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Dismantling Racism in Education: A Preview of Social Justice Saturday

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How do we go beyond the cosmetic fixes of racial inequality in education and go further? There is no quick fix, and we all need to do the work.Today on the Heinemann Podcast we’re preparing for Social Justice Saturday at The Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project which will be on Saturday - September 15th (2018).Heinemann author Sonja Cherry-Paul is one of the organizers of the event and a speaker. Also, among the day’s speakers are Heinemann Fellows Dr. Kim Parker, Tiana Silvas, and Tricia Ebarvia. Tricia and Kim also organize Disrupt Texts, a crowdsourced effort for teachers to challenge the traditional canon with the goal of creating a more inclusive, representative and equitable language arts curriculum.For today’s podcast, Sonja leads the fellows in a conversation on racial literacy and racial justice in education.Click here for more information on Social Justice SaturdayLearn more about Disrupt Texts here.

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