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SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 5 of Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Survivor Fans Podcast

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This week we interviewed Kelley Wentworth . She left the game in episode 5 of Survivor San Juan Del Sur. Kelley was considered by some to be a "dark horse" contender for this season. She single handedly spooked Drew into voting himself out, just by her sheer knowledge of the game. But luck often plays a significant role in Survivor, and unfortunately it was not on her side after the tribal shuffle. Listen to this interview to hear how she was cast, who she fingers for the food shortage, details on the critical alliance that she lost in the shuffle and more!
If you are not a subscriber to the Survivor Fans Podcast, you can click the Pod button on the webpage and the interview will download and play on your computer. If you enjoyed this interview, check out our others here:

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