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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 6

Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 6

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 6

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Nov 24, 2019


Soldier King Ye Chen was one of the top fighters in the country's special forces. However, his teammates' deaths caused him to leave the army and return to the civilian population. On one side, there were many schemes and on the other, there were countless beauties. If one could defeat a tyrant, they would be able to kill off their enemy, win the favor of beauties, and then see how the super soldier king would play with his city life.
Nov 24, 2019

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard - Fan Tian



Women have keen senses, especially those in love.

A woman who left a message on her boyfriend's blog could flip to her ten-year old Weibo, find out what she was up to, find out who they knew, and find out about her photos and her love history.

Not to mention a face-to-face confrontation.

The moment Red Cloud saw Han Meimei, she was sure that this woman had an unusual amount of feelings for Ye Chen.

Han Meimei could also tell that because Ye Chen had already held the Red Cloud in his arms completely, and was very dissatisfied when he saw that she did not say anything and took her hand out.

And here I thought you were having a hard time every day. You actually have the time to pick up girls here? After Han Meimei finished speaking, she also felt that her jealousy was a little heavy. She somewhat awkwardly tidied up the hair in front of her forehead, and then said: I was sent here to talk about work with you. I don't know if you have time?

There is! Ye Chen laughed: If there is a beauty here to talk about work, how can I not have time? It wasn't that he really had any strange feelings towards Han Meimei, but after their trip abroad, he had already felt that this woman was boring.

Normally, if someone came to find Ye Chen, no matter if they were men or women, or their relationship with him, Red Cloud would naturally stand up and then busy herself with her own matters. When she was being considerate, she would even bring over two cups of wine.

This was because she was somewhat unhappy.

This woman did not have Ye Chen's taste. She knew that this woman was interested in Ye Chen, and she knew that this woman was older than her by a few years. This made her a little unhappy, as if Ye Chen's tender plant was going to be eaten by an old cow. This grass was clearly in her nest!

My apologies Miss, my bar only opened after 2 PM. Seeing that you and Ye Chen know each other, I welcome you here, but do you want to drink something? Seeing the side of her face lifted Ye Chen, he had not seen Red Cloud's smile for a long time. It was just like before, worldly wisdom, charming, and carried a strong domineering aura, just like a big sister.

She was so excited that she ran over without even changing her clothes. However, she realised that Ye Chen did not have the slightest bit of joy at her arrival, and shifted her anger onto Hong Xia instead, You really do have to call me miss. From the looks of your age, you should be older than me, right?

Not only was her real age the most, she was also the age that she revealed. After all, everyone liked hearing others say that she looked young, and Han Meimei's meaning was that she looked older than her actual age.

I don't know. I don't care about age as much as you do. That's what I call people I'm not familiar with. The red clouds lightly gobbled it back down: What do you want to drink?

Up to you. Your specialties are good enough. Han Meimei laughed: I think you are accustomed to calling me that.

This sentence was like a soft knife, which meant that Red Cloud was like a mother sang. The Red Cloud immediately turned hostile: Get out!

Yo, did you get stabbed in the sore spot? And he was angry! I am here to look for Ye Chen! Han Meimei also did not know how she could say such harsh words, but she immediately said: I, this person, am really serious, to be able to say such words to someone.

Throw her out! Hong Xia pointed at Han Meimei and said: It is precisely because you are acquainted with Ye Chen, otherwise, you would have already been beaten up! Uncultured thing!"

Let's see who dares! I am a country … Before Han Meimei could finish speaking, the few burly guards had already surrounded her. They did not care about Han Meimei's background, all they knew was that they had to listen to their boss.

Han Meimei screamed at Ye Chen, You can't do this to me! The gatekeeper had already pushed her to the door. My visit this time will be beneficial to you! The people inside want to use your grass juice! "

Ye Chen squinted his eyes. He was indeed interested, but he wouldn't lose face for Red Cloud at this time, so he still didn't say anything.

If you apologize, you can talk to Ye Chen. Even thoughhe did not welcome Han Meimei, she still gave her a way out.

