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27: I'm Coming Out (Again)

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In celebration of Pride month, Ev'Yan takes you on an intimate journey through her messy, confusing, dramatic queer identity origin story—from her very first girl crush to how her religious family reacted to her coming out to how she expresses her queer identity while being married to a man.She speaks vulnerably about the myths and fears that kept her from exploring her sexuality for so long and the things she still struggles with today in ID-ing as a queer woman, like the fact she feels she has to come out again and again.This one's filled with stories and encouragement for other not-straight babes who want to liberate their sexuality. And stick around til the end for her shout-outs, some of which may or may not be said with shade.For show notes + a transcription of this episode: http:/! The Sexually Liberated Woman is now on Patreon! To support this podcast and keep it going strong, go to Thank you!Follow Ev'Yan on Instagram: @evyan.whitneysexloveliberation.comMusic: Otis MacDonaldCover: Celeste Noche

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