Amsterdam Awakening: Addison Chronicles, #3

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Amsterdam Awakening: Addison Chronicles, #3

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Seeing a sign in Amsterdam stating "4502 Miles to Wall Drug South Dakota" reminds Addison Odell exactly how far she is from home. Unexpected homesickness clashes with newfound feelings of independence. Amsterdam's contradictions—canals, tulips, drugs, and decadence—mirror the conflicting emotions stirring inside her. Despite the smile on her face and the exciting relationships she's forming on this trip, she can't shake feeling like an awkward foreigner and wonders if she'll be called out as a fraud if her new friends discover her dark secrets.  

Being on her own in a country so far from home forces her to rethink her goals and beliefs. She begins questioning what she truly wants to do once she returns to the United States—begins questioning if she will return at all. Being three weeks into a six-week adventure has triggered the countdown to departure. Finding herself in an unexpected love triangle only complicates things even more. 

Does she actually want to go back to a place that no longer feels like home? Have the changes she's experienced within herself altered who she is at her core too deeply to ever return to what she used to know? Tulips and love surround her as she explores these questions and begins redefining the woman she wants to become. 

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