Han Meimei was filled with anger, and stared straight at the red clouds, but she had no choice. She had a mission to complete, and if she couldn't settle Ye Chen with her, then it wouldn't be good for her to go back. She could only whisper, I … didn't I just follow what you said …

Hong Xia didn't say anything, but continued to look at Han Meimei with a beaming smile. Seeing that Han Meimei was about to be pushed out, she shouted at him. Ye Chen did not say anything either. Han Meimei's heart had sunk to the bottom, he could only say to Hong Xia: Let's tie the two of us!

Hong Xia waved her hand. Being able to make a person like Han Meimei with such high self-esteem say such words was already equivalent to apologizing. Furthermore, she had also heard that the woman who came to find Ye Chen was really here to discuss something.

Han Meimei's eyes were a little red, but she sniffed with her nose, trying to hold back her tears. She probably did not want to look too miserable, so she walked over to Ye Chen and sat down, then she smiled slightly: Mr. Ye, I am here to represent the human resources department in the military to discuss things with you, I hope you can cooperate.

No matter how strong a woman was, it was impossible for her to completely separate business from personal matters. This was probably a common problem among women, as it was too emotional. The Mr. Ye was obviously meant to make enemies.

Ye Chen did not mind: Mei Sis, it's fine if you have something to say, there is no need to be so polite.

Han Meimei curled her lips lightly, and became a little distracted, as if she had not heard Ye Chen call him that for a long time. Although the last time she called her was when he asked her to help him investigate the fox a few days ago.

Forget it, Mr. Ye is someone I cannot afford. People who have used it are worthless. If not for my new value, I'm afraid I wouldn't have had the chance to talk to you. " Han Meimei was indeed a little embarrassed when he said this, as if he had truly forgotten about benefits. However, if he was given another chance, he would still be the center of attention. One was his wife, and the other was a woman he had a good relationship with. He clearly knew who was right and who was wrong.

Women were meant to be used to it, but only if it was their own woman.


Of course I did.

Seeing that Ye Chen was like a cotton that no matter what he said, he couldn't do anything, causing Han Meimei to be so angry that her teeth started to itch, but he still maintained a serious face on the surface: Mr. Ye, the military has set their eyes on your grass juice, so they want to work together with you.

Oh, sure. Ye Chen said: "There's no need to talk to me about this. We can just directly buy it. Once the matter of the transaction was discussed, Ye Chen had reverted back to being a merchant. This was also one of the reasons why he did not help Han Meimei. Wasn't this girl a little too foolish to let others use her as a weapon?

Han Meimei knew that Ye Chen was doing it on purpose, and her face darkened even further: "Mr. Ye, you are part of the military, and the military has nurtured you until now.

Like what? Ye Chen listened attentively.

For example, when you can produce heat, you should give some concessions.

How much do you think is a concession? Ye Chen had transferred the price of the grass juice several times, and it was mainly from Wei Yan himself. Seeing that there were no major issues, he decided to follow along with Wei Yan, selling the grass juice normally to get rid of it. Now that the grass juice was sold at a price of one hundred yuan per gram, to be more specific, if it was a palm sized deep burn, then two thousand yuan would not leave a scar.

A gram's capital was around forty-five yuan, which was half a kilogram of profits. Chen Xue's father had already started cultivating the Flowers of the Desert in large quantities now, adding the other medicinal herbs, the profit would drop to thirty-five yuan per gram.

For commodities like yours, the profits are usually split evenly, and it's not like we won't let you earn money. I think you should give us at least seventy yuan for one gram, and then the military will think about it. I think the final price should be between sixty to seventy. This was the command that Han Meimei had received, and was an excuse that she had already thought of long ago. However, she had wanted to be more tactful with her words previously, but now, she felt that there was no need.

No. Ye Chen rejected in shock, What you said makes sense. I have obtained the benefits of the military region, so I am willing to offer a price of eighty, without any leeway.

You …

If you still represent the military, then you can leave. If it's our personal relationship, I can still chat with you for a while. Ye Chen crossed his legs. This position made him feel comfortable, and he also showed signs of faintly rejecting her. He no longer wanted to use this method of conversation with Han Meimei, and felt a little tired.

Han Meimei looked at Ye Chen seriously, wanting to see some of her inner thoughts from his eyes. However, after looking at him for two minutes, she could not see anything, so she gave up and picked up her small bag: I will return your words back, you can think about them.

