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Energetic Alchemy, Lions Gate Portal: You are changing and it's time to awaken to your process! What is this spiritual journey all about and how can Reiki and understanding chakra energy support you

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Reiki Radio: You are changing. Something called you forward into this journey of transformation, but what and why? Many of us have found support through practices like Reiki and meditation, working through layers of our own energetic alchemy. In all of this, it is important to recognize your "base metal" as acknowledge every aspect of YOU as part of your spiritual journey, and to understand your own process of transformation. Today is a beautiful day to consider this, as we are in the peak of the Lion's Gate Portal. This is an annual event and we will explore more on today's episode, along with understanding the benefits of chakra energy. How deep are you willing to go into alignment with you and your purpose? Let's talk about it! Then after the show, go to to sign up for Intuitive Reiki and access your free gifts through the newsletter - journey in LOVE!

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