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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 2

Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 2

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 2

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Nov 8, 2019


Soldier King Ye Chen was one of the top fighters in the country's special forces. However, his teammates' deaths caused him to leave the army and return to the civilian population. On one side, there were many schemes and on the other, there were countless beauties. If one could defeat a tyrant, they would be able to kill off their enemy, win the favor of beauties, and then see how the super soldier king would play with his city life.
Nov 8, 2019

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard - Fan Tian



Wu Li was stunned for a moment before she said in a flattering tone, Of course not!

This time, it was Ye Chen who was shocked. He thought that Wu Li would attack him again.

Wu Li took a deep breath and said with a big smile on her face, It's been a long time since I've eaten a dish prepared for me by someone else!

Doesn't the cafeteria count? said. Seeing Wu Li's murderous gaze, he chuckled. What a joke, don't be so ignorant and make fun of me!

Wu Li glared at him, she was too lazy to argue with him, and started to eat in big mouthfuls, looking like she was really hungry, she only realized that Ye Chen had not touched her food when she had finished almost all the dishes.

Um, aren't you going to eat? Wu Li blushed.

Maybe next time. Ye Chen said: Next time, I will do a little more.

Wu Li felt that her fists were a little itchy, but she was eating too much, so she had to lean back on the chair slowly, letting Ye Chen anger her.

There's something I need your help with. Ye Chen said seriously: I've thought about it, and I'm relieved to be looking for you.

What is it? Wu Li also became serious. Ye Chen's words made her feel that she was trusted, but she also thought that it might be difficult.

I might be a bit busy recently, can you help me find two skilled people to protect Chen Ruoyun in the dark? If there was one who was so shameless, he could have been her driver. I can pay.

Sure, I can give you information tomorrow. She knew a lot of people, and could find people just by helping. However, it would be troublesome, and she would also need to owe others a favor, so spending money to hire people was a different matter.

However, her heart was a little sour. Even though Ye Chen was busy, he still did not neglect Chen Ruoyun's safety.

Haha! I knew you were the most interesting! " Ye Chen moved closer to Wu Li and kissed her on the cheek. To be able to make Wu Li agree to help him so readily was not an easy thing to do.

Ye Chen was already prepared for Wu Li to stand up and fight with him, but to his surprise, Wu Li actually sat on the chair, her face completely red, staring at him in deep thought.

I'll be leaving first. I still have things to do. Ye Chen left Wu Li's home as if he was escaping. He was not very good at handling relationships between men and women, and there was obviously a bit of romance going on just now, so he could only try his best and escape …

In the room, Wu Li gave a self-deprecating smile. Just now, her heartbeat had actually sped up? How embarrassing! It had to be because Ye Chen's pretentious appearance tonight had disturbed her judgment!

The next day.

When Ye Chen woke up from his rented room, he was having a friendly meeting with the Xiao Qiang in his room. Hua Guoyu called him, the house had already been found for him and the location was a little off, but it was a three-storey villa with an area of almost six hundred square meters. The owner originally wanted to sell it, but he was unable to sell it in time, so he reluctantly agreed to rent it for him.

After washing up, Ye Chen packed his things in a circle, but discovered that there was nothing much to clean up. The most valuable thing in the room was probably the suit he bought yesterday, he stuffed it back into his backpack and also packed the remaining half a cigarette inside. Only then did he leave the rented room with satisfaction, heading straight to the villa in the suburbs.

Is that all you have? Hua Guoyu was already waiting there, and when he saw that Ye Chen was carrying a backpack, he asked in surprise.

Anyway, we have to settle for it when we get here. Ye Chen was speaking the truth.

Hua Guoyu nodded and brought him to meet with the landlord. After paying the rent and signing the contract in five minutes, Hua Guoyu busied himself.

The villa was already prepared, which saved Ye Chen a lot of trouble. After throwing down his backpack, he ran to Hon Da.

Since he had made a bet with someone else, he would have to put in a lot of effort. Furthermore, this bet posed a great challenge to him, so he didn't dare to be negligent.

Just as Ye Chen had instructed, Zhou Sheng had already changed his name plate, but he had not opened his business since then, but at this time, there was another person sitting beside Zhou Sheng, or to be exact, he was a skinny and weak man. His suit was a little too big for him, but it was still not enough to hide the man's confidence.

