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Sweet Summer Rain

Sweet Summer Rain

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Sweet Summer Rain

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Aug 15, 2019


Norea Washington had a good life that was tragically cut short. But then things got weird...

Mysteriously returned to the world of the living, Norea finds herself caught up in a battle between good and evil for the Crown of Heaven. With the help of her best friend Misti and her new companions — including Angelica, an angel, Dhu-Nuhas, a djinn as well as several ancient gods — Norea finds out that the cosmos is not what she thought it was. But now she must adjust quickly and find a way to rise to her destiny, or else Death himself will reclaim her.

Aug 15, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Andrew Johnson was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but now calls northern Arizona home. His short fiction has been published in various magazines and anthologies. When not making up stories, telling tales, or spinning yarns, he is an avid woodcarver and a published photographer.

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Sweet Summer Rain - Andrew Johnson

Sweet Summer Rain


Andrew Johnson

©2016, 2019 Andrew Johnson

Smashwords Edition

©2016, 2019 Andrew Johnson.

Cover design by Andrew Johnson

All rights reserved. This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. Any resemblance to any person, living, dead, divine, or mortal is coincidental.

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Dr. Salmond flipped through his paperwork. Norea Washington, African-American female, single GSW to the right side. DOA. This was the case the guys in charge were being very cautious with, he remembered. Salmond knew the rules. Whatever he found had to match the official narrative.

Salmond opened the drawer and pulled out the body. He picked up his recorder and pulled off the shroud. Before he could even start, the dead woman opened her eyes. Where am I? she asked.

Salmond jumped back yelling, Jesus Christ! He nearly had a heart attack, and only just avoided soiling himself. The deceased woman had sat up and was looking around.

I’m in the morgue? She sounded so innocent. By now Salmond’s blood was boiling.

Real goddamn funny! he shouted. The woman looked at him, still looking as confused as ever. Haha, real funny joke! Now get the hell out of here, and tell Jenkins to cut the crap! Goddammit!

The woman tried to cover herself as she stood up and looked around. Salmond rolled his eyes and slipped off his labcoat and draped it around her shoulders. Satisfied she was adequately covered, he shoved her towards the door. I’m in the morgue! she said again.

You don’t need to keep playing, Salmond said. You’ve had your fun so you can go back and tell Jenkins and the other interns that you got one on old Doc Salmond! She was still looking around. Salmond had to give this girl credit, she was committed to the bit. He gave her a swat on the rear with is clipboard. Go! The young woman glared at him, before turning and walking out the door.


Dhu-Nuhas sat at the outdoor table taking in the golden hour of the evening, listening to the music as the cars sped by. He looked down at his hand at his new ring. He was quite proud of it, a wheat penny surrounded by woven copper wires. It shone like gold in the late day sun. The scent of an earlier rainstorm hung in the air.

I got the food, Angelica said, sitting down with two pitas. She handed one to Dhu-Nuhas and immediately dug in.

Someone’s hungry, Dhu-Nuhas said, watching her.

Funny thing about bodies… Angelica said, between bites. Oh, this is good.

You would think you never had shawarma before.

I haven’t, Angelica said, cramming in another bite. She sat back and savored the taste. As an angel, I don’t need to eat. Besides, you don’t get atmosphere like this up there.

We djinn have long appreciated good food and drink, Dhu-Nuhas said, taking a bite from his pita.

Just then a car drove by with music thumping into the night and leaving the acrid smell of exhaust.

If you want atmosphere, you should have been in Saba three thousand years ago. Now that was a party… He trailed off to see Angelica was no longer interested in her meal, but was looking down the street. Dhu-Nuhas followed her gaze to see a young black woman walking around wearing only a white coat.

That’s odd, he said.

Isn’t it? Angelica said. Before Dhu-Nuhas could say anything Angelica was on her feet gesturing for the young woman to come over.

What’s your name? Angelica asked as the young woman sat down.

Norea, she said. I’m Norea Washington. She kept looking around, as if she expected someone following her. I smelled the food and came down this way.

Do you want some? Angelica asked.

I’m not really hungry, Norea said. But it smelled so good.

Let me help you. Take a deep breath, Angelica said, taking Norea’s hand in hers. Norea breathed and in seconds looked calmer. Dhu-Nuhas could not help but shake his head.

Always liked that trick of yours, Dhu-Nuhas said, but Angelica was now the one looking worried.

Dhu-Nuhas, Angelica said. She’s different.

Different how? he asked.

You’re not saying this because I’m black, are you? Norea said. Angelica was confused. Then Norea laughed, although it sounded like a forced laugh to Dhu-Huhas. I’m playing with you. Angelica pulled her hand away. Whatever that was it felt great. Like everything is going the best it possibly could and…

Grace of the angels, Angelica said. But what happened to you?

Norea looked around, then leaned in close. I think I died. I woke up in the morgue and this guy was about to start cutting on me.

You didn’t go out for Japanese food? Sashimi? Fugu? Dhu-Nuhas said, drawing the glares of both women. It does happen. Norea shook her head. Then what did happen? he asked.

I was going to see my man, Norea said. He’s white, and lives in a nice neighborhood and— she jumped in her seat. Oh god! I was shot! That cracker shot me! Some racist who said I was casing the place! People at the other tables were beginning to stare. Norea’s hands were shaking and Angelica immediately took her, trying to calm her. If I’m… She seemed to be willing herself to say the word. If I am… She took another moment. This is not what I expected.

What did you expect? Dhu-Nuhas asked.

Wings? Harp? Norea said. Not a swat on the ass from a mortician and labcoat that smells like— She sniffed her coat and wrinkled her nose. Formaldehyde.

We need to go, Angelica said. She’s telling the truth.

They started to get up from the table when Norea sniffed at the air. It smells like rain, she said. I love that smell.

Dhu-Nuhas placed his fingers on the ring, getting ready to use his magic when the clouds opened up and everyone was dashing

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