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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 1

Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 1

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 1

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Oct 30, 2019


Soldier King Ye Chen was one of the top fighters in the country's special forces. However, his teammates' deaths caused him to leave the army and return to the civilian population. On one side, there were many schemes and on the other, there were countless beauties. If one could defeat a tyrant, they would be able to kill off their enemy, win the favor of beauties, and then see how the super soldier king would play with his city life.
Oct 30, 2019

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard - Fan Tian



Who called the taxi?

Recently, quite a number of Yuntao people had received a push like this, saying that it would draw everyone's attention to a taxi with a license plate: YunC1098. If you run into this taxi, you must stay away.

It was ten o'clock at night in Yuntao City, the time when the taxi took over.

The woman must be beautiful, over 170. He had to have a good figure and a good chest. As long as he had a C +, he would be fine. The family's assets had better be more than 10 billion, there was no scandal, and it was best to have a certain level of recognition in the local area.

The most important thing was, after meeting him by chance, he definitely couldn't continue living a peaceful life!

As a new business in the city, Hyun Company's business was import and export. In just three years, he had reached a market value of 20 billion.

As the chairman of Hyun Company, Chen Ruoyun had graduated from a famous business school in M Country.

In addition to her extraordinary beauty and devilish body, there were even people who selected her to be the city flower of Yuntao City. Those chasing after her could line up from the center of Yuntao City to the outskirts. There was no lack of disciples from upper-class families.

She was an enigmatic woman.

She clearly had plenty of men with excellent conditions by her side to choose from, but she didn't reveal any wrongdoings.

Although she was the CEO of the 10 billion yuan IPO, she still insisted on working as a taxi every day.

Many people felt that she was simple, and many people felt that she was acting.

Chen Ruoyun stood at the entrance of the company, looking at her watch, anxiously waiting for the taxi that she called.

A huge truck abnormally stopped in front of the Hyun Company's entrance, right in front of her.

She had felt that something was wrong from the start. A group of people were approaching her.

Under the effect of the hydraulic lever, the door of the truck slowly rose up.

The lights in the car came on, shining on a young man in a white suit.

He wore a red bow tie and held a bouquet of roses in his hand. He looked rather handsome. The 20-square-meter area in the car was filled with white roses, and there were also two audio stations beside it.

Jiang Tao, what are you doing? Chen Ruoyun didn't give the man any face at all.

She was extremely familiar with this youth called Jiang Tao.

He was the son of a big client in her company, a few board members of Tsinghua University with a market value of ten billion. There were quite a few girls around him, but at the same time, he was a man with a negative EQ.

Chen Ruoyun did not know how to end up like this.

Of course it's to prepare the 99th confession?

Jiang Tao said leisurely: Ruo Yun, I've chased you for so long, and seeing that it's my ninety-ninth confession, I've prepared everything meticulously. I hope that you like it, and I hope that you can accept my love for you.

Jiang Tao walked down from the horse carriage and walked in front of Chen Ruoyun.

At this moment, the crowd that had been preparing to surround the two of them formed a heart shape.

On top of the Hyun Company's tower, there was someone still holding a laser beam, shining down on the two of them and placing them under the light.

Music! Jiang Tao snapped his fingers.

With the sound of the music, the dozens of people in the shape of a heart immediately dispersed.

Ruo Yun, I prepared this confession for three months. This dance, is only dedicated to your most beloved you! As Jiang Tao said that, he held onto the bouquet of roses and drew a large heart in the air towards Chen Ruoyun, then began to dance to the music.

Under his handsome face, this dance that he had specially prepared added a bit of ornamentation to it.

It was just because of his grandiose demeanor that the traffic in Hyun Company was a little congested.

Around the crowd were dozens of Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Maserati, playing accompaniment and lighting.

Almost everyone was moved by this romance, and no one berated him for the burden he placed on traffic.

Even many girls had hearts in their eyes.

They really hoped that the person accused of being a white man was themselves!

Beep! Beep!

A discordant horn sounded.

Hurry up and dodge, how dare you bet on my path? Humph!" A voice filled with dissatisfaction was heard as a taxi charged into the circle surrounded by a group of luxurious cars.

The taxi almost knocked away the cars that were worth millions and charged into the crowd.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Even the dancing Jiang Tao was dumbfounded.

[Where did this taxi come from? How dare you?] How dare he knock into a Spicy Racer that he spent 20 million on?

