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The Truth About Toxins And Deep Detoxification with Dr. Daniel Pompa #121: In this episode, you'll have a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of detoxification, and the mistakes most people make when trying to do it themselves.

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Do you live a healthy lifestyle? If you found your way to this podcast, it's likely that you eat organically, take your vitamins, and do your best to avoid toxins in your environment. You drink clean water, filter your air, and use natural cleaning and body care products. You workout, do yoga, run, and get plenty of good sleep. But what if you were missing a huge piece of the health puzzle? Maybe even the most critical part? The truth is that no matter how health conscious you are, in today's industrialized world we are all exposed to thousands of chemicals on a daily basis. Our air, water, food, earth, and even the buildings we live and work in have been polluted with toxins for at least the past 150 years. It is virtually impossible to avoid the physical accumulation of these substances no matter how much you try. It's almost guaranteed that your body was loaded with a toxic burden before you were even born, due to the environmental and dietary exposure you mother received before and during pregnancy. In this day and age, we’re all born polluted. It's now widely understood and accepted by mainstream medicine and science that most, if not all chronic, and degenerative diseases are caused at least in part by our acute, or long-term exposure to these toxins. Name any condition, and at the root of it, you will find, at least to some degree, toxin exposure. If it's impossible to avoid the accumulation of toxins, even if we make a serious effort to live a healthy lifestyle, what can we do to live a long, and disease-free life? The answer is not living in a bubble of paranoia and sealing ourselves off from the dangers of exposure. The solution to the issue of toxification is of course detoxification. We've got to get this waste out of our bodies. Sounds easy enough, right? But how do you safely and efficiently clean the inside of your body without making the situation worse, or wasting your time doing it incorrectly? Our guest Dr. Daniel Pompa has made a career and amassed tens of thousands of followers by teaching the most cutting edge, and practical methods by which to detoxify your body. In this episode you will learn about his 5-stage detox protocol, that is widely respected all over the world as one of the most scientifically valid, and powerful protocols for purifying your body, and keeping it that way. By the end of this episode, you'll have a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of detoxification, and the mistakes most people make when trying to do it themselves. If you know anyone that's been exposed to toxins (everyone you know), do them a favor and share this episode with them. To your health and happiness, Luke   Topics Discussed On Today's Episode: Detoxing from drugs, pesticides and environmental pollutants To get well you must detox the cell Why the way most people detox is ineffective The limits of fasting, bentonite clay and saunas The 5Rs of cellular detoxification The hidden dangers of mold, and why buildings these days are so prone to it now The best way to test your home for mold The best whole house air filter Why metal fillings are so toxic How cellular inflammation leads to disease The importance of diet variation and feast/famine cycles How much your hormones effect your ability to detox effectively The role fasting plays in detox and how to do it right Why ketosis helps reduce inflammation The fact that eating less makes you live longer The hidden dietary neurotoxins and how to avoid them What being fat adapted means and how it helps you, and how to stay toxic free The dangers of root canals Why some people are more sensitive to EMFs, and how it relates to heavy metal burden How we all get lead poisoning in the womb, and what to do about it The power of molecular hydrogen supplementation The controversy with fish oil, DHA, and why some omega fats are bad for you The importance of using toxin binders, and why the ones most people use are ineffective Lifestyle recommendations    For more about

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