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Practical Witch's Almanac 2020, The: Walking Your Path

Practical Witch's Almanac 2020, The: Walking Your Path

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Practical Witch's Almanac 2020, The: Walking Your Path

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Oct 8, 2019


Witches come from all walks of life and spiritual beliefs. No matter what your path may be, this almanac has all the goodies you are looking for. The focus of this year's almanac is exploring new ideas to forge your own unique path. Special planner pages, worksheets, and articles are included to help you achieve your goals, discover your hidden talents, and explore the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. The projects, articles, and ideas will motivate you to hone your witchy skills no matter your current level of expertise, including divination (tarot, runes, pendulum), herbalism & wortcunning, and using nature's gifts of stones, crystals, and minerals. It can also be used as a companion study guide to the traditional "year and a day" of study prior to initiation or solitary dedication. And as always, it contains astrological and astronomical information, moon phases, trivia, recipes, Sabbats, historical tidbits, and everything you need to get you in touch with the Practical Witch within you. To be more inclusive for the 2020 almanac, significant improvements have been made to make time conversions easier with a larger and more defined time zone map, and charts with actual city time conversions worldwide (Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, China, Russia, Greece, and dozens more).
Oct 8, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Friday Gladheart is the author of The Practical Witch's Almanac, an annual personal planner and guide that has been in publication for over 22 years.  Her articles and DIY projects have appeared in major Pagan, Wiccan, and secular publications. For over 30 years she has worked as a “private pen,” creating books and articles for others as a ghostwriter, but has recently come out of the “broom closet” to author her own works.Friday founded in 1997, the oldest and most highly respected online academy for Witchcraft, tarot, and herbalism. She spends most of her days teaching, writing, and creating websites while developing a non-profit, organic teaching garden and sanctuary near the oldest National Forest in the southern United States.Sign up for Friday’s newsletter to hear news, writing thoughts, book recommendations, etc.!

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Practical Witch's Almanac 2020, The - Friday Gladheart

Practical Witch’s Almanac 2020

Expanding Horizons

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