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Hayley's Vegemania Garden

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Hayley's Vegemania Garden

Lunghezza: 95 pagine1 minuto


"A mother's bond and relationship to her child is both sacred and divine, anchored in love and unshakable in the face of adversity. The most important lesson our mothers taught us about food was to eat our vegetables and this wisdom is a mother's gift to her children.

"To my dear friend, Mohana Gill, who has created the Hayley's children's series, I commend and congratulate her for embarking on this journey to educate and protect future generations of children from the ravages of disease so prevalent these days as a result of poor nutrition choices. This beautifully crafted and magnificently illustrated book can inspire children to take an interest in nutrition and impart to them the knowledge that can save them from a lifetime of needless and unnecessary illness. We need more people like Mohana to light the way for our children and I celebrate with her this series and savour the delights of more to come. Eat your vegetables, stay strong in body, mind and spirit with every delicious bite." - Art Smith, Celebrity Chef "A beautiful illustration of passion, thoughtful knowledge, love of children and the joyful health that comes from the goodness of fresh foods." - Randi L. Levin, award-winning author of Baking at High Altitude: The Muffin Lady's Old Fashioned Recipes
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