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How to Grow Carrots: Growing Guides

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How to Grow Carrots: Growing Guides

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How To Grow Carrots takes you step by step through the growing process and is a perfect way to introduce a fresh organic stunning root vegetable to your diet. ONE carrot has enough Vitamin A for an average adult, on a daily basis. Just the ONE!

Carrots come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes and the fatter shorter varieties can be grown in everyday pots and containers.

This guide includes a little about carrots and healthy reasons why you should include them in your diet.


*Suggested varieties - images and descriptions of a few regular garden varieties
*Planting and general care tips - looking after your carrots
*Harvesting and storing options - time to harvest and how to store your carrots
*A few delicious recipe ideas - simple recipes to make the most of your crops
*General gardening advice - best practices for your gardening experience.

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