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Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies: 1, #1

Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies: 1, #1

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Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies: 1, #1

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Sep 24, 2019


The Perfect Air Fryer Cookbook For Foodies and Beginners

There are lots of Air fryer cookbooks available online. Most of the cookbooks are playing a game of numbers by competing for the highest number of air fryer recipes they can stuff or pack, neglecting the need to educate readers and provide realistic recipes that can be prepared with an Air Fryer. This Air Fryer cookbook is all about quality and not quantity as most inferior air fryer cookbooks available online. If you an Air Fryer newbie or you have someone who has just acquired an air fryer but needs a cookbook to intimate them on all they need to know about air fryers, then the Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for foodies is the perfect guide to get them started.

Have you ever wondered how some tasty, crunchy meals are being prepared? You might be wondering how these lovely delicacies don't seem to be oven-baked or grilled the traditional way, yet they pack a punch in appearance, texture, and taste.  Yes, most of these meals that you can't seem to place a hold on their preparation process are Air fried using an Air Fryer.

The Ninja Air Fryer CookBook for Foodies is designed for newbies, individuals, couples, and foodies who have just been introduced to the world of Air Fryers and have a knack for some great, uniquely prepared, tasty meals. This Air Fryer cookbook nicely educates readers about air fryers, with various recommendations on the very best air fryer brands available on the market. We have included 100 air fryer recipes designed to deliciously caress the taste buds of your family, loved ones and guests.

People who own other Air Fryer brands like the COSORI Air fryers, Philip Air Fryers, Nuwave Air fryers, etc. will find the Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies highly valuable. If you have a Ninja Foodi Cookbook, you with find the Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for foodies a nice addition to your arsenal.

The Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies comes loaded with

•    Breakfast Recipes

•    Lunch Recipes

•    Poultry Recipes

•    Meat Recipes

•    Side Dish Recipes

•    Snack and Appetizer Recipes

•    Vegetable Recipes

•    Dessert Recipes

Do you want to see the juicy Air fryers recipes this book packs that will transform you from a newbie to a professional chef in as little as 14 days?

Just "Buy with 1-Click" and start enjoying your air fryer device in a way that you have never seen.

About the Author

Janet Andrews is a food scientist and an alumnus of the University Chicago, US. She is also a professional chef, foodie and an ardent traveler who has visited over 20 countries around the globe with her spouse, checking out their unique foods and delicacies peculiar to her hosts. Her passion for cooking beautiful delicacies led her to the Ninja Air Fryer in 2018.

Ever since her awesome discovery of this amazing product, she has been air frying tasty meals that have earned her accolades both home and abroad. She is the mother of a beautiful girl and a spouse to a great footballer. Join her as she shares 100 tasty Air fried meals by getting this book today.

Sep 24, 2019

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Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies - Janet Andrews



No part of this book should be considered legal or professional advice.

Take everything I say in this book as my opinion, and I want you to regard it as such.

You are responsible for your action by acting on the thought and views shared in this book.


Ever wondered why there is a buzz about a kitchen device known as an air fryer?

An air fryer is an amazing device that should be found in every kitchen and every healthy cook should have it for both indoor and outdoor use. An air fryer works like a mini convection oven that helps to circulate hot air around food. The hot air circulated can reach up to 400 degrees F, and it helps to transform food to a crispy looking meal without the addition of butter or oil.

There are several types of food that can be prepared in an air fryer and the ability to introduce new concepts is tremendous. You can use an air fryer to make food that is baked, grilled, deep fried or sautéed.

An air fryer is a versatile kitchen tool and this book provides a comprehensive list of various recipes that can be prepared with the aid of an air fryer.

The original idea for air fryers was patented in 2005, and the original marketing plan was to target eating outlets and large hotel chains.  However, it became obvious that the product will be very useful to home kitchens and other outdoor events.

It is convenient to work with an air fryer, and the device is readily available for online purchase at your favorite store. Most devices sell for between $100 to $400, and it is actually cost effective since you can utilize it in preparing different kinds of meals.