However, Zhou Sheng did not pay attention to him. He was in the middle of serious thinking, and after seeing Ye Chen, Zhou Sheng immediately stood up. However, that man took the initiative and ran in front of Ye Chen.

Boss Ye! My name is Shen Qiushi! I'm here to apply! " The man introduced himself.

Oh, I don't lack male employees. Ye Chen looked him up and down. If he could not lift his hands like this, and his shoulders could not resist, what did he have to do with it?

Boss Ye! I won't let you down! Shen Qiushi spoke quickly: I've observed our store and we have no problems with the products, but none of them can be sold properly, I'm good at that! This is where I learned from, and I used to sell insurance, I was the previous number one in the company! But I feel that that doesn't match my dream. I want to be someone of higher status, so I chose our store. I feel that you should also choose me. I will repay your trust in me with better sales results!

Ye Chen looked at Shen Qiushi with a little difficulty. What he said was indeed very attractive, but shouldn't selling things like beauties be better?

Boss, I know what you're thinking, I think selling doesn't require women to be outstanding, you can investigate and see, outstanding sales are basically all men, because men understand more about men's needs, and also understand women's preferences, I'm thin and weak, men and women can look at me without worry, and under Hon Da's situation where women are all over the place selling, suddenly adding a man to sell, it's definitely going to be interesting!

How do you know I'm hiring? Just by looking at how talkative Shen Qiushi was, Ye Chen felt that he had already met the requirements, he was just curious how Shen Qiushi managed to find him.

Eh, I was actually present at last night's gathering. It's just that you didn't notice me.

You have your own company?

No, I snuck in, haha! Shen Qiushi said complacently: I wanted to choose a company to apply for, and in the end I chose you!

After doing this for a long time as if he was a lucky guy, Ye Chen couldn't help but find it funny: Then why did you choose me? It's obvious that no one thinks very highly of me.

I believe in my eyes! Shen Qiushi was in a state where he was on stimulants the entire time: Because we are all youngsters, we all have a strong desire for revenge!

Practical. Ye Chen suddenly released his Qi, causing a ruckus, but when he was serious, he did not like people following him around.


Shen Qiushi played with the corner of his clothes, and with an expression as though he was going for broke: Because I want to do more, but those big companies don't have eyes, and they already recognize those ridiculous work experiences and certificates, they don't care about individual abilities! Last night, you were already looked down upon by others, so it must be hard for you to recruit people. That's why I wanted to come here to test your luck!

Zhou Sheng, who was wiping his bracelet, looked up at Shen Qiushi. Is this young man crazy? Who else would want a job that belittled the boss like this?

Shen Qiushi nervously looked at Ye Chen. He was confident in his own words, he didn't think that Ye Chen wouldn't take them seriously, but after hearing the truth, he felt much more relaxed. If Ye Chen also didn't want him, then that meant that Ye Chen was someone with no eyes! Then he had nothing to linger for!

Then try it here. Ye Chen said calmly: There's no bottom salary. Every time you sell a product, you take 5% of the profit out of it.

It's over just like that? Shen Qiushi was already prepared to answer all kinds of Ye Chen's questions, he did not expect to pass just by saying the truth! Shouldn't the boss ask him what plans he had after work and what he thought of marketing?

If you can't sell a single item a day, you can resign. Ye Chen added.

Shen Qiushi was actually relieved, and nodded his head: Don't worry, boss! When can I start working?

I'll give you two days. Remember all the gem materials, the effects on the human body, and the price of the items. Start working in two days. Ye Chen explained.

Seeing that Shen Qiushi was already eager to give it a try, Ye Chen said to Zhou Sheng: From today onwards, ornaments that are priced above 100,000 yuan can only be made into a single item.

This … Zhou Sheng was a little hesitant, he did not sell it well, but if it was sold alone, wouldn't he have no next customer?

Just listen to the boss! Shen Qiushi said to Zhou Sheng: We each have our own responsibilities, you will be in charge of production, I will be in charge of sales, and the boss will be in charge of macro-control. Am I right? Shen Qiushi looked at Ye Chen with a begging look for praise.

No matter how good this Shen Qiushi could sell, at the very least, he would be in trouble. Of course, if Shen Qiushi did not meet his standards, he would not hesitate to send Shen Qiushi out.

