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RAWtalk 238: Why Photographers HATE Peter Lik: Best Photography Podcast Ever

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Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 238. This week we discuss Peter Lik and how most photographers aren't fans of him. We chat about how our BRAND NEW iMac is already DEAD and what Apple plans on doing about it. We then discuss our journey at the Eagles parade and how we documented it, as well as Stephen's awesome Philadelphia Skyline photos. Photo News is in full effect as well, where we talk about the rumored DJI Mavic II and its supposed 1-inch sensor, how the Navy is getting rid of its photographers as well as the EPIC SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch and the camera aboard Elon Musk's Tesla in space. We also discuss Sigma's new fast wide angle zoom lens, and a new camera that shoots nearly 30,000 FPS! We wrap up the show with our usual live Q&A and answer YOUR questions! As always, thanks for watching! 00:00:16 - Intro 00:02:03 - Our iMac Pro Came DOA! Is Apple Fixing it? 00:11:09 - Jared & Stephen Filmed the Eagles Parade 00:18:40 - Stephen’s Philly Skyline Photos 00:21:37 - Todd’s Recaps His LA Trip 00:25:42 - Are You Watching the DailyFRO Yet? 00:26:25 - Photo News! 00:26:43 - Sigma Announces 14-24 f/2.8 Art Lens 00:30:22 - Phantom’s New Camera Shoots Nearly 30,000 FPS! 00:32:35 - US Navy Getting Rid of Combat Camera Units 00:34:50 - DJI Mavic II to Get 1-Inch Sensor? 00:36:40 - Elon Musk Sent His Car to Space! 00:39:20 - Is This Peter Lik Photo Manipulated? 00:42:23 - Why Photographers HATE Peter Lik 00:51:07 - Gear of the Week: Our DEAD iMac Pro 00:52:20 - Flying Solo Q&A

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