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2005-03-12 The Watt from Pedro Show: special in-studio guest: heather lockie

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hour 1

"impressions" (live) john coltrane
"your kung fu sucks" ninja academy

"can't take the hill without the army" uniform
"riding the pine" mount saint stereo
"sadie" joanna newsom

"parade" kimya dawson
"she pours well" ladykillers
"soft gun" top brown'
"car planet" killing ghosts

hour two

"factory (#1)" w.a.c.o.
"plastic debbie" clean plate club
"time, money and other pink floyd song titles" ryan dubois

- brother matt's spin cycle (w/heather lockie jamming along w/him on viola) -

"hydrofoil" nels cline + devin sarno
"trout (scherzo presto)" john o'conor + the cleveland quartet

hour three

part four of "dreams of rio"
"peach, plum, pear" joanna newsom
"atomic swerve" leonard, skrowaczeski, zappa
"get up and go" the teen idles

"just another girl" (live) johnny thunders
"volcano" volcano
"bob dylan wrote propaganda songs" (live) george hurley + mike watt
"shut the fuck off" life after life

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