Since you want to do it, then do it properly. Ye Chen had already decided on his own way of selling it. Like those rich people, they all had a kind of pride in their bones, but some people had shown it, while others were hiding it even deeper.

You can't just sell expensive things by selling them. There's an even more important way of selling them, and that is to use people to compete with others.

Just like yesterday when he was participating in the reunion, didn't Fang Hong look down on him? Didn't those wealthy merchants look down on him as well? Then he would use their contempt. They were also looking down on others. If they saw someone else using something better than their own and prettier than their own, they would definitely want something more expensive and better. If someone else came back to compare, then it would naturally lead to consumption.

Of course, the condition was that his products had to have a competitive effect, and that would depend on Zhou Sheng to complete.

Not only should the material be good, the design should also be novel. Ye Chen emphasized to Zhou Sheng again.

Alright, I'll take care of that. This was his specialty, if he could not do this well, then it would be impossible for him to rent a shop in the Hon Da with such a high profile. He had already faintly guessed Ye Chen's intentions, but he wasn't clear about it yet. Since he had already made the decision to work hard by Ye Chen's side, he might as well put away his doubts.

There was already an unfamiliar number that had flashed onto his phone three times, the ringtone went from one to two to three. Ye Chen was overjoyed, he knew that this was a signal from his brothers, they had already arrived at Yun Tao!

Ye Chen called back a few times and hung up, meaning that it would be easier to meet again. Following that, he received a short message: Relying.

Adherence to the coffee shop.

Ye Chen immediately confirmed the location.

This coffee shop was located behind Hyun Company, but because of its poor location, few people would go there normally, making it the most suitable place for them to meet.

You guys stay busy. I'll be back in two days when I'm free. After Ye Chen finished speaking, he left in a hurry. Right now, he wanted to fly into the sky.

Is there a room? I'm looking for someone. Inside the coffee shop, there was only one little brother listening to the music. When he saw Ye Chen, he pointed his finger inside, and Ye Chen took a deep breath, then walked to the innermost private room, and saw a few familiar faces.

The bald eagle, who was covered in tendons, Xiao Fei who was grinning foolishly, the skinny Abacus and the big dog who kept his cool.

They had obviously only not seen each other for a few months, yet Ye Chen missed them so much.

Those people were also very excited, and their eyes were shining brightly. The few men looked at each other for a moment, then laughed heartily together.

What should I say? What kind of coffee? The big dog frowned, but its eyes were filled with joy.

Isn't that because boss wants to give us a mission? Abacus looked at the big dog with disdain. I will make you drink like a dead dog when it's over!

Stop messing around, hurry up and let the boss talk about how much he misses us! Xiao Fei laughed and revealed his lower jaw.

Only the bald eagle did not say anything. He was sizing Ye Chen up from head to toe, and only after seeing that Ye Chen was in good condition did he relax and say: I've ordered Blue Mountain from you, without milk, two servings of candy.

You know me. Ye Chen pulled out a chair and sat on the side of the table. He comfortably crossed his legs and relaxed his tensed nerves.

No matter how relaxed Ye Chen felt when interacting with others, he would always have a string in his head, ready to respond to all kinds of sudden situations at any time. However, there was no need to think too much into it when interacting with them.

Because if anything happened, they would definitely stand together with him at the very first moment.

This was what a brother should be like.

It was completely different from those brothers who were speaking casually.

Boss, how's things going? the bald eagle asked.

Ye Chen narrated the people he had met and what had happened in detail to his brothers. He did not add on his own analysis because he knew that the tacit understanding between them did not need that.

What's our next mission? Xiao Fei rubbed his hands together in excitement, he could not wait any longer.


To know oneself and know the enemy, one is invincible. Ye Chen looked at the few of them, and said solemnly: I still have a limited understanding of the Tianli, especially their upper echelons, the ones we need to contact them for a long time. So your first task is to get all their information for me as detailed as possible.

From start to finish, Ye Chen did not know who were in the Tianli, which was one of the things he cared about.

Although he had won from the sneak attack last night, what if the Tianli sent out more powerful people? More than one? He wasn't invincible, so he might as well break it.

Leave it to me. Abacus' eyes shone brightly. Xiao Fei will infiltrate into the company and I will take care of it from the outside. That way, we can clear Tianli from now on.

