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Healthy Eating 101: 45 Effortless Recipes to Step Up Your Diet Game

Healthy Eating 101: 45 Effortless Recipes to Step Up Your Diet Game

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Healthy Eating 101: 45 Effortless Recipes to Step Up Your Diet Game

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Sep 16, 2019


When thinking of healthy eating, we tend to think of quick-fix diets that can help one shed several pounds in a short space of time. Unfortunately, a lot of these diets are highly restrictive in terms of ingredients and nutrients. That makes them unappealing and difficult to sustain for most.

What if you want to maintain a healthy weight and fitness in the long-term without compromising on your enjoyment of food?

In this book, food blogger Luna Regina and nutritionist Kelli McGrane share their approach to healthy eating, and introduce a collection of 45 wholesome and delicious recipes that are designed for health-conscious individuals. Every recipe within is tested by a chef and audited by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, so you can always have a balanced combination of micro and macro nutrients, plus a scrumptious meal on your plate to enjoy!

Sep 16, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Luna Regina is an advocate for wholesome eating and balanced living. Before she began her adventure as a book author, Luna has been writing and sharing her experiences on Healthy Kitchen 101, a website she founded to keep herself and her readers inspired in their journeys to health and fitness. Starting out as an amateur home cook herself, Luna knows first-hand the challenges that most people face when trying to start and maintain a healthful diet at home. Her works have been focusing on making daily culinary tasks safer, easier, and more fun for everyone. Luna holds two Diplomas in Nutrition, and Diet Planning and Weight Management.

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Healthy Eating 101 - Luna Regina




By using Healthy Eating 101 as a source of reference, you accept this disclaimer in full. All of this book's content is published in good faith and for informational and educational purposes only. The information found within is strictly based on the author’s personal experience and registered nutritionists' knowledge and research (unless otherwise noted). All nutritional and health-related information should not be construed as professional medical diagnosis, or prevention, or substitutes for specialist’s consultations, evaluations and treatments.

For pregnant women, individuals with special health condition and the minors, you are urged to seek professional medical advice from your physician, doctor, or nutritionist prior to applying any fitness decision or regimen to your current diet. The publishers, authors and nutritionists of Healthy Eating 101 disclaim liability for any of your damage, mishap, or detrimental consequences occur from involving yourself in the activities and ideas included in this book.


First and foremost, my gratitude goes to the best coworkers and best allies I could ever wish for: Max, Chris, Gracey, and Alice.

And of course, my dearest appreciation is sent to my collaborator Kelli McGrane - without whom this book wouldn't have been published.

Mom and Dad, who have been showering me with unconditional love and encouragement. My food stylists Leo and Natalie for giving support on table setups and decor materials.

Thank you all for accompanying me throughout this journey and beyond.

To my family for keeping your faith in me,

and the readers of Healthy Kitchen 101 for giving me nonstop inspiration— if it wasn't for your support, this book wouldn’t have been completed.

Visit us online at

What You Should Find in This Book

In this cookbook, you’ll find recipes that follow Luna's principles of cooking— healthy, simple, and adaptable for a variety of occasions. The recipes are all taken from, selected by Luna Regina and reviewed by nutrition experts currently contributing at Healthy Kitchen 101: Kelli McGrane (MS, RD), Natalie Butler (RDN, LD), and Lizzie Streit (MS, RDN, LD).

The process of making and selecting recipes for this cookbook is proceeded with care, all is deemed to make sure every dish is as cookable as possible— that being said, made with easily available ingredients, and requires no Gordon Ramsay to carry out.

This cookbook is divided into 5 chapters:

To make best use of this cookbook, you simply select one of the listed courses above from the Table of Contents. You will be directed to the recipe list in the corresponding chapter. From there, you can navigate your way through the menu by clicking in the linked text of your desired recipe.


Luna Regina, Co-author

Luna Regina, food blogger, founder of Healthy Kitchen 101

Starting out as an amateur home cook herself, Luna Regina knows first-hand the challenges most people face when trying to start and maintain the habit of cooking and eating healthy meals. As she realized things get better and more fun in the kitchen over time, Luna founded the website to share her experiences as a way to keep herself inspired as well as inspiring others, and helping them stay on track.

Kelli McGrane, Co-author

Kelli McGrane, MS, RDN

Kelli is a Denver-based registered dietitian nutritionist with an undergraduate and master’s degree in Nutrition Science from Boston University. Through her company Kelli McGrane Nutrition LLC, she develops healthy recipes and writes science-based content for health-focused companies, including Lose It!, Healthline Media, Shape Magazine, Eat This Not That, and Women’s Health Magazine. As a nutritionist, Kelli believes in the importance of food to nourish both your body and your soul. At HealthyKitchen101, she works to make sure all recipes delivered are superb not only in flavor and aesthetics, but also in nutrition.

Luna & The Journey to Wholesomeness

For those who did not grow up with me, I was that kind of picky toddler, who always felt not so well the previous Sunday. Cereals being served with milk made me sweat, hard. Brussels sprouts were too slimy in my mouth; and mom can we not have cottage cheese the next time we eat lasagna?

Back when I spent every single afternoon on my green Cannondale road bike to my first part-time job at Rite Aid, I was still that lady who didn't think cutting board size mattered, or resting meat, or seasoning. My shears kept getting lost in the chaos of rolling pin and cup holders and cast-something skillets being put in one bracket. My apron was barely in use; food processor was jobless for at least a year - I simply couldn't get the feel of the machine (I knew it could do things, I just didn’t know what it could do for me).

If there was some way I could go back in time and tell that young lady, Luna honey, some day you'll publish a cookbook, there’s no way I would believe it!

Things barely changed in my first year of college in Georgia, except for one thing - sometimes, all of a sudden, nostalgia would hit me and I would long for cozy days at home with meals my mom had prepared. Though it only took two hours to drive back home, I still knew it was simply time to sit back and think of what I could do.

There were days when all my sleep encrusted eyes craved the most

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