Bye. Ye Chen didn't even make a move as he watched Han Meimei leave.

Red clouds came over, took a cup of wine, and leaned beside Ye Chen: Weren't you a little too excessive just now?

I thought you would be happy, but didn't I help you vent your anger? Ye Chen took a big gulp of the wine, feeling refreshed from his mouth to his stomach, as though his brain had become clearer.

I … Hong Xia was a little embarrassed and a little happy, but she had already recovered and wasn't as angry as before. She even felt sorry for Han Meimei.

Ye Chen embraced the red clouds and giggled. You were really cute just now!

Hong Xia was even more embarrassed by her words, as she punched Ye Chen straight on: I'm seriously telling you, isn't she representing …

So who does she represent? Anyways, she has made my wife unhappy, so it's no good representing the Emperor!

Alright, if you say too much sweet talk, it's fake. Red Cloud covered her mouth and laughed, You must have other plans, right? She didn't know that Ye Chen and Bai Keming's relationship was like fire and water, but she was an intelligent woman.

Ye Chen was not shy and he was already used to having big faces: I do have them, I want to earn money, what am I earning by going over sixty? I might as well just give it to them!

Hong Xia nodded her head, feeling that what Ye Chen said made sense: Anyway, I will not be so rash next time, you don't have to be so indifferent to that woman because of me.

Do you really think so? Ye Chen acted as if he had seen through everything. Red Cloud tilted her head in thought for a moment, then nodded her head in agreement.

There would always be men who thought that women were unreasonable. No matter what he said to her, she would only have a temper, but that wasn't the case. If you could calm her down, she would definitely think it through.

After Ye Chen finished drinking, he went to find the fox. The person who knew Bai Keming the best was the fox, and Ye Chen did not believe that Han Meimei did not come to find him because of Bai Keming's intentions.

He might be testing. He's testing if I'm working with you. If I'm working with you, then he can put his strength into both of us. If I'm not working with you, then he'll work with me and beat you down.

It was just that he did not have Bai Keming's specific meaning, as this move seemed to be beneficial to him, he did not care how much money Bai Keming made, it was just money too. The most important thing was that it could help him open up a market in the military, and he would be able to continue earning money as long as the military needed it.

The military was a place where there would always be people injured, so how could they not need grass? It had no side effects and worked fast. This was precisely the thing that Ye Chen couldn't figure out.

Then what do you think? The fox did not seem to understand and wanted to find inspiration from Ye Chen first.

Of course! Ye Chen said without hesitation: As long as it's the price I want, then I will do it! No matter what, there's no way Bai Ke would give up on opposing me. I might as well use this opportunity to fish it up!

Yes, that's what I meant too! The fox was obviously excited. He was afraid that Ye Chen would be scared, but he didn't know how to advise him otherwise. Seeing that Ye Chen had not only agreed to it, but had agreed so straightforwardly, he was extremely satisfied.

Perhaps the fox didn't realize this, but it was at this moment that he began to understand what friendship was.

The premise of friendship is care.


White Minister, I have already discussed this with Ye Chen, but the price that he offered is higher than our expectations. Han Meimei reported carefully to Bai Keming. Only now did she feel that she had overreacted a little, and did not even talk rationally with Ye Chen. Now she was a little worried if Ye Chen would be blacklisted by the military region because of this.

It was a truth no matter where you put it. However, there were some places that didn't make it too obvious, so they still followed the truth.

That's normal. He's a businessman, so he definitely wants to pursue benefits. Bai Keming's voice contained a rare warmth, this made Han Meimei a little uncomfortable, and he immediately said: White Minister, don't worry, I will definitely settle this matter.

Just do your best. Bai Keming's voice sounded, Don't the two of you still have ties with each other? It was precisely because this point was taken into account that the higher ups allowed this child, Ye Chen, to be so outstanding!

White Minister, I don't really understand what you mean. Han Meimei frowned slightly. Could it be that the White Minister wanted him to sell out his looks? She wanted to, but Ye Chen obviously did not have that kind of intention!

