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The Complete Salad Recipe Cookbook

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The Complete Salad Recipe Cookbook

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When it comes to a quick, healthy, meal that you are guaranteed to always feel good about after the fact, nothing beats a good salad!

Unfortunately, without a little bit of help in the old idea department, it is easy for your average salad to fall into somewhat of a routine. 

That's where The Complete Salad Recipe Cookbook comes in as inside you will find dozens of recipes specifically chosen to help you spice up your boring old salads.

It doesn't matter what type of meal-shaped hole that you are trying to fill, whether you are looking for something that is ready in minutes, a traditional favorite, something for 10 or more of your closest friends or even something the entire family is sure to love.

Inside you will find salads that are more than just starters, you will find recipes that are filling enough to satisfy the most staunch of meet eaters.

Salads include:

Classic three bean salad

Israeli cucumber and tomato salad

Seven-layer salad

Cucumber salad

German potato salad

Greek salad

Mediterranean salad

Chef Salad

Thai Salad

Chicken salad with green beans and cherries

Steak salad

Chicken salad with pistachios and feta

Spinach salad with salmon

Zucchini salad with chicken

Zucchini salad with Arugula

Caesar salad sandwich

Kale Salad

Watermelon salad with spinach

Green Salad

Salad with cranberry vinaigrette

Italian salad

House salad

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