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The Beckoning Series

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The Beckoning Series

Lunghezza: serie


The world will perish unless I own my power and claim my destiny. Which is a scary thought, when you think about it, because I'm only one woman with one winged Doberman and can't seem to choose between which alpha male to claim as my own. Destiny is the furthest thought from my mind. Choices, choices. #whychoose at all?

Now I've done it. I couldn't decide between Badass Boyfriend #1 and Badass Boyfriend #2, so both are traveling with me to find missing pieces of my soul--which is good, because I need all the support I can get. I'm to enter the crazy, ever-shifting lands known as Warplandia, find three scary witch-sisters whom no one has ever been able to find and live to tell about, and somehow own my powers and my destiny. Then, someone from my past reappears and complicates things even further.

Shouldn't be too hard, right? Wrong.

My lovers are alpha males which means competitive male posturing is a daily occurrence. My worst enemy is on my trail. I thought we killed him. And when I find myself, alone and starving, with only my trusted winged Doberman by my side, that's when I go and screw things up royally. And that's just the beginning.

Will I ever get things right in my epic journey? Time will only tell. And I don't have much time left before the world is left to peril.

The Beckoning of Badass Things is a too hot to choose just one epic fantasy adventure. #WhyChoose #ItsMyLife

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