Who called the taxi? He had chatted with a beauty on the way here and it was too late … Sorry, sorry. Ye Chen put on his mask, stuck his head out and asked.

I did.

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Chen Ruoyun replied speechlessly.

Ya, beauty! Ye Chen didn't hesitate to direct his gaze onto Chen Ruoyun's body. The breath coming out from his chest attracted his attention.

This kind of beauty was worth Ye Chen spending an entire night on her.

However, the more Ye Chen looked, the more he felt that he had seen this woman before …

I'm sorry Jiang Tao, I have urgent matters to attend to, I will be leaving first. Chen Ruoyun felt Ye Chen's fiery gaze and continued to walk towards the taxi.

If she had not been in a hurry to use the car, she would not have chosen to accept such a rude look.

Jiang Tao could no longer care about his own pain, and anxiously grabbed Chen Ruoyun: Ruo Yun, are you really not going to give me a chance? Don't you understand my feelings for you?

Sorry, Jiang Tao, you are a good person. It's just that I don't want to date yet. Chen Ruoyun released his hand.

You're lying! Jiang Tao could not help but be angry. He once again grabbed Chen Ruoyun: Ruo Yun, tell me the truth, is it because you look down on me!

Chen Ruoyun frowned even more.

She had thought that the taxi would arrive, but it gave her a gap to break the deadlock.

But she didn't think that Jiang Tao would be so deadlocked, causing her to be unable to end this matter.

Beep, beep ~ ~ ~

The taxi drove straight into the crowd.

Get out of the way, you won't lose anything if you crash into it. Ye Chen laughed sinisterly.

The passerby at the side wanted to curse, but when they turned back to look at the plate.

F * ck?

Cloud C1098?

Isn't this the taxi that was searched in Yuntao City?

It was said that this car was called the mudslide in the underground sports car of Yuntao City. Many young masters were angry and resentful when they saw it.

What was even more frightening was that all the women who got on this car had to come down with their legs crossed.

Beauty, get in the car. Ye Chen hooked his fingers at Chen Ruoyun: However, before we board the carriage, I must remind you — You must look at me less, or else you will definitely be captivated by my handsome appearance.

Don't worry, I won't. Chen Ruoyun said coldly, and got into the front passenger seat.

Stop them! Jiang Tao quickly gave the order.


More than ten million luxury cars immediately blocked off the entire road.

Chen Ruoyun was burning with anxiety.

As far as she knew, the driver of this taxi was definitely not a good person.

Of course. But a beauty … Please pay the fare first. Ye Chen blinked his eyes and said.

The fare is a kiss.

As he spoke, he pointed to the side of his face, looking proud and unworthy of a beating.

Are you driving or not? If I don't drive, I'll get off!" Chen Ruoyun said as she got out of the car.

You want me to kiss a stranger?

Don't even think about it!

Wait a minute, beauty. If kissing isn't possible, then why don't you just touch your chest? Let me check if your breasts are natural. Ye Chen took a step back.

Scram! Chen Ruoyun was about to get off.

How about... Just her thighs? Just once! Ye Chen continued to ask: Seeing your skin being maintained so well, you must have felt very good."

Heh, don't even think about it!

Chen Ruoyun snorted and got off the carriage.

Ye Chen felt wronged, it was his first time encountering such an unreasonable woman who would haggle with him everywhere.

However, he also wanted to give this top quality chief sister a chance to get to know him.

Otherwise, if Chen Ruoyun gave up the opportunity to interact with him, that would be Chen Ruoyun's loss!

Ye Chen took a deep breath and made the final concession, Forget about the beautiful women, how about this … Tell me what color you're wearing today. As long as you don't mind, I will drive you there!

Chen Ruoyun turned around with a straight face: Within the entire set. Clothes, 32D.

F * ck, why did you suddenly answer so straightforwardly? Ye Chen was a little depressed, he felt that he was deceived.

Why are you blabbering so much? Drive the car! Chen Ruoyun urged.

Ye Chen had no choice, since he agreed to it, he would do it, no matter how regretful he was.

He hit the gas pedal and made a 180 degree drift. He turned around and walked past the Spa sports car, leaving behind a bunch of stunned people and fragments of the carbon fiber filled sports car.

Jiang Tao was still a little dazed. He couldn't believe that Chen Ruoyun would actually reveal her chest area in front of a group of people.

Was this still the ice mountain beauty Chen Ruoyun?

