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EP. 01- STEP ONE: Creating Awareness.: Master feeling beautiful. sexy. confident.

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Brenda Lomeli shares techniques and skills to ditch insecurity and build fierce boldness.   Are you ready to MASTER feeling beautiful, sexy and confident? If your answer is yes, this podcast is for YOU.   Discover the bold techniques and master the skills to finally ditch your feelings of insecurity, inadequacy & being unattractive.   ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!   It's time to change the way you see yourself when you look in the mirror, the way you feel in your body, your self-image and that ugly ducky way of feeling. It’s all about creating real, tangible change so you can bust out of your old self and into the new bold you.   The podcast will include a monthly Q&A episode. What questions do YOU have about feeling beautiful, badass and bodacious? In what situations do you find yourself needing to overcome insecurity, inadequacy or unattractiveness? Is it when you're in a room full of attractive women or bold women? Public speaking? Making love?   I will empower women with on air coaching, confidence building and techniques to work through their biggest insecurity and ultimately master how to feel sexier and how to feel more beautiful.

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