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Handling digital Value Streams: A Guideline for drafting, optimizing and digitizing Service Value Streams

Handling digital Value Streams: A Guideline for drafting, optimizing and digitizing Service Value Streams

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Handling digital Value Streams: A Guideline for drafting, optimizing and digitizing Service Value Streams

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Nov 18, 2019


The more you enter the world of doing business the digital way, the more you realize that it needs capabilities which relate to one discipline: Organisational Resilience.

The ability to absorb unwished surprises which have a direct relationship to your business and to your business relationships.

As long as you are not aware that the business ecosystem you live in, the service value streams you use for customer interaction and your enterprise governance play here a significant role, each disruption, each change in environment and each modification in customer demand patterns can become an existential issue.

This Guide gives advice, examples and a storyboard to handle exactly this challenge
Nov 18, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Dr. Helmut Steigele is supporting more than 20 years mid-scale and large scale organizations, across the European area in establishing resilient and sustainable structures, value streams and service models.

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Handling digital Value Streams - Helmut Steigele

Table of Contents

Foreword - How to obtain stability in a digital customer relationship

What is value in a digital world?

What does Service-Dominant Logic have to do with the value stream?

Value Co-Creation - Small word - Big change

Experience environment, customer journey and value experience

What are value streams?

What makes a structured process a value stream?

Key factor customer or user journey?

What are the requirements for digital value streams?

UX/CX/DX and the consequences for digital value stream design?

Does value stream thinking also apply to internal processes?

How value streams are structured

Value streams and business capabilities

Are processes, value chains and policies obsolete now?

How do you set up a digital organization?

How to Digitize Value Streams

Empathize with the service recipient

Securing the value stream

Process optimization

Record data and measuring points

Determine overall requirements - prepare operationalization

Adapt systems - transform value stream into code

Link the value stream with other processes

Securing operation and improvement

Where to start, how to continue, where to stop?


Bibliography and sources

Copyright statements on terms which are under trademark protection

Ecosystem Management and Design / Ecosystem Lifecycles

Business Ecosystems and Value Co-Creation

Further publications

Blogs - Sites - Contact

Foreword - How to obtain stability in a digital customer relationship

The topic for his book can be described with the following initial situation. Imagine you are the manager of a company, a business unit or an IT department head, and you have to answer the following questions.

If in the future more than 50% of our customers will maintain their relationship with us only via digital carrier technologies, how will we design our external and internal processes in such a way that our customers do not switch to other providers without uttering a word?

Basically, for many people this means adapting to a completely new way of doing business. The human factor is not lost, but due to the many minor activities that are carried out between companies and customers via a digital communication channel, an imperceptible glass wall is created between the customers and their suppliers if you are not careful.

Initially, everything appears to be fine; at some point you no longer notice that people don't use certain channels any more. Some complaints, suggestions, dissatisfaction from both customers and those affected by internal processes are concluded, sent from pillar to post, chopped up in processes and in the end the question remains why all this could have happened.

The reason for all of this is simple; ignorance of one fact:

A digital customer has more choice than ever, and if you don't accept it, you have been logged out before it becomes clearto you!

But to believe that you are now helplessly at the mercy of a superior power of capricious customers is not entirely correct.

Basically, it's actually pretty simple. As soon as you get beneath the customer's skin and accept that the mere act of consuming is only part of the rent, it becomes clearer. Because the overall relationship and not only the I deliver and you, dear customer, must be happy part of it counts.

The magic phrase is Value Co-Creation. As soon as it becomes clear that every single interaction step between customers and potential solution providers is characterised by a sense of value and exchange (mostly of information), much is already gained. In-brief, if you do not take the customer's view into account before establishing the design of all interaction processes, you will always fail.

The experts have even created a technical term for this from the manufacturing industry. With the help of service value streams, this value-co-creation is given a logical form with which one can then rebuild digitalisation in the narrower sense, i.e. the digital bridge to the customer.

But this is exactly where a second fact comes into play. People today have the possibility to inform themselves extensively and to look for alternatives, but the more familiar, the more valuable and the more constant a consumer experience or the results from the value co-creation are perceived again and again, the more stable the customer-supplier relationship becomes.

But where there is a stable relationship, there is less reflection and fewer unpleasant surprises regarding new

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