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Mailk Monk and Mark Stoops

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It's summer time so that means it's time to have stupid arguments no one cares about. This week it's can Serena Williams beat men in tennis (2:30 - 4:50). Russ Westbrook gets his MVP, Lavar Ball is a wrestling phenom (4:50 - 8:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (8:50 - 18:25). Mt Rushmore of Middle School lunch snacks (18:25 - 28:17) . 11th pick in the NBA draft Malik Monk joins us to talk about playing MJ 1 on 1, how many points he'll score in the NBA, and what type of Coach John Calipari is (28:17 - 41:42). We also include some of our highlights from our guest hosting appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio (41:42 - 52:30). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for Vince Young/Jeff Fisher, PR 101 James Harrison, Bad Visual for the UFC Fighter that pooped herself and Guys on Chicks.

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