Wow, I just bought a spicy dish... Jiang Tao looked at her beloved car with a heartache.

A Spellcaster sports car could not be bought even with money. If it breaks down, we'll have to wait for the replacement parts from the Ferrari headquarters. And it only took him half a year to do all this.

Thinking about how he wouldn't be able to drive a beloved car for half a year, and how he would have his goddess be taken away, Jiang Tao's heart surged with a monstrous rage.

A-Liang, hurry up and investigate this C1098's origins. Jiang Tao said angrily.

Ah Liang was Jiang Tao's little brother.

The family is an institution, there is a certain relationship within the system. If you want to investigate a person, just make a phone call.

Brother Tao, I found it. C1098 was a fake. The owner of the car cannot be identified by photos alone. " A-Liang said.

What? Did he just retire from the military? " Jiang Tao immediately reacted.

If it was an ordinary retired veteran, they would have definitely found it.

There are only two possibilities, explained A-Liang. Firstly, this fellow did not have any status at all. He was a black sheep. However, the chances of this happening are very small.

What about the second possibility?

Second... He's a retired special forces soldier!

At the same time, Chen Ruoyun, who was sitting in the carriage, was also somewhat curious about Ye Chen's identity. If Ye Chen did not have any abilities, he would have been beaten to death long ago after causing such a huge commotion.

While stopping, Ye Chen and the rest arrived at an abandoned chemical factory at the outskirts of the city.

Beautiful lady, 15: 30 seconds, reach your destination early. Ye Chen looked at the watch on his wrist, and laughed sinisterly: I saved you five minutes, shouldn't you have some sort of reward? For example, a kiss! "

Chen Ruoyun resisted the urge to beat him up and pretended to be calm: Then wait ten minutes for me. When I come out, I'll promise you!

Really? Beautiful girl, since I'm this innocent, you can't lie to me! Ye Chen said in anticipation.

Chen Ruoyun impatiently nodded his head: I'm not lying to you! If I don't come out in ten minutes, you call the police for me.

Oh no! Ye Chen made an OK hand gesture.

Chen Ruoyun who was worried about her safety opened the car door and rushed towards the chemical factory.

The reason why she told Ye Chen this was because she wanted to leave a way out for him. She didn't actually plan to kiss Ye Chen.

Beauty, you didn't bring anything! Ye Chen looked at a bank card on the front passenger seat and shouted from afar.

But Chen Ruoyun had already opened the door and walked in.

The person inside the factory confirmed that she was the only one who came in, then closed the metal door behind her.

Forget it, the good guys will do the best they can to send us to the west. Beauty, since you look so much like my future wife, I'll help you! Ye Chen said, with a cigarette in his mouth, he walked towards the direction of the workshop.

The door to the workshop was locked from the inside, but it was nothing to Ye Chen.

In the dark night, Ye Chen was like a nimble and vigorous black cat as he jumped over the two meter high wall and gently landed on the ground. As someone who had lived on the battlefield for many years, he had very harsh requirements on his voice. After all, if one did not protect their life on the battlefield, it was possible that they would lose it.

Moonlight shone down on Ye Chen's body, and as the thick white smoke in his mouth poured out, Ye Chen stood at the entrance of a factory.

Based on Ye Chen's judgement, there were a total of eight people in the workshop, including Chen Ruoyun.

The three people above, armed, and three people below, faced Chen Ruoyun. There was also a girl tied to a pillar. As for that girl, she was probably the person Chen Ruoyun was looking for.

CHENG, did you bring the money we wanted?

Yes. However, since I was temporarily unable to collect the two million in cash, I brought a bank card with me that I don't know the name of. Chen Ruoyun said as she took out his bank card.

However, when she reached out her hand to touch it, she discovered that the bank card in her pocket was missing!


What do you mean?

CHENG, you are also a smart person. As you know, bank cards have always been a taboo for us. Even if there's really 2 million yuan inside, if you let the police track us down with your bank card, I'm afraid we won't be able to bear the consequences." A man wearing a mask said coldly.

But you also know that at this time, the bank has already left work! Chen Ruoyun strong and calm said.

They had the numbers advantage. Even if they didn't agree, they would be forcefully dealt with!

CHENG, can we start now? masked man asked. As he spoke, he held a video camera in his hand, wanting to record what was about to happen.

I'm afraid that their goal from the start was just this, not the two million yuan ransom!

What are you guys going to start? At this moment, a lazy voice suddenly interrupted.

