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The C.O.W.S. Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act Part 2: The C.O.W.S. Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act Part 2

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The Context of White Supremacy hosts our 2nd study session on Pamela Evans Harris's second publication, BLACK LOVE IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT. Before her passing earlier this year, #PamTheGreat managed the RacismWS website and authored an array of books that directly confront the problem of White Supremacy and what to do about it. She was one of The C.O.W.S. listeners's most cherished guests and appeared on the program dozens of times.Saddened by her departure, we're reading her work to honor her life and to learn constructive information to permanently eradicate Racism. Pam stated explicitly that the primary purpose behind this book was to help eradicate the enormous conflict between black males and black females. The first portion of the book spends a great deal of time examining the history of slavery, and how many of the conflicts between black males and black females are rooted in centuries of direct torture. They include anecdotes from Incidents In The Life of Slave Girl and other historical records to provide a comprehensive understanding of the generational trauma black people have been subjected to.

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