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2003-09-05 The Watt from Pedro Show: Thurston Moore reads his poetry.

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hour 1

"untitled 90320" john coltrane
"raw power" (re-mix) iggy + the stooges

thurston moore reads his poetery in west hollywood - august 19, 2003
"caleb meyer" joan baez
"I wish I could speak your language" the names

hour 2

"no use for one" the 88
"people wake up and live" don fleming

- brother matt's spin cycle -

hour 3

part thirtyone of "the fourth tower of inverness"
"hurricane heart attack" the warlocks
"screaming gun" black rebel motorcycle club
"ponyboy" the fever
"ride 'em cowboy" sparks
"another man's woman" marcia ball

"spectre vs. rector" the fall
"pepita" calexico
"genetic" sonic youth
"don't know what I am" the wipers
"like a ghost on fire" mike watt, thurston moore + thalia ferreira
"hot pink" (live) meat puppets

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