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Islamic State: England

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When a top undercover agent working in Syria on Friday, turns up dead in Norfolk on Monday, Dan Glover of MI6 goes to investigate. He discovers ISIL are landing passenger jets at an unregistered British airfield. Their cargo includes militia, weapons, and civilians: 2,000 illegal immigrants per day. Then he discovers four more airfields.
Making discovery after discovery, Dan concludes ISIL are planning to turn England into a Caliphate. A small team from MI6, and local police assists Dan. The local Station Officer, Inspector Felicity Wigglesworth becomes his staunchest supporter. They become lovers, but can their relationship withstand the rigorous call of duty?
Their romance seems destined to fail, as Muslims take over towns and villages, altering the ethnic, but not the political make-up of councils. O)nce in majority, should they cross the floor, war with ISIL on British soil, becomes inevitable.
Interspersed with romantic interludes, Islamic State: England, details how religious fanatics could take over England, and Europe.
The plot twists and turns, as greater discoveries are made. Those in positions of power refuse to take pre-emptive action, by which time it is too late. With SCUD missiles headed for central London, can Dan muster the resources to fight back against the tyranny of ISIL?
One irony of this book is that aspects of it are already coming true in real life.

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