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Feb 20, 2015


“A great lesson about being yourself and the joys of spending time with your best friend” from the author of Jude’s Moon and Circus in the Sky (Observations from a Simple Life).
I Wish is a delightful story of two best friends, Genevieve and Ariana, who come across a magic wand. Ariana begins to dream up the many different things she can become by using the magic wand. She explores the unique things she could transform herself into, such as a beautiful singing bird, ladybug, and a fish that can swim deep in the sea. Together these best friends discover the best wish of all is to be themselves.
“Guettier’s most recent book, I Wish, is about friendship and the importance of a best friend. Genevieve and Ariana find a magic wand and are excited to explore all of the magic it can provide. They learn, however, that despite their whimsical journey of wishing, dreaming and discovering, all they really need is each other.” —
Feb 20, 2015

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I Wish - Nancy Guettier

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  • (5/5)
    When two girls find a magic wand one of them makes wishes for what they would want to be. However, when all is said and done they decide the best wish of all is to be best friends forever.The pictures in this book are absolutely bright and beautiful.I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.