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#MeToo: Stories in the Age of Survivorship by Emma Backe - This Anthro Life

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Welcome to Story Slamming Anthropology. This series features both innovative narrative and audio performance drawing on the deep toolkit and methods of anthropology. The goal with Story Slamming Anthropology is to invoke the public facing spirit of Franz Boas, Margaret Mead, Melville Herskovits and many others to speak to 21st century concerns from a comparative perspective in clear language. The narratives here are based on juxtapositions, seemingly counter- or non- intuitive linking’s of subjects, objects, ideas, emotions, practices, or traditions that will intrigue, educate, and delight. In doing so, the goal of these stories is to bring anthropological storytelling to wider audiences and to demonstrate that anthropology matters today more than ever.
This narrative, #MeToo: Stories in the Age of Survivorship, is written and performed by Emma Louise Backe. 
The reckoning of #MeToo has ushered in a renewed politics of storytelling, one whose capillary reach and discur


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