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The Leo - Aquarius Axis, Soul Alignment, SoulMates & Aquarian Age Relationships: Awakenings With Michele Meiche is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships.

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The whole show Michele giving her insights and answering callers questions; as well as facilitating readings On Air for each caller.  #347-539-5122 press 1 on your keypad 

We are in a time of Divine Disruption, Reframing and Re-patterning the very way we relate and the systems of our life here on earth.

Understand the process of Divine Disruption in the Great Awakening and the awakenings process.

Michele will cover Relationship Alchemy, Soul Alignment and the Archetypes.

The shadow that is at play as we more fully enter into the Aquarian Age – The Age of Light – Understand what this means and how to align in the most life enhancing way…

Understand and learn your role in the expression of the archetypes of the Victim – Martyr, Narcissist, Energy Vampire, Lightworker, Hero, and Energy Vampire…

We all have a “part to play” in clearing out the astral plane and the correspondent manifestations vibrationally.

It is not a time to cut off or run away. Understand the Archetypal Energy Patterns that are at play and how you consciously fit in to the transformative process of the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm.

The ‘answer’ is to Soul Connect… The ‘Awakenings’ that are being experiences and co-created are about Soul Alignment…

Understand and Learn how to recognize the phase you are in, the ‘part you play’ and how to integrate the shadow energies for the most life enhancement, growth, transformation and spiritual integration.

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