It's all done by man. Bai Keming said: You can think about how impossible your job is, and how many people are jealous of your current position. If you are wrong, even if I wanted to protect you … Sigh!"

Bai Keming's sigh made Han Meimei's heart hang for a moment. That's right, she was a strong woman, climbing to his current position was entirely reliant on her ability, and even though there was talk about his, she had always believed that he had a clear conscience, so she could not lose this spot, or else even more people would look at her with contempt and ridicule.

Therefore, Han Meimei's doubt was dispelled. She had thought about whether Bai Keming was trying to harm Ye Chen, since Ye Chen had asked her to investigate the fox business before. But now, she rejected this idea, as she had not analyzed anything that was detrimental to Ye Chen.

Minister, I promise you, I will do my best! At this time, Han Meimei made a decision that she would regret for the rest of her life, to sell out her looks in order to move Ye Chen.

Although she was already over thirty years old, as long as she was not dressed professionally, and looked to be less than thirty years old, people would be able to tell that she was older than Ye Chen when they walked together. However, it was not that unacceptable, because if she did, her first love boyfriend would not miss her.

Therefore, Han Meimei specifically went to the beauty salon to make up a face and put on some light makeup before going to the shopping mall to buy a dress.

The faint pink color didn't look like she was pretending to be young. She tightened her waist and relaxed, revealing a trace of adorableness. She outlined her figure, giving off an unintentional sexy vibe. She had combed her hair into a small ponytail, which made it look even sweeter.

This time, Han Meimei did not go to the Dance to look for Ye Chen. It was already night. Under the light of the lamp, Han Meimei's age was once again weakened. When Ye Chen saw her, he was a little surprised.

Han Meimei naturally caught sight of this moment, and she was a little bit pleased with herself. Then, she naturally held Ye Chen's hand. I'm a little hungry! "

Are you Mei-jie? Ye Chen asked uncertainly. Why does Han Meimei look like someone who eats at a roadside stall? Her extremely arrogant and self-disciplined person should be the type to go in and out of coffee shops, western restaurants, and food shops, right?

What? Han Meimei angrily hit Ye Chen: I was busy with official business before, so I had to wear a mask now, but this is only private time, so I'll let you see what I am like in the first place!

Ye Chen was skeptical, but was he still afraid of a woman? Even if the person in front of him wasn't a human but a demon, he still dared to follow behind him.

Even if you were to die under a peony flower, it would still be good to be a ghost!

After all, Han Meimei looked too attractive at the moment.

In order to meet the crowd, the two didn't drive, but instead went to the night market. At this time, there were a lot of people present, and the entire place was filled with the sounds of peddling and laughter.

Every city had a food street that was like a landmark. Here, one could eat the dirtiest and most authentic snacks, but people still enjoyed it. Even when they returned home and had crazy diarrhea, they would soon miss the delicacies there.

Yun Tao also had a snack bar. Aside from the string of small colored lanterns at night, there were also high brightness lamps at various booths. The aroma of mosquitoes and snacks wafted in the air, making one feel impatient and expectant.

She carefully sucked it into her mouth, then struggled to bite off her silver teeth. Because she was chewing, her cheeks started to bulge, but she was very satisfied with her food, and normally, she really wouldn't have the chance to eat this kind of thing. She shouted that Ye Chen wanted to eat even more things.

Ye Chen was basically the one paying the bills. Accompanying Han Meimei from the street corner to the end of the street, Ye Chen saw that the business here was slightly inferior to that of the street, but it was still very lively and only had a few empty seats. Han Meimei was also tired of eating so she invited Ye Chen to sit down at a barbecue stall. Two cold beers! "

Ye Chen was already used to it, he swore that he would not be surprised by Han Meimei's actions tonight. He casually ordered some food and drank until he felt extremely good.

He didn't visit this kind of place often, either because there were too many people, or because there were too many people, which might expose him to danger. However, he didn't have such considerations with Yun Tao. After walking for a long time, Ye Chen was also tired, so he gulped down a cup.

Han Meimei also did not want to be outdone, even though her mouth looked small, she drank very quickly, and even coughed twice at the end. However, she also poured a cup into her mouth, as if she was angry: Boss, let's drink another ten cups!

