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I Do Nothing

I Do Nothing

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I Do Nothing

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Oct 29, 2019


I describe more paranormal experiences. I touch upon most of my 29 past lives on earth. Many feel past lives are important to know. As we are the embodiment of past life experiences, it is irrelevant. Visions and remembrances of past lives show how you should be open to the wonders of the unseen worlds. These unseen souls are the reason I Do Nothing, they do the real work. I am their hands, feet, voice, heart, etc., in human form. Expecting to have paranormal experiences is prudent. Be prepared for anything, experience it without fear, attachment, or judgment. Know you are protected when you clear past judgments and fears. You are the most powerful soul in your world. Nothing happens to you without your permission. There are no victims, only volunteers. Historical permission under duress, is still valid. We share your creations through your grace. Enjoy your experiences to the fullest. Always do the right thing. We are conscious spirit and pure divine souls.

Oct 29, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

I was born into both worlds, the world everyone sees and believes, and the unseen world where I and many others see angels, fairies, the departed, etc. I write about what I and friends experience. I work with people to awaken them to the world I know and love. It is all about love, forgiveness, and removing all the erroneous belief systems. Blessings!

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I Do Nothing - Lhaarl Aholana

I Do Nothing


Lhaarl WillIAM Aholana

Dedicated to Ahliana and all Light Workers

I Do Nothing

By Lhaarl WillIAM Aholana

Copyright 2019, Lhaarl William Aholana

Smashwords Edition

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Past Lives


This is a short accounting of experiences, past lives, and more of our shared, unseen multi-dimensional worlds. We all live in multiple existences here, as well as in amazingly incredible new worlds and dimensional realms. The unseen aspects all around us, in our lives on earth and elsewhere, are waiting to be experienced. You will discover the unseen on earth are the true workers for all of humanity. We appear to be at times, to be their voice, feet, hands, etc., when you are aligned with the Creator, Great I AM, Great Spirit, or whatever you choose to call the conscious unconditional love and bright white light. I know everyone will see and experience the truths of these unseen workers and multidimensional worlds at some point. I believe it is only a matter of raising consciousness and it all begins.

It is the untruths or half-truths that deceive, limit, and divide us. Our lives are filled with heavy metals, viruses, pathogens, pollution, toxic materials, violence, control, and worse. To me, it sometimes appears everything we hear about is just a lie. Perhaps it is to divide, create fear, or just crazy making. Some say our life and our world is a dream. My experience, is things are anything except what they appear. I believe we are programmed to believe what we see and hear.

Many find change an unwelcome and often painful experience. I welcome change because the possibilities presented at these times often offer new opportunities and amazing new worlds. I am blessed, to at times see the unseen worlds. I experienced incredibly amazing unseen workers and multi-dimensional worlds. A possibility is they found me as a suitably aligned vehicle to use and work through. These states of being, or realities, are made of unconditional love and white light. It is a profound love unlike anything in our three-dimensional world. I hope I can convey at least a part of it because unless you experience these unseen workers, unconditional love, worlds, and bright white light, there are no words to really describe them.

Why am I fortunate to see and experience these wonders? I was told I am a fore-runner and I get to experience things before most of humanity. What made my life have these opportunities? I suspect it is many things, past experiences, commitments, and probably much more than I can know at this time. I often believe it occurs when you no longer deceive yourself or judge your experiences. My experience shows me another important component is doing the right thing at all times.

As a child I lived in rural and farming areas. I was always outdoors and exploring nature. Nature became my home away from home. I grew up in a blue-collar background. Our vacations were camping and fishing. There was a lot of fun and laughter in our household. I was blessed to have great parents. We had little money and yet we were safe, happy, and we had enough food. We grew our food, fished, shot wild game, or gathered a variety of wild fruits and berries. Only twice a year, we had store bought meats. At Easter we had ham at my grandmother's in the big city and at Thanksgiving we had turkey. Otherwise, we ate the finest nature provided.

As a young man I often found I had to work twice as hard to be half as good as everybody else. School was challenging and I had extreme difficulties in that environment. I was shy, had dyslexia, and felt I was completely different from others. I got through each grade and high school by listening and remembering. I flunked out of college after a year because reading and comprehension was a real issue. I had real trouble reading and understanding a book. I struggled to overcome this disability without success. I made very few friends. I am still in contact with two of the three friends I made in high school. Sometimes we speak only once a year and even then, it feels as if we conversed just yesterday.

When I enlisted during the Viet Nam war. I found myself in my first military school after boot camp. It was very difficult and I was determined to succeed. With two others who also had some learning challenges. In our evening study group, we worked together understand electrical theory and electronics. In these sessions I slowly taught myself to read and comprehend. At some point the veil lifted and I could read and comprehend. When that happened, in my first military school I was the top student, a first in my life. After learning to read and comprehend, life became so much easier. I excelled in all of my classes. When I

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