stemming from various ideologies and perceptions encapsulating the subject matter. To be honest, quite a few individuals are confused as to what the term content creation means in business growth. They seem clueless about how valuable it is and utilizing it to build a solid sustainable business. As a result, many people fail to get their businesses up and running in the content creation industry. Their products and services are less likely to be patronized by clients and end users due to the unappealing mode of presentation and packaging of such offers. This could be due to not having an outstanding implementation of content creation in selling their businesses.

Do you find yourself among a group of people struggling to create appealing content for your customers? Are you already making progress, but need to improve on the quality of content delivery? Are you plagued by factors such as skepticism, procrastination and the fear of how your business would be positively accepted? Do you seek strategies that would help you create that perfect content which would push your business by leaps and bounds? This amazing eBook- Action Beats Fear – 5 Simple Steps For Starting An Effective Content Creation Business Strategy- has been well-structured and documented to give you the answers you seek to answer those bugging questions hovering in your mind. Tailored to suit whatever business idea you have, this book will help you achieve the following:

➢  What content creation is all about.

➢  How content creation can be implemented as a business strategy to help you achieve success by great strides.

➢  Steps to boost your business via the use of content marketing.

➢  Ways that you can create awesome content that will appeal to your clients, business partners, investors and customers.

➢  Tips to become a successful business content creator.

➢  How you can effectively monetize your business by implementing content creation in your business processes.

This book is packed with practical principles, steps, methodologies and guidelines that can be applied in your business. It isn’t just another pick-off-the-shelf motivational book lacking substantial practicality. You will find it to be an amazing daily guide that will open your mind to greater opportunities embedded in content creation, as well as an effective tool in business development and sustainability. Those lingering fears, doubts and worries that prevent you from making headway in your business will be eradicated as you practically engage yourself in an effective content creation business strategy that will not only bring you success in your business, but also other areas of your life. You can easily refer to this book anytime you need help coming up with creative business content, and anytime you need to sit back and take a review of your progress.


Born in 1987 into a middle-class family and diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or ASD, Kristian Hartmann is an entrepreneur who found his passion after working in several jobs that he did

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