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Talking the Astrology of Firestorms | Austin Coppock: Episode 161

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I know I promised a solo show on my experiences so far with this 53,000 hectare fire encircling the farm but, a few hours ago, it occurred to me there might be a way of framing the tale so that it is more useful or at least magically interesting to you. So with very little notice and coming off another podcast recording, Austin agreed to pull a chart together for Tasmania and we use an analysis of that as a frame for discussing my experiences. It’s not technical -how could it be, if I’m involved?- but for you astro nerds out there, the Aries and Libra ingress charts for Hobart, as well as the base chart we drew up for Tasmania, are all in the show notes, with Austin’s commentary. Show Notes I See Your Blood Moon and Raise You a Sky Filled with Fire The Motor Lodge at the End of the World Some Say in Ice  

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