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The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Glenda Gilmore, North Carolina, Gender and Jim Crow: The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Glenda Gilmore, North Carolina, Gender and Jim Crow

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Dr. Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore visits The Context of White Supremacy. The Peter V & C Vann Woodward Professor of History at Yale University, Dr. Gilmore's work investigates 20th century United States history, African American history since the Civil War, U.S. women's and gender history since 1865 and the history of the American south. During a September visit, Dr. Tommy J. Curry recommended listeners read Dr. Gilmore's work for evidence that a significant number of black females and black males collectively rejected patriarchy and systemic oppression of females. We'll review her 1996 award-winning text, Gender & Jim Crow: Women and the Politics of White Supremacy in North Carolina, 1896 - 1920. Dr Gilmore chronicles how White Power was reconstructed following the Civil War. In particular, she reviews how White Men of the Carolina state unified around the notion of protecting White Women from raping black brutes. White Women demanded that White Men brutalize black people in their honor; ostensibly, accepting a secondary role within the System of White Supremacy. Gender & Jim Crow offers profound insight on how White Women helped instigate the 1898 purge of black residents of Wilmington, North Carolina. We'll also explore how this compares to White Women's sizable contribution to President-elect Donald J. Trump's win. #AnswersForMiriamCarey INVEST in The COWS - CALL IN NUMBER: 641.715.3640 CODE 564943# The C.O.W.S. archives:

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