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S2 Ep 38: Become A Better Listener By The End Of This Episode!: "Wait, what did you say your name was?" Our minds are constantly bombarded with noise-- it's no wonder many people find it increasingly difficult to listen and comprehend.

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"Wait, what did you say your name was?" From our phones and TVs, to email notifications, traffic and crowded restaurants, our minds are constantly bombarded with noise. It's no wonder people are having trouble trying to listen and comprehend. And sure, we've all been guilty of not listening when someone is talking, but poor listening skills can be improved! Speech and language pathologist, Rebecca Shafir, joins Ned to talk about her book (now in its 8th printing!) The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction. Rebecca's insights will help you become a better listener and better overall communicator by the end of the episode! Important Links: Rebecca Shafir's website: Mindful Communication, or you can reach her directly by calling 978-287-0810. Learn more about the college of choice for students who learn differently, Landmark College. To pre-order Dr. Hallowell's memoir, Because I Come From A Crazy Family, The Making Of A Psychiatrist CLICK HERE.

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