You … Why did you come in? Chen Ruoyun looked at Ye Chen in shock. Ye Chen came in, who would go call the police?

I came to give you something. Ye Chen flashed the bank card in his hand.

CHENG, you actually went against your promise and brought someone over? Seeing Ye Chen's appearance, masked man immediately became vigilant.

He allowed the people behind him to control Chen Tingting. A sharp dagger touched onto Chen Tingting's neck that could be broken by blowing wind, and it could end Chen Tingting's life at any time.

Chen Tingting was so scared that her eyes were rolling in circles in her sockets.

Don't be so excited, he's the taxi driver. He's here to deliver something to me! Chen Ruoyun anxiously said.

Oh? Is that really true! The masked man asked coldly.

It's true! Chen Ruoyun said anxiously.

Well, there's a rope on the side, and you tie him up. Then let him come over. If you dare make any small moves, your cute little cousin will die. The masked man threatened.

Chen Ruoyun immediately gave Ye Chen a meaningful glance, telling him to cooperate with him a little.

Although she knew that if Ye Chen was tied up, it could bring about danger. But what could the current her do? There were six of them, while she and Ye Chen were only two! Unrivaled!

Only, Ye Chen acted as if he did not see her hint as he bored his ears.

Hey, I say, you cat robbers, do you really think that you're so amazing just because you're holding a knife and threatening hostages? Ye Chen blew the fingernails on his pinky, and looked at the masked man s with a face full of smiles.

So you're pretty confident in yourself? The masked man who stood at the forefront and spoke up didn't take Ye Chen seriously at all: Brothers, all of us have human lives on us, if you are sensible, then let's do as we say, and maybe we can even save your little life.

Hearing that, Ye Chen suddenly clapped: Aiyo, you make me so scared.

Hey, stop talking. Chen Ruoyun was worried that Ye Chen would be in danger so she quickly shouted for him to stop.

Ye Chen turned around and smiled at Chen Ruoyun: What's wrong, beauty? You haven't even become my girlfriend and you're already worrying about my safety?

You really can't spit anything out of your mouth! Chen Ruoyun said angrily.

How could Ye Chen say such words at such a time? Was he really not afraid of death?

Beauty, don't worry. I don't even know how many have died in my hands, let alone these three legged cats. Ye Chen said casually.

You're courting death! The leading masked man ordered, "Brothers, let this brat, who doesn't know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is, see just how powerful we are!

All of a sudden, the three bows upstairs were all aimed at Ye Chen.

However, Ye Chen not only did not panic, he even blinked his eyes at Chen Ruoyun. Beauty, after settling this matter, you will owe me more than just a kiss!

Then we'll talk about it after you settle it! Chen Ruoyun really didn't know how to describe this man.

With that said, three arrows shot towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not dodge.

As for Ye Chen, with his back facing Chen Ruoyun, Chen Ruoyun thought that she had really been hit, and her heart immediately tensed up.

A three-legged cat is a three-legged cat. What are you trying to play with a human? Go home and practice for a few more years before coming out again! Ye Chen raised his hands, and three bows and arrows appeared! He waved his hand and three arrows flew out in reverse, landing on the thighs of the three people upstairs.

Screams sounded in the air.

The leading masked man saw Ye Chen's performance and was completely stunned.

What happened to this man?

He could catch an arrow with his bare hands?

Chen Tingting looked at Ye Chen and a bright light suddenly emerged in his eyes. It was only because she saw hope in Ye Chen! He saw hope that they would leave safely!


At the same time that Ye Chen finished the three people upstairs, he strode towards the leading masked man.

Attack! With the order from the leading masked man, the two people beside him followed him and rushed towards Ye Chen.

Wait, my shoelace dropped! Ye Chen suddenly shouted at this time.

The leading masked man was startled.

He did not expect that at this time, Ye Chen would actually squat down and tie his shoelaces, exposing a huge flaw to them.

Get down!

Hey, the one lying down is you, right? Ye Chen instantly tied his shoelace, squatted down and fiercely kicked upwards, hitting the leader masked man right in the middle of his pants. Crotch.

Bang bang!

The pants of the two people beside him … Naturally, he wasn't spared either.

Ye Chen stood up, and patted his hands as he looked at his pants. The three of them. Their faces, under their masks, were red. Pants. The pain in their crotches made them want to die.

Hmph, you still want to make a move on the woman I've taken a fancy to? You're courting death! Ye Chen said in an unconcerned tone.