If anyone else were to say these words, Ye Chen would have thought that he was just spouting nonsense. However, would have believed him without the slightest hesitation if he said those words out loud. Abacus's hacking skills were quite good. As long as he could solve the problem with the computer, it wouldn't be a problem for him.

Amongst the few of them, Abacus had the worst physical fitness. Although he could fight against five people by himself without any problems, it was still not up to the death squad's standards, but his computer skills were peerless, stealing information, locating people, hacking into the system to destroy things and create an illusion … By virtue of these abilities, he had achieved a critical role in many missions.

You guys prepare first. The event is scheduled to be held within a week. I'll contact you guys when the time comes. Although he wanted to stay with his brothers for a while longer, Ye Chen knew that his current whereabouts were extremely exposed.

After packing the two cups of coffee, Ye Chen returned to the Hongda Mall. He needed to appear in a crowded place and distract the enemies.

In an entire two days, as long as Hon Da opened the door, Ye Chen and the other two would be inside the shop, but no one was busy working in the front, Zhou Sheng was focused on designing and researching, while Ye Chen and Shen Qiushi were constantly chewing on the information.

The ads for the recruitment had not yet been torn, and beautiful girls would come to ask from time to time, but they were all rejected by Ye Chen for the reason of not passing the recruitment.

On one hand, the advertisements for recruitment could attract attention. On the other hand, those girls did not look as outstanding as Shen Qiushi, so there was no need for further interviews.

Furthermore, Ye Chen was very familiar with the shop guides, they were not outsiders, they were people who jumped over from other shops in Hon Da. Maybe some of them truly wanted to apply, but their motives were not pure, and some of them simply came over to watch the show.

In their eyes, Ye Chen was already a familiar person. Each of them brought three beauties shopping, the frequent appearance of the black cards and his appearance was indeed pleasing to the eye, to the shop guides who used their knowledge to grow, Ye Chen was already like a shining diamond husband. Such a person would even need to open their own shop in Hon Da, he was already a humanoid advertising card.

On the second night, just as the shopping mall was about to close, Ye Chen picked out another five jewelry, with different styles and prices. Then he began his next step — to give it away.

A good piece of jewelry would make it even more attractive when matched with someone that was compatible with it. These five pieces were given to the five women beside him. They were originally the great beauties that were chosen by the tens of thousands of miles, and once they were worn, they would become live ads.

Before YUANGHAI sealed the bed, Ye Chen called Chen Tingting, Chen Xue and Zhang Lanlan out and gave them each a piece of jewelry that matched his.

The Eastern Tomb Jade Pendant that the lively Chen Tingting obtained just so happened to hang around her neck;

Chen Xue, who was always curious about everything, obtained a bunch of red hair bracelet, which she used to adjust her blood flow to prevent herself from getting hurt from getting too excited.

The quiet Zhang Lanlan had given her the Tiger Eyes Stone's necklace, increasing her self-confidence and sense of security. She also hoped that she would quickly recover from the headache of losing her brother.

So beautiful! Chen Xue proudly waved her wrist: Big Brother Ye Chen, you are always this generous, I will be embarrassed!

Then think of a way to repay me! Ye Chen moved his face closer to hers.

Chen Xue dodged them with a tender smile. She was really embarrassed to ask her to kiss Ye Chen in front of her two best friends.

It's not like I gave it away for free. You have to advertise it for me. Ye Chen explained his intentions to the other three. On the other hand, Chen Xue and Chen Tingting were easy to explain.

It's that simple!? Rest assured, we will definitely wear it everyday! Chen Tingting kept stroking her necklace: Such a pretty item, the other girls must be jealous to death! They will definitely buy it!

After putting the three girls back, Ye Chen gave the remaining two pieces of jewelry to Wu Li and Hong Xia. The two of them naturally put them away happily, especially Hong Xia, who directly put on the necklace made from Red Agate on her neck.

Smelling the faint body fragrance that was transmitted through the red clouds, Ye Chen was a little intoxicated. As expected, the older the ginger, the older the red clouds, and thus, the more experienced the girls were in attracting a man.

The platinum chain only had three agates on it. The texture was fine and the middle one had water. It was the best natural agate, Aquatic Agate.

Lil 'Bro, you really never missed anything. Even Big Sis was going to advertise for you for free! Hong Xia stared at Ye Chen charmingly, but she really did like it. She kept stroking her necklace and even intentionally took out a small mirror to look at it.

