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Interviews - More Tim Seeley: Tim Time

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At last weekend's Sumter Comic Arts Symposium, Andy sat down with Tim Seeley in front of a live con audience and talked with him about his various comics, including Grayson, Batman Eternal, Effigy, Revival, and Sundowners. Along with Ray Fawkes (not part of this interview), Tim was one of the special guests at this first-ever Sumter event, which is described on the Sumter county's website as “an event like no other. This fun-filled event celebrates some of the most exciting and innovative creators working in comics and graphic novels today. From colorful cosplayers, once-in-a-lifetime Q and A panels, to exhibitions highlighting comics-inspired artworks along with prized original comic art from local collectors and emerging comic artists, the Sumter Comic Arts Symposium is sure to be the highlight of the Spring season.” Tim has been on The Comics Alternative twice before, back in November 2012 soon after Revival began, and then September of last year to talk about Grayson and Sundowners. He now joins the proud pantheon of creators who have had multiple appearances on the podcast, including Craig Yoe and Andy Hirsch!

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