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S2 Mini 45: Your Annual Screen-Sucking Self-Exam: Do you know how much time you spend on your phone each day?

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Do you know how much time you spend on your phone each day? What about each week? In his book, Driven to Distraction at Work, Dr. Hallowell devotes an entire chapter to the problem of "screen-sucking," where he emphasizes the need to learn how to control your electronics so they don't control you. And in this mini he talks about why you should take a look at your screen habits and assess the results. Dr. Hallowell gives detailed instructions on how you can track your phone usage to learn not just how much time you spend on your phone, but specifically which apps and features consume your attention the most. To learn more about the Moment app CLICK HERE. Check out our sponsor, Landmark College, in Putney, Vermont. It's the college of choice for students who learn differently.  Reach out to us! Did you track your phone usage after listening to this episode? Did the results surprise you? Let us know your thoughts! Email or call and leave a message at 844-55-CONNECT. 

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