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Christ Consciousness, Christianity & The Jesus Connection | TruthSeekah Interview: TruthSeekah Interview | Christ Consciousness, Christianity & The Jesus Connection

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  Here is an episode of The Live Mana Podcast that I was featured on hosted by Joshua T Berglan. Joshua saw the Christ Consciousness video that I put together and was really moved and wanted to have me on to discuss my views in more detail. One of the reasons that I felt led to cover this topic is because we have so many people giving their opinion and speaking as experts on the subject of Christ Consciousness who dont even know or acknowledge Christ. We have people on the christian side demonizing everything that resembles anything spiritual and have given it over to the new age and then we have New Agers claiming Christ Consciousness who dont acknowledge Christ. This is the reason I felt led to give my take on the subject which in reality is a very biblical look on the subject. Christ consciousness is simply living with the same consciousness that Christ had. The renewed mind is perfect christ consciousness. Althought there are varying levels of this and revelation plus experience leaves it as an ever expanding subject, Christ Consciousness begins with the renewed mind in Christ. I had a great time and it was a very genuine conversation. If you haven't seen the Christ Consciousness video that I put together I will link it below. Be sure to check out Joshua T Berglan's work further on the Live Mana Podcast. He hosts some really powerful and honest discussions.     Christ Consciousness Explained From A Biblical Perspective   ?Help Keep The TruthSeekah Podcast On The Air!? ⭐️ Become A Patron And Support TruthSeekah ? Get Access To The School of the Mystics Thursdays @7pm cen ? TruthSeekahs Full Discography & Unreleased Music ? Download This Episode On iTunes - Download On Android - ?Facebook ?Twitter ?Reddit ?Instagram ?Join Our Discord Chat ? SHIRTS ?OFFICIAL ?DONATE VIA PAYPAL ?Get Your FREE Audio Book! ? Send Mail To TruthSeekah P.O. Box 333 Creola Al, 36525 USA

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