Thieves don't leave empty-handed! Ye Chen laughed: I am here to give something to you, not to steal!

You, are just a scheming little thief! Red Cloud said, You must have sent more than one person this gift, right? Didn't you notice that they looked at you even more lovingly when they received the gift?

Nope. Ye Chen said seriously: I'm only interested in you.

He left Ye Chen dancing and drinking, but was rejected by Ye Chen. Tomorrow, his small shop would officially open, and as the boss, he had to go and take a look.

The next day, knowing that you're officially in business, you don't have any gimmicks, just a sign for business, and you don't expect someone to show up soon, and it's none other than the guides who want to apply.

In the past few days, they had been eyeing it greedily. Seeing the items on the counter constantly being updated, they had no one willing to pay attention to them. Now, they swarmed over like a swarm of bees and unknowingly attracted all the customers who came to shop.


Fortunately, there weren't many people shopping at this time of the day. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so busy. Even so, it would cause a temporary jam.

Shen Qiushi had already meticulously prepared everything in one look, wearing a white suit, looking very spirited. He unhurriedly introduced every item of jewelry to every customer.

Ye Chen realized that this Shen Qiushi had a good background, because he chose the most important customers to introduce first, seeing that the customers had strong purchasing power and were sincere in wanting to buy, he chose the more expensive items first to answer that person's questions. It made people not feel slow, and also gave the hesitating customers some time to take a look.

In just half an hour, he had already successfully sold three pieces of jewelry. Although the transaction price was not high, and even the most expensive one did not exceed fifty thousand, Ye Chen was still impressed.

The so called opening ceremony should be like this, right?

Zhou Sheng was already grinning from ear to ear from happiness. He indeed could not understand why he would not be able to sell the same thing, but Ye Chen immediately sold three pieces.

The key was Ye Chen not talking, he was just standing there laughing, could it be that it was because he was a little more handsome than his?

After a while, all the shoppers had to go back to work, the small shop was no longer as lively as it was before, but Shen Qiushi's explanation and Ye Chen's standing there did not allow the small shop owner to make a decision.

Until the night, the transaction had already exceeded two hundred thousand, and Shen Qiushi alone had already earned over seven thousand. If it was before, it would be more than enough for him to run for half a month!

Boss, I feel like I'll post if I follow you! Taking advantage of the silence, Shen Qiushi drank a large cup of water. He was so thirsty that he almost died, but he laughed like a chrysanthemum that had just been watered.

How much is this? A woman's voice sounded. Shen Qiushi immediately put down the cup, and saw that the guests were three women, all dressed in luxurious clothing, and their words carried a light, casual contempt.

However, he was happy. The more this kind of person was, the bigger the customer was. The woman in the middle was pointing at a bunch of emerald green bracelet and asking for a price.

Beauty, this string of natural emerald gems are embedded inside the South African real diamond. The price is 198,000 yuan.

So expensive! The short-haired woman beside her said exaggeratedly, You aren't going to rob me, are you? It would be more direct."

Let's go to someone else's house to take a look!

Beautiful ladies, I can see that you are not people who are short of money. The meaning of emerald is good, and it itself represents nobility. This is not something that those poor people can afford. Shen Qiushi sighed: It's such a pity.

Is that so? The woman in the middle was hesitant at first, but after hearing who she was, her eyes became firmer.

Besides, everything over 100,000 yuan in our family is a single edition and is an original design. Think about it, other people would not be able to buy this bracelet even if they liked it, because it belongs to you alone! Although what he said was the truth, Shen Qiushi's words were all over the place. Adding on his exaggerated expression and hand gestures, Ye Chen felt that this bracelet was made for this woman.

Your skin color is white, and with the green color, you look so graceful!

These are all dug out from deep underground mines. After verification through time, they matched the retro aura coming from you! Come, let me compare! Shen Qiushi carefully placed the bracelet on the woman's fair wrist, You must have come here from a noble family in Europe, right? It's too fitting! "

You really know how to talk! The lady liked it very much when she saw it, she was looking at each and every one of them, while Shen Qiushi was patiently telling her the reason of the cotton and ice crack.