The two of them had already attracted quite a bit of attention, and could be considered a combination of handsome men and beautiful women. Adding to that, Ye Chen had a bit of recognition, even though he did not appear often on Yun Tao's side, some people still managed to guess his identity.

One person will drink five cups. If you don't, then continue to drink. If you don't compete in speed, then we'll see just how much you drink. Let's see who can last longer first. Do you dare to compete? Han Meimei's eyes flashed with excitement, to her, it was equivalent to coming out to relax, she was truly happy.


Do you have a bet? Ye Chen leisurely took another big gulp, but it was already half a cup down, he had really never been afraid of anyone when it came to drinking.

If you win, I'll try to talk to the higher-ups about the price. If you lose, you have to lower the price a bit, what do you say? Han Meimei's smile was very cunning, as though she would definitely win against Ye Chen. Ye Chen was also stirred to action, It's a deal!

Han Meimei had taken advantage of her, she had already eaten so much, so it would definitely not be easy for her to get drunk compared to Ye Chen's empty stomach. However, Ye Chen did not even care about the gap between them, and was enjoying himself eating and drinking at the same time.

Ruo Qing could be considered strong when she drinks, but he did not expect that Han Meimei was even stronger than Ruo Qing. In just half an hour, they had already finished drinking all ten cups of wine, and the happy owner had already brought ten cups up right away. He had a premonition that tonight, he would be earning more money than everyday.

After all, Han Meimei had always been in the HR Department, and this department actually had a lot of occasions to drink. Someone was looking for work, someone was giving someone away, all sorts of excuses, even if she did not drink, if she followed Bai Keming, would she be able to sit by the side and watch? Over time, he finally managed to get her good alcohol tolerance.

However, she was still quite a distance away from Ye Chen. After drinking ten cups, she started to feel dizzy. After all, this cup was not a small one. A large cup was about the size of a bottle. Drinking ten bottles of beer at one go was already a difficult task for a woman.

However, her goal wasn't to drink Ye Chen after all. After drinking another two cups, she revealed a drunken state and looked at Ye Chen with a silly smile.

Alright, the two of us will draw. Ye Chen was not so determined to compete with a woman in terms of alcohol capacity: Tell your leader about it, I'll think about it too, how about it? He agreed to come with Han Meimei not to discuss business matters, mainly because he did not want to make her too uncomfortable.

No matter what, it was still a woman. Whether it was in public or private, she was charging towards him. It was enough for her to show her power once.

I, I can still drink! Boss! Another five cups! Han Meimei's face was flushed red just in time, like an apple that had just been cooked. With a pinkish red, it looked even better when paired with her dress. Ye Chen stopped the owner and threw him an extra hundred yuan: "It's been hard on you. Then, he carried Han Meimei out from the end of the street.

Han Meimei's mind was clear, but her footsteps were indeed a little too weak. She drank too fast, and after eating the seafood, his body did not feel comfortable, so she softly fell onto Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen put her in the taxi, he couldn't be at ease with a drunk woman leaving by herself, so he sent her to the hotel and found a big bed.

Have a good night's sleep. When you wake up tomorrow, you won't feel so bad anymore. Ye Chen touched Han Meimei's little face. It was a little hot, but she looked a little cold. You drank yourself into such a state for the sake of talking about things, you're the one who's done it! " Ye Chen was a little helpless and felt it was kind of funny.

Just as he was about to leave, Han Meimei shouted, Don't go! Will you stay with me for a while?

Ye Chen predicted that she would be in a difficult situation, so he did not think too much about it, and stayed by her side.

Han Meimei got up, as if she wanted to vomit, and Ye Chen immediately went forward to support her. Taking advantage of the situation, Han Meimei forcefully pulled, and pretended to not be able to stand steadily, as the two of them fell onto the bed together.

When drinking well, with a soft woman beneath him, any man would have a bad feeling about this. Even if they didn't have it psychologically, it would still drive them psychologically.

Ye Chen was a man, so he had a crooked thought as well.

Han Meimei felt Ye Chen's reaction, and closed his eyes, as though he was waiting for someone to pick him away.

Is that interesting? Ye Chen's voice transmitted into her ears, cold.

