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Aching for Annabell: Amish Rebel Chicks - Book 1, #1

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Amish Rebel Chicks - Book 1

Young widow Annabell Kranz wants one thing for Christmas—to satisfy her secret desires before she marries a new husband in her Amish community. But will outsider Nicole Croft agree to give her the one gift that only an experienced lesbian can?

Following a recent breakup with her girlfriend, Nicole is in no mood to bother with a half-frozen woman in Amish garb… Until she gazes into Annabell's needy eyes, sees into her lost soul. And hears the soft plea in her voice: "Nicole, I want you to undress me…warm me and make love to me."

The two women have just seven days. One short week before Annabell walks out of Nicole's life forever and marries a man on Christmas Day.

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