Benefits of Using an Air Fryer

Ability to Drain Excess Fat

Air fryer is known to easily drain excess fat from food during the cooking process. The basket within the compartment also makes it easy for anyone to easily separate excess oil or fat from the actual meal.

Less Use of Oil

Air fryer has a way of getting your food ready without much use of oil. With an air fryer it becomes easy to prepare a meal with the use of just a table spoon of oil or less. Since air fryer do not require you to submerge food in oil, it becomes easy to minimize the use of oil while cooking with an air fryer.

Ease of Use

Unlike other kitchen gadgets that are complex to use and also very bulky, an air fryer is very easy to use and in no time, it is possible to have a well-prepared meal without putting much energy into the cooking process.

Good for Use with Frozen Foods

Air fryer blends well when it is used with frozen foods, and frozen staples such as vegetables. If you love chicken tenders and fries, you will find the use of air fryer to be very helpful. An air fryer performs favorably in taking food from a freezer to a plate without any delay.


Air fryer gets the whole cooking process done in a confined area that ensures you are safe from oil splatter and unnecessary exposure to heat. Since there is no deep frying, those with children and pets will find it safe to use an air fryer in the company of their children without any form of unhealthy exposure to heat.

Easy to Clean

Air fryers can easily be cleaned without much struggle because most of the parts of the device are non-sticky and can be cleaned easily after every cooking process. The parts are usually immune to clingy and crusty residue.

Pizza Preparation

For those who have a first glance at an air fryer, they probably won’t assume that such a device can be used to prepare pizza, but it perfectly gets the job done. An Air fryer can be used to prepare and make staple foods ready in few minutes. So if you want to try out your favorite pizza, you can get an air fryer and see how it goes. Follow the pizza preparation steps outlined in this book as well as any new pizza concept you want to work with.

Feeds a Small Family

A family of four can prep up a fast meal with the aid of an air fryer. Though the device is well fitted to rest on a kitchen counter, it definitely has a cooking basket that can get a meal ready for a family of four at single preparation.

Preparing Desserts

Many varieties of desserts can be prepared with an air fryer. Several healthy sweet treats can be prepared with an air fryer and desserts such as apple pie, chocolate fondue and nut cake can be prepared within minutes.

Dear Readers,

Thanks for purchasing my cookbook. There is a second edition of this cookbook with full-colored photos for all recipes listed, and it’s available for sale.

Please take a few minutes to leave a review for my bookI hope it’s favorable as it will encourage me as well as serve as a boost to help me improve and provide more quality work in the future. Thanks in advance.

Tips for Using an Air Fryer

Try not to overload the air fryer basket, as doing that will prevent air from going across the entire food.

The cooking instructions for air fryers may vary according to the manufacturer, so go through the operational guideline if you happen to get a different air fryer from the one you are familiar with.

There may be differences in browning across several air fryers, so a simple test run on first operation will be great.

Consider using the preset temperatures for some food as specified by the manufacturer. It is okay to try new settings, but familiarizing yourself with the preset temperatures and times for cooking certain meals. This could help you save time required for brainstorming.

Most items that are microwave safe can also be used for your air fryer. Items such as foil, parchment paper and ramekins can be used for your baking and cooking needs.

Get a thermometer to ensure accurate reading of the temperature of certain meals prepared, especially when you need to check the inner temperature of meats or certain foods.

Be prepared to flip or turn certain foods half-way through the food preparation time, especially when you need the entire surface of the food to be brown.

The last tip on using an air fryer, concerns the use of the air fryer basket. There is definitely no crime in choosing not to use the air fryer basket, but do well to use the basket if you are preparing something that drips like fried chicken, as that will enable you to easily clean the air fryer after cooking.

Types of Air Fryers

There are different types of air fryers and different companies now work with different designs to meet customer satisfaction. With

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  • (5/5)
    The only issue I have with this particular edition is that it lacks pictures. I have since found the edition 2 and it comes loaded with pictures. Besides that, it's a great air fryer cookbook. Comes with helpful tips and recommendations that makes air fryer ownership and operation easy for newbies.