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Neil Gaiman: This week Josh talks to the author of "American Gods" about bringing his book to the screen.

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Neil Gaiman’s fertile imagination has been entertaining and enthralling readers for decades. Whether you know him from his groundbreaking comic-book writing for “The Sandman,” his acclaimed novels like “Stardust” and “The Graveyard Book,” or his writing for film and TV (“Beowulf,” “Doctor Who,” and “Coraline,” just to name a few), if you like imaginative fiction, you’re likely a fan. This week on Happy Sad Confused, Gaiman joins Josh to discuss one of his most beloved works, American Gods, and its long-awaited television debut. Launching on Starz at the end of April, the show stars Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, and Gillian Anderson, to name a few, and has received some of the best reviews of any show in 2017. In this conversation Gaiman discusses the process of bringing “American Gods” to the screen, why he hopes “The Sandman” will also end up on TV, and why he’s sick of grim and gritty superhero films.

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