And when Chen Ruoyun saw that Ye Chen was unharmed, her nervous mood finally relaxed as well.

She felt that Ye Chen was a lunatic.

Why did he squat down and tie his shoelaces when they were fighting?

Wow, there's even a little beauty here. Little beauty, I just saved you, shouldn't you have some sort of reaction? For example … A kiss!


When did you agree?

After Ye Chen released Chen Tingting, he moved his face closer to hers.

Chen Ruoyun had just expressed her gratitude towards Ye Chen, but seeing this scene, she was immediately infuriated. She quickly came up and pulled Ye Chen away.

Ye Chen grinned, revealing his big white teeth. Look, your little cousin already said that, so you shouldn't interrupt.


Come on, kiss me. Ye Chen indicated towards Chen Tingting.

Go to hell! The leading masked man forced himself to pull himself together, picked up a steel pipe and smashed it towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen blocked him with the back of his hand, and the steel pipe fiercely smashed onto his arm. However, he seemed to not feel the slightest amount of pain, and didn't even frown.

In the next moment, he raised his hand and slapped masked man away.

It really spoils the atmosphere. We were just interrupted just now. Little beauty, let's continue. Come … Kiss. Ye Chen said.

Just as Ye Chen finished speaking, three of the masked man s upstairs who had their legs pierced shot three more times at Ye Chen with the crossbows in their hands.

Ye Chen was getting impatient, he climbed up the steel pipe and quickly headed to the second floor.

With three bangs, the three masked man s on the second floor were all thrown to the first floor by Ye Chen. They landed heavily on the ground, raising a cloud of dust.

Little beauty, no one is going to interrupt us now. Ye Chen was prepared to accept Chen Tingting's kiss once again.

Chen Tingting also felt a little awkward.

It was still her first kiss, how could she just give it to Ye Chen like this? But it was Ye Chen who saved her again.

The well-behaved her hesitated for a moment.

Boom ~ ~ ~

With a loud bang, the iron gate was opened from the outside.

Police! A group of people rushed in from outside.

Are you done yet? I just want a kiss, why is it so hard? Ye Chen was speechless. He turned and looked at Chen Ruoyun: Beauty, when will you fulfill the promise of a kiss?"

Chen Ruoyun said with a straight face, When did I agree to your request?

Ah? You actually went back on your word! " Ye Chen was startled.

Chen Ruoyun replied: I'm just saying that I'll promise you, but I'm not saying what I'll promise you. Right?

Damn! It's this again, playing word games! " Ye Chen was very gloomy. After a busy night, he still couldn't get anything?

Ruo Yun, are you alright? A woman in a uniform rushed over. Wearing a police hat and holding a pistol in her hand, she looked valiant and valiant. Even if it was a man, he couldn't let her off easily. Her figure was very impressive and she seemed like she was about to burst out of her buttons. At least she was at D-level.

Ye Chen's eyes lit up when he saw her arrival.

This was another beauty!

I'm fine. Thanks to the 1098 driver who saved me. By saying this, Chen Ruoyun was explaining Ye Chen's identity even more.

1098? Handsome brother, are you the owner of that taxi? " Chen Tingting never thought that she would actually fall into such a dangerous situation just because she wanted to investigate C1098, but she actually met the elusive C1098 car owner!

That's right! Ye Chen, on the other hand, smugly said: "Little beauty, do you want to get in the car?

No! Chen Ruoyun was too nervous, so she answered directly on Chen Tingting's behalf.

Sir, since you are the owner of the Cloud C1098, may I trouble you to come with us? We need your statement. Adding on this matter, I would also like to invite you to come with us and assist in the investigation.

As Wu Li listened, her eyes lit up.

During this time, they, the police, had also been searching for Ye Chen. It was just that they couldn't find him for a long time.

Now that he met her here, how could Wu Li let him off?

Lili, he saved us after all. Don't make things difficult for him. Chen Ruoyun still warned Wu Li.

Don't worry, I will handle this case impartially. A strange smile appeared on the corners of Wu Li's mouth.

Inside the special Interrogation Room of the Yuntao City's main police station. A white light shone down on Ye Chen's head, his hands were on the chair.

In front of Wu Li was a pile of files.

These cases were all related to Ye Chen. Now that he thought about it, Ye Chen was meddling in all these cases like a sh * t stick, but had even solved them without the police taking the initiative.