Ye Chen, I think the reason you're doing this is because of the lighting, right? But just because you made a bet, don't ask for a sky-high price! The short haired lady suddenly said to Ye Chen.

had already recognized her when they came, and she was one of the women who had short hair when she attended the party with Chen Ruoyun. At the time, she had even called Chen Ruoyun over with the other women, looking like a good sister.

Zhou Sheng anxiously wanted to explain himself, but Ye Chen secretly stuck out a hand to tell him to be quiet, then he turned to the short-haired woman and laughed, Director Bai, just guessing isn't good, you don't understand as this beauty here! Ye Chen said as he pointed to the lady in the middle. She can distinguish between good and bad, which is why she is so optimistic about you two. As good sisters, you two must help each other out!

I think this emerald is pretty good! The lady in the middle laughed even more happily. After hearing Ye Chen praise her, she immediately patted her hands and said, Why don't I choose one for you too?

The short-haired woman looked at Ye Chen in a daze, she never thought that Ye Chen would recognize her, she remembered that she had never talked to Ye Chen directly before! Just by this point, it could be seen that Ye Chen was serious enough!

Now that her identity had been exposed, she had to pay more attention to her own image. She quickly smiled and said, Hehe, how can I be so embarrassed? Actually, I've already fallen for this!"

After saying that, the short-haired woman pointed to an even more expensive bracelet and said, Wrap this up for me.

You bought it without listening to the introduction? The woman in the middle asked in surprise.

No need, I think it's pretty good. Besides, I don't need this small amount of money!

Wrap that emerald up for me as well! After a long time of asking, the woman in the middle finally came to a decision, I'll pick another one for Old Li later!

Shen Qiushi secretly gave Ye Chen a thumbs up, but it was only because of his words that caused the two women to laugh and tear, but he was really pleased to see this scene, the competition between the two of them only brought him two accounts!

Furthermore, he still came after hearing what that woman said. Since he had already said so, she would bravely come again to buy it. Otherwise, where would she put her face?

This kind of woman rarely shopped by herself. If she brought two rich women with her, they would definitely continue shopping.

Boss, I've learnt it from you again! After the few women left happily, Shen Qiushi then turned to Ye Chen and said with admiration: In the future, if I meet this kind of person, they'll just start flaming whenever they don't agree!

Yes, I need to recruit another woman. Ye Chen said: Women better know how to make others flame them. He glanced back at the messy cash box. And someone else has to collect the money.


Before getting off work, Ye Chen handed over sixteen thousand yuan to Shen Qiushi: This is what you earned today.

Boss, no need! Let's settle the bill on a monthly basis! I always feel like you want to send me away like this! " Shen Qiushi frantically waved his hand.

Make another two suits. Ye Chen said: You will affect the business.

Sure! Shen Qiushi happily accepted the money, and earned so much in a single day. If it had been a month, he wouldn't even dare to think about it!

I still need to give you a new mission. Ye Chen said with a stern face: Quickly remember all the famous people in the Yun Tao City, no matter if they are men or women, no matter what field they are in, as long as they come to our shop, you must call his name.

Don't worry, Boss, I'll listen to you! Shen Qiushi tightly gripped the money in his hands. Right now, forget about Ye Chen wanting him to remember his name, even if he had to eat sh * t, he would think about it!

Zhou Sheng, the costs are yours, you can take 40% of the profit, do you have any objections? Ye Chen did not mention about money to Zhou Sheng previously.

No, no. Zhou Sheng had been thinking about his profits for such a long time, and five percent of Shen Qiushi's profits were already that much. After all, it was just a trade, and his bottom line must definitely be higher than Shen Qiushi's. He never thought that Ye Chen would directly offer such a high price, he was so excited that he was stuttering.

It's impossible to have so many high-quality accessories without you. This requires not only craftsmanship, but creativity as well. Ye Chen didn't think that she gave him too much, he continued: But you have to be clear, without me, you wouldn't be able to earn that much money!

Saying the last sentence, Ye Chen gave himself an imposing manner. Zhou Sheng looked like an honest man, but he had to say the unsightly words first, if the profits were to increase in the future, Zhou Sheng had the thought of doing it himself, it would be a huge blow to him, so he had to put this thought of Zhou Sheng out of his mind!

I understand that. Zhou Sheng looked at Ye Chen with clear eyes: What a person like me earned is just money for my trade, even if I were to be in front of him, I wouldn't be able to go. The truth had slapped his face. If not for Ye Chen's help, he would have already left. I can't sleep with him either...

