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Pack With Purpose: Stylish Upgrade Series, #4

Pack With Purpose: Stylish Upgrade Series, #4

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Pack With Purpose: Stylish Upgrade Series, #4

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Oct 1, 2019


Do you dread packing? Discover a system of powerful packing hacks that will take your style to a new level with a wardrobe that easily fits into a carry on!

Wondering what to take on your next trip? Do you wish you knew how to pack an amazing versatile wardrobe that covers any even? Fashion writer and professional stylist Suze Solari has spent 25 years getting women's wardrobes into shape and now she's here to show you simple secrets to help you become a style sensation on your next trip!

The Pack with Purpose Handbook is packed with real-world techniques to you craft a minimal travel wardrobe that maximizes versatility. The book shows you methods to plan for your trip then create capsule collections that assure everything you bring can be used together.

You'll discover:

  • How to you your itinerary and the weather forecast to plan your trip
  • How to build a color story for your trip
  • Solari's 3x principles to make every piece you bring get worn
  • Packing lists and guidance for local and international travel
  • Ways to use your existing wardrobe as your new foundation and much, much more!

The Pack with Purpose Handbook is a complete and practical guide for the traveler looking to break away from overpacking or under packing. If you like real-world advice, simple-to-follow wardrobe tips, and packing lists and guides, then you'll love Suze Solari's superbly detailed guide.

Buy the Pack with Purpose Handbook today and pack your next adventure with style!

Oct 1, 2019

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Pack With Purpose - Suze Solari

What folks are saying

Before working with Suze, I would usually feel panicked before a trip and I always over-packed.  After using Suze’s strategies for putting outfits together, on my last cruise I felt so sophisticated and put together, and truly a part of the places I was visiting, like not a tourist.

Akli Howell

I was planning a month long trip to South Africa, and was worried about packing too much, especially shoes. In addition, I was making a stop in New York and did not want to pay the extra cost of checking luggage. Suze helped me plan and consolidate my outfits, and pack efficiently, so I could enjoy myself on my travels.

Annese Piazza

Previous to working with Suze, I would go out and buy a bunch of new clothes before a trip, that I didn't really like that much. A waste of time and money, that I no longer do after using Suze's preparation strategies!

Beryl Stromsta

Copyright © 2019 by Suze Solari

Published by Claymore Ulfberht & Xiphos LLC

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Cover By: Black Widow Books

The Pack With Purpose Handbook

A Stylist’s secrets to preparing and packing a versatile travel wardrobe.

Suze Solari


Is This Book For You?


Utilize a Detailed Itinerary and the Weather Forecast to Make a Focused Packing List

Decide your Color Story

Warm color story, and style sheet for Casual Travel

Cool color story, and style sheet for Business Casual Travel

Accessories, Shoes and style sheets

Work-out clothing and Lingerie

The Outfits

Apply deliberate packing techniques


Serious advice on shoes

Fashion style and international customs

Prep and Packing Overview, do’s and don’ts

Now it’s Your Turn

A HUGE Thank You to:

About the Author

Also by Suze Solari

Is This Book For You?

This book is written specifically for women who yearn to streamline the way they prepare for travel and to pack strategically for casual business trips and multiple city vacation destinations.

If that’s you, then welcome. Get ready, because you are about to be brought into a very exclusive club, created to bring order from chaos with every trip you take from now on.

A note from your packing mentor:

Hi, I’m Suze, I am one heck of an inspirational personal stylist and travel packing expert.

I have been working with private clients for ten years, helping them feel amazing and joyous in everything they wear for work, special events, every day and while traveling. I am known for assisting clients to align their image to their personal and professional brands, as well as maximize their wardrobe investment and learn to wear the right pieces to save time, money and achieve their goals.

Perhaps you have read one of my other books from ‘the Stylish Upgrades series.’

The T-Shirt & Jeans Handbook

The Blouse & Skirt Handbook

The Curvy Girl’s Style Handbook

All three books are also resources for women who are busy juggling family and work, and want to be comfortable, yet look polished.

I have helped many women discover the true

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