Logically speaking, the police should have thanked him. However, Wu Li still felt that something was wrong with the man in front of her.

She smelled the scent of a big case from Ye Chen's body.

Your connection to these cases. Are you going to tell me or not? Wu Li slammed the table and looked at Ye Chen very seriously.

Don't say it!

Ye Chen looked eagerly at Wu Li's chest, his heart was thumping hard, he was too lazy to explain.

At least he was not bored at all in the police station. When Ye Chen became interested, it was rare for him to get a chance to admire a beauty police flower.

Wu Li pointed at the words on the wall and said irritably, Tell me loudly what is written on it.

You really want me to read it?


Ye Chen cleared his throat and said seriously: Police Little Fairy, let me go home!

You're talking nonsense again? Wu Li was so angry that her hands couldn't help but tremble.

I'm not talking nonsense. Ye Chen said very innocently.

Then tell me, why can't I find your information in the police system? The name and identity card you provided, none of them could be identified! Wu Li asked, trying to resist the urge to hit him.

Because I'm awesome. Not everyone can know an important figure like me.

Ye Chen laughed.

Tell me again! Wu Li was so angry that her hands were shaking, flames burning in her eyes.

Comrade Police Officer, I told you I was awesome, but you didn't believe me. If I'm not awesome, how come you can't find anything? Ye Chen continued to provoke Wu Li: How about this, you unbutton your shirt two times, and I'll tell you why I can't find my identity.

You, you, you actually dare to tease me? Wu Li froze when she heard that.

Ye Chen said fearlessly: This can't be considered as teasing, I'm just discussing it with you!

No way! If you don't say it, I'll let you have a taste of my power! " Wu Li really couldn't hold it in anymore.

Even with Chen Ruoyun's warning, she was already planning to make a move against him!

Wow, help, I'm so scared! Ye Chen shouted loudly.

Shut up! Wu Li hurriedly said, afraid that her captain outside would hear the commotion.

Unless you unbutton it.

Ye Chen said as if he really needed a beating.


At this moment, Wu Li was so angry that she was on the verge of going berserk. Ye Chen this guy did not say anything, but in the current circumstances, there was no way for him to convict Ye Chen with a file.

Although Wu Li was a woman, she was also a strong woman. She wanted very much to prove her ability.

Alright, Wu Li, stop messing around. When the iron door opened, a man in his early thirties walked in. After he walked in, his gaze all fell on Ye Chen's body, and did not look at Wu Li.

Leave the rest to me. Wait for me outside.

Hua Guoyu insisted.

Wu Li still had some hesitation, until Hua Guoyu's tone turned serious and shouted, Get out! Only then did Wu Li glare at Ye Chen, and walked out the door unwillingly.

After the door was closed by Wu Li, Hua Guoyu looked at Ye Chen like an old friend: How about it, now do you have the time to say a few words to me?

Ye Chen laughed bitterly, If you have anything you want to say, say it.

Hua Guoyu sighed, and thought back to the time on the battlefield.

Ye Chen, who was ten years younger than him back then, was actually his captain.

That year, Ye Chen was eighteen, but he was twenty-eight.

In the beginning, he looked down upon Ye Chen, and felt that this youth who should be studying in a high school, could possibly have some achievements on the battlefield. But then he realized he was wrong, wrong as hell.

Ye Chen had only brought him with him for two years, yet his special forces had forcefully turned him into the strongest unit in the army camp!

Captain, I know that the reason you came back for the past half year was because of the matters regarding Shou Hou. You, who have been busy for more than half a year, still could not find any news. Don't you intend to first meet Shou Hou's sister? Hua Guoyu said with a long sigh.

Don't call me captain! Just call me Ye Chen. " Ye Chen suddenly became serious.

Then, he laughed bitterly again, and said: You think I don't want to go see Shou Hou's sister? But how could I face her now? I, who returned home and investigated for more than half a year, did not even know who killed Shou Hou! With me like this, what face do I have to meet his?

But the dead cannot be revived. Those of us who are alive, we have to look forward! Hua Guoyu advised: Now you can finally sit down and listen to what I have to say, and I have to tell you very seriously that Shou Hou's little sister is about to come to Yuntao City!

What?! Ye Chen instantly stood up from the chair.

The handcuffs binding his wrists were actually broken by him!

Just how much strength did he need to do this!?

"Team... Old Ye, don't get too excited. She is the one who came to Yun Tao's university

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