Enough! Let's get off work! Today's work is over! " After he finished speaking, Ye Chen only had some nonsense to say, but he had nothing to say to the two men. Thus, he waved his hands and decisively decided to get off work, go dance and drink wine, then find a beauty to chat about life.

But there's still half an hour before the door closes! Shen Qiushi was unwilling, no one would complain about having too much money.

Don't make it so hard, haha. Ye Chen said: It's as if we have to be punctual so that we won't lose anything! This was also the main reason why Ye Chen decided to close the door: Tomorrow, make another sign that says will be sold ".

He had originally wanted to take the two of them to dance and relax, but the two of them had rejected him. Zhou Sheng had to go back to prepare the ingredients because he wasn't used to going to the bar, and when Shen Qiushi heard that he had put down his strength after work and stood there for a day, he also said that the consumption of energy would be huge.

Although he had to go around selling insurance previously and it seemed more tiring, it was still very relaxing to sell insurance. If he was tired, he could rest for a while at a place where he could.

In here, he had to maintain a very energetic appearance, and be more careful when talking to the rich men. In a short period of time, Shen Qiushi was also not able to get used to it.

For the next three or four days, Ye Chen kept watch over the small stall as his income steadily increased. He was like a member of the working class who had his guard up, and it made him feel that living such an orderly life was actually a kind of pleasure.

Of course, if he had to choose, he would rather choose to live an unruly life, because he yearned for freedom.

The cashier also called for her. She was a pretty girl, with a faint smile on her lips. She didn't talk much, and just a few words were enough for several people to buy more things. Who cares what her real name was, Ye Chen had given her a nickname — Si Si.

Si Si also liked this name. In addition, no matter how much the jewelry she sold, she would give her a thousand dollars, so she could display her strengths to the extreme …

But in the past few days, Hua Guoyu had been extremely anxious, he had already communicated with the upper management that Ye Chen needed a large number of brothers, and now, the upper management was waiting for his message to send someone to ambush them, but there was no news from Ye Chen's side.

Come out for a drink tonight?

This afternoon, he finally received news about Ye Chen. Hua Guoyu was so happy that he almost jumped out of his office. He stared at his phone and after two minutes of suffering, he replied in a casual tone: I might not have time, I have a case at hand.

What are you busy with? At ten o'clock at night, the brothers will go ashore from the dock and gather together. I don't believe that you don't know any of the 60-70 people!

Holy sh * t! So many people! " Hua Guoyu gasped at the phone, he really couldn't sit still this time, he was too excited so much that his hands started to shake, and he almost threw his phone onto the ground. It looks like Ye Chen was really going all out this time!

It has to be said that it was extremely difficult for the special forces to leave the city. They could receive missions at any time, and although there was no time limit for the mercenaries, wasting time meant they were wasting a large amount of money!

Only after taking a few deep breaths did Hua Guoyu calm down, and he quickly edited a message: It's 10 o'clock at night at the South City Pier, there are 70 people here, I'm a first-rate expert, Ye Chen would like to invite me for a drink, please give me your instructions.

As time passed, minute after minute, second after second, Hua Guoyu had never felt that time was so slow before. He anxiously walked around the room.


The voice of the text message saved him. He quickly looked down: Hold him, relieve the pressure, keep in touch, we're all out! Then I'll support you!

YES! Hua Guoyu clenched his fists in excitement, and punched them hard in the air. Everyone took the initiative, this time they would definitely be able to keep those people Ye Chen sent over!

Alright, you decide on the time and place. It's about time for me to relax. Hua Guoyu replied Ye Chen with a text message.


The fish bit the hook. Ye Chen simultaneously sent a message to the condor, and then comfortably leaned back in his chair. There was no need for him to do the rest, because his brothers would definitely do the job well.

Since Hua Guoyu was heartless to him, then he could only be unrighteous to Hua Guoyu.

All the consequences would be self-inflicted.

At seven in the evening, Ye Chen was told to save his share of the profits into his card after work. Ye Chen went to the police station to pick Hua Guoyu up and dance.

He had told Red Cloud that an important guest was coming, so when the two of them arrived, Red Cloud had already reserved her seat and had even specially opened a bottle of Soaring Sky Moutai.

"What is

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