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Charmed by Her Love: A Marriage of Convenience Romance

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Ten years ago, a tragedy took her mother from her and in retaliation, Amanda's father banished her. Now ten years later, she just discovered that she wasn't just an orphan, she was also penniless and homeless. Her only salvation was Eric Miller, the same man who had destroyed her ten years ago and made her forgot what it means to laugh.

Eric had made a promise to marry Amanda ten years ago and now, it was time he returned home to fulfill his promise and be with the love of his life. Amanda was not happy to see him and he didn't blamed her, after all, ten years ago, he had betrayed her. He vowed to get back the woman he loves-even if it meant marrying her against her will.

Would the past allow these two love again? Would a marriage of convenience be enough? What happens when these two find out they had each been lied to?

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