Hmm? Han Meimei was so scared that she woke up half a minute ago. Furthermore, she was not completely drunk anyway, so she immediately understood what Ye Chen meant, but she pretended not to understand.

Ye Chen got up and sat on the bedside: I thought you were a smart woman.

What do you mean? Han Meimei got up angrily: What kind of person do you think I am? Is she trying to seduce you?

Ye Chen thought, wasn't it? However, he did not say it out loud, as he wanted to leave some face for Han Meimei.

Han Meimei leaned against the bedside: I don't know if you are a person without feelings, but I am, am I, a member of the Mi Nation. You saved my life, and I have often thought that we could meet again, but you … The rims of her eyes were red, and the words were half-true, but mostly the truth, and her own feelings were there.

Ye Chen didn't know what to say, he didn't care about his age, he only cared about the feeling he had. Towards Han Meimei, he didn't have much of a psychological feeling, so he didn't want to take advantage of this opportunity.

He did not lack women, and he loved them too. There was no need to fight wild food outside, especially when Han Meimei was a woman with a heavy scheming mind.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll stop bothering you, okay? Han Meimei's voice stuttered as he weakly leaned towards Ye Chen.

Do you really value this business? Ye Chen suddenly said.

Yeah. Han Meimei answered instinctively, sensing that something was amiss, she hurriedly continued: But, but I won't put myself in danger just because of this.

Did I tell you something? Ye Chen asked indifferently: I'm most skilled at seeing from a person's expression to see if he's lying or not.

Han Meimei's smile stiffened on her face. She knew that she had made a mistake, her feelings were real, and were mixed with impurities as well, and exactly because of that, her emotions were no longer as pure. Her expression was no longer natural, and she felt guilty.

You will only make me look down on you as before. Ye Chen said: You helped me investigate the matter regarding the fox, I thank you, tomorrow I will send a thank you fee to your account, but from now on we cannot even be friends, because you are not sincere enough.

With that, Ye Chen turned and walked away without even turning his head. Behind him was Han Meimei's wailing, but he was not soft-hearted at all, if a woman was scheming enough to include him in it, then he would not be able to give her up, even if there was just a moment, everything she had was real.

After a long while, Han Meimei finally realised that Ye Chen had truly left. She looked at herself in the mirror, and her dress was already messy.


When Ye Chen returned, Red Cloud was still waiting there.

Maybe she would wait there every day. After all, if one wanted to do business well in a bar, one had to turn black and white, but today was different. Ye Chen felt that Red Dawn was waiting for him, just like usual.

He didn't apologize, because he didn't do anything to Han Meimei and Red Cloud were so smart that they didn't ask anything. When she smelled the strong smell of alcohol on him and the fragrance of women's bodies, she simply frowned and brought Ye Chen a cup of alcohol and tea.

Ye Chen accepted the tea, and took the chance to catch Red Cloud's hand. He placed the teacup down, and started to embrace her, and just as she was about to struggle, she discovered that Ye Chen was different from how she was everyday. Different from every time he purely wanted to take advantage of her, the current Ye Chen showed an intense reliance on her. This made Hong Xia's smile especially gentle.

Why don't you just say that the relationship between people can be a little simpler? Ye Chen was still unwilling to accept that Han Meimei had tried to seduce him. A woman with such a purpose makes people feel disgusted.

Don't be so cheap. The red clouds could tell that Ye Chen was hinting at his age, so he patted his arm in a spoiled manner, I think you think that I am old?

No way! You are older than me, but I also like you! Ye Chen leaned on Red Dawn like a little puppy. I like being with you, the smell on your body is really nice.

Hong Xia's smile became even sweeter, and she didn't say anything. She also hugged Ye Chen in return, as she liked this kind of hug without any impurities, which made her feel extremely safe.

Hong Xia's body felt very soft and comfortable, and Ye Chen unknowingly fell asleep.

On the other side, in the hotel, Han Meimei was also extremely tired. She removed all of her makeup and washed her face clean in the mirror. No matter how others praised her, she knew that she was really old.

Love was a failure, business a failure, and she sat paralyzed by the sink, not knowing what to do. As if she had messed things up this time, she clearly saw how Ye Chen looked at her when they were eating at the food stall with admiration, but how determined he was when he left.

