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Lectin-Free Cookbook: Quick And Tasty Lectin-Free Recipes To Lower Inflammation And Prevent Diseases

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Lectin-Free Cookbook: Quick And Tasty Lectin-Free Recipes To Lower Inflammation And Prevent Diseases

Lunghezza: 135 pagine43 minuti


Lose Weight, Lower Inflammation, Prevent Diseases!
Lectins are a class of proteins that bind to cell membranes. They are found in many foods we eat, especially in legumes and grains. They can be harmful to us. When eaten in concentrated amounts, they cause digestive distress and when eaten frequently, they cause chronic illnesses. For instance, most of the toxin lectins found in tomatoes, beans and potatoes leads to inflammation, leaky gut, weight gain and more.
This book provides a detailed explanation of what lectins are and how to reduce them from your diet. It helps you to understand how lectins, originally in plants as a form of defense, can break down your immune system and cause several health issues and diseases. You need the information that this book presents to help you to effectively address this problem and prevent any future occurrences.
You will also be able to make quick, delicious and healthy meals with affordable recipes that are easy to find. Additionally, you will have access to a comprehensive list of what's allowed in this diet and what's not, to take the guesswork out of cooking lectin-free meals. There is also valuable information on how to substitute a common lectin ingredient with a lectin-free ingredient and still prepare tasty and nourishing meals.
Other valuable information in this book includes:
• An Understanding on How What Lectin Affect Our Health
• A detailed List and Explanation of Foods with High Lectin Content
• A detailed List and Explanation of Lectin-free foods
• Benefits of Lectin-Free Diet
• Substituting ingredients
• Cooking methods to reduce lectin content
• Delicious lectin-free Breakfast, Chicken, beef, pork and seafood Recipes
• As well as recipes for Soups, Vegetables, Snacks and Desserts  
• Nutritional Information for Each Recipe
This book is your one- stop resource, with loads of simple and flavorful healthy lectin-free recipes as well as plentiful information to make healthy and tasty meals that won't  compromise your body's immune system.
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