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The Governess

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In the ancient duchy of the Westhills where the citizenry have been ushered into a new age of prosperity and peace, there remains one final hurdle to the cementing of the legacy of Duke Elliot. This hurdle assumed the shape of the young noble, Richard- the one and only son of the great Duke and his Duchess Elena.

The characteristic arrogant and dismissive traits of the nobles from time seemed to have been thicker than any orientation which the young noble did receive at birth so that he grew into a brash and insensitive youth. The citizenry loathed him for his attitudes and smelling a certain failure of his reign, the great Duke planned ahead of his son's leadership.

The introduction of a governess into Richard's life had a twist of fate that even the Duke had not seen.
Would this unexpected twist be something to be thankful for? Would the duchy of the Westhills be better with the presence of the governess? Find out in this story of bittersweet love.

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