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Make Me Beautiful And Kill Me

Make Me Beautiful And Kill Me

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Make Me Beautiful And Kill Me

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Oct 14, 2019


This book is for you, your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter and your special female friends.
It will help you look and feel better and live healthier. When you are healthy and feel good about your self,
your self-confidence grows; your relationships become strong and you gain success in every aspect of your life.

This book with its fifteen chapters will give you a lot of information and knowledge of the past and present
of the bra in one book, it will help you to understand your breasts and how to take care out them.
You can see the list of the chapters below to understand how the information you gain will support your
health and improve your life in the future.

Chapter 1- Brief history of female breasts

Chapter 2- Breast evolution

Chapter 3- Basic breast anatomy

Chapter 4- Breast sizes and shapes

Chapter 5- Brief history of the bra

Chapter 6- Types of bras

Chapter 7- International bra sizes

Chapter 8- Determining bra and cup sizes

Chapter 9- Bra problems and how to fix them

Chapter 10- Can Wearing A Bra Kill You?

Chapter 11- Plastic surgery

Chapter 12- Breast cancer and diseases

Chapter 13- Self-examination

Chapter 14- Breast massage

Chapter 15- To Bra or Not to Bra

As you notice it gives you information about female breasts as far back as Adam and Eve's time
( Not exactly that far, but pretty close ). It gives you enough self-confidence in how to deal with
your breasts, how to take care of them and needed information about them, how to choose a bra, what to do
and what not to do.

Chapter five has dated information and 18 pictures of bra patents, way back in the history.

Chapter six has alphabetical bra types and descriptions of them.

Chapter nine includes 53 questions and answers about common bra problems and how you can avoid or fix them and
so much more in other chapters.

Oct 14, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Cyrus Karamjani is indie writer from Persia(Iran). He has lived in different countries as follow Iran, Sweden, England, America and now in Spain. He found his spiritual path by reading Joseph Murphy’s books year 2006. He is interested in wide variety of subjects such as spirituality, metaphysics, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, aliens, mind power and so on. He loves to learn daily and never stops. His professional background are IT, web designer and graphic designer.

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Make Me Beautiful And Kill Me - Cyrus Karamjani

Make Me Beautiful


Kill Me

Copyright©2008 by Cyrus Karamjani

ISBN : 978-0-9821417-2-4

All Rights Reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval

system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical,

photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written

permission from the author.


This book is dedicated to the individual females and families,

whom have unwittingly been targeted and

subjected to suffering throughout the centuries.


Through family, friends and other public relationships I have observed that many women have difficulties with their bras and almost all try to find a way to solve their problems, some do and some don’t, and live with it like other problems in life. A female is born every second, as somewhere another female matures enough to wear a bra and is faced with an often unrecognized complication of human life.

Table of contents

Chapter 1- Brief history of female breasts

Chapter 2- Breast evolution

Chapter 3- Basic breast anatomy

Chapter 4- Breast sizes and shapes

Chapter 5- Brief history of bra

Chapter 6- Types of bras

Chapter 7- International braises

Chapter 8- Determining bra and cup sizes

Chapter 9- Bra problems and how to fix them

Chapter10- Can Wearing A Bra Kill You?

Chapter11- Plastic surgery

Chapter12- Breast cancer and diseases

Chapter13- Self-examination

Chapter14- Breast massage

Chapter15- To Bra or Not to Bra

About the author Cyrus Karamjani

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Chapter 1

Brief history of female breasts

Edouard Manet

Blonde woman with bare breasts

What are breasts and what do they mean to different people?

Throughout the ages in many civilizations, the female body has been observed as a work of art and beauty and as a source of life, from which all people are born and the breast is one of the most predominant features of a woman that stands out as a symbol of livelihood, feminine power, abundance and sexuality.

Breasts have had different roles throughout the human history. What the breast is depends on who is being asked. Breasts have different cultural, historical and religious connotations in Eastern and Western societies.

Babies see breasts as food, doctors as body tissue, politicians as power, men as sex, business people as a source of income and a good money making idea. Bare breasts were once a symbol of republican ideals in France.

Advertisers, painters, pornographers, business leaders, religious leaders, psychologists and many other businesses use female sexuality, especially the breasts, to sell everything from heaven to hell and make money from it. Of course, women have their own views about their breasts and relational levels of sexiness, self- esteem, self-confidence, and power.

In Judeo-Christian times and for the ancient Greeks breasts were associated with sacredness, female power and wealth .

Around 2500 BC, ancient Minoan women considered breasts bare and uplifted breasts to be fashionable.

Between 400 BC to 300 AC, Greek and Roman women strapped bands around their

breasts because at that time a manly figure was admired.

In the Middle Ages, female breasts began to lose their sacred meaning, and symbolized a source of sexual pleasure for men and breasts that were round, firm and small were most valued. Works of art at this time began to objectify the female body by showing male

dominance over women.

Hercules was said to have gotten his ultra-human strength from biting the breast of Hera as an infant.

The Greek goddess Artemis of Ephesus had nearly twenty breasts on her chest. Minoan society on the island of Crete revered the breast. Women's clothing was designed to let the breasts show through. Women were placed in high social positions and power. Their breasts stood for material wealth, political power, and sacredness. The Minoans are given credit as the first people to use a corset.

A sign of high class fashion in 1600s was to have bare breasts in public both for young virgins and married women.

In late 1800s sexuality was thought unnatural and sinful. Women of this

time wore many layers of clothing but still clothing was designed to show as much breast as possible, excluding the nipples.

The Renaissance time was the curvy time when it came to the corset and corsets worn during this time pushed up the breasts as much as possible. Western society has played

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