Ding! The voice from her cell phone allowed her to exercise her body a little bit, so she took off the phone from the sink and casually took a glance at it. It was a very normal trash message, whether or not she wanted to subscribe to a business, but she immediately stood up, because this was not a trash message, but a message sent to her by her boss, Bai Keming.

The two of them had discussed with each other before. If Bai Keming wanted to know what was going on, he would send this message because he was afraid that Ye Chen would find out if he hooked up with him.

Han Meimei suddenly felt her body turn cold, she did not know how her boss would punish her, and only after washing her face did she dial back the number. I'm sorry, Minister, I did my best, but... "

Forget it, this is also normal. You have already done your best to help Ye Chen, who isn't that easily fooled. The signal in the bathroom wasn't very good, so Bai Keming's voice could be heard intermittently. Han Meimei was unable to guess his mood. However, she had pretty much heard everything Bai Keming said. It seems that Bai Keming did not blame her, which made her heave a sigh of relief: Ye Chen doesn't seem to be able to easily contact me again. My actions tonight angered him, I will apply for a change.

was also very unwilling. Yesterday, she came over here in high spirits, thinking that she could reminisce with Ye Chen. She also thought that she could definitely settle this matter with him.

Send your seat to me. I'll send someone to pick you up. Girls aren't safe alone at night. Bai Keming paused for a moment, then said something, seemingly having no choice but to accept this outcome.

After Han Meimei sent over the position, she simply put on another layer of makeup. She felt that she was in an exceptionally miserable state tonight, so as to not let anyone see that she was not wearing makeup.

After about 20 minutes, she had just tidied herself up when she heard someone knocking on the door.

Opening the door, he saw a stranger who he had never seen before. White Minister asked me to come and get you. "

Hearing this, Han Meimei relaxed. There were so many people in the military region, it was normal that she had never seen something like this. Moreover, the other party had already introduced herself.

We... Ugh …" She had only said two words, but that person immediately rushed in, and used his hands to cover her mouth, then used his blade to cut Han Meimei's neck, causing the pitiful Han Meimei to lose consciousness.

The person took out her phone from Han Meimei's bag, typed a few words on it, then returned it. Then, he carried Han Meimei and walked out.

Previously, when Han Meimei and Ye Chen entered the hotel, the people had noticed that this woman had drunk too much, but before she had even woken up, she was brought away by another man. They did not say anything, but their eyes revealed looks of disdain.

Chen, wake up. Hong Xia patted Ye Chen: You have a text message.

I don't want to see it. Ye Chen raised his head a little, then buried it back into Red Cloud's neck. She gently moved his already numb body: Take a look, maybe it's something important?

Ye Chen unwillingly sat up, and helped Hong Xia to massage her shoulders, then received the phone. It was a four word message from Han Meimei: Hotel, save me!

Is it fun to play this game? Ye Chen unwillingly threw his phone to the side. Red Cloud also saw the words and advised, You should go take a look. What if she encounters danger?

What danger can she encounter? As long as they do not open the door, there will be no danger. Ye Chen said in dissatisfaction: She just wants me to go back, I don't want to talk to her anyway, if Bai Keming has any tricks up his sleeve, it's best if he comes over himself, don't think of a woman all the time, it's enough to deal with me.

Red Cloud slightly frowned, I still think that you should go and take a look. The exclamation mark on the message was shocking, and Red Cloud was always a little uneasy, Why don't I go with you?

That's okay. Ye Chen thought about it, and still agreed. After all, Han Meimei drank too much, he was afraid that she might encounter some kind of danger, and on top of that, she was here to discuss business with him. If something really happened, it wouldn't be good for him either. He gave Red Dawn a kiss on the cheek. My wife is the most sensible one!

Come on, if she's too angry later, I might have to hit her. Let's see if you still think I'm sensible when the time comes! Red Cloud began to laugh.


Ye Chen was still one with a soft mouth, especially towards women, although he said that he did not care about them, but he was still very fast, his car was not able to fly, which made Red Cloud unable to not hold onto the armrest and fasten her safety belt, preventing herself from being thrown out.

When the

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