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Would your family and friends be proud of you being LGBTQ+, even if it put themselves in danger? Should a gay person lie about their sexuality if they're in danger? James' brother is heading to Russia for the #WorldCup and it raises some questions... Plus the boys are coming to Edinburgh Fringe and there's so much ADMIN (Dan needs a place to stay...)---This episode is supported by Emerald Life, the UK's award-winning inclusive insurance provider - see us at our next live show at the Edinburgh Fringe on 16/17 August 2018Please support our special little friendship at A Gay & A NonGay is an independent podcast from James Barr (he/him - @imjamesbarr) and Dan Hudson (he/him - @danhudson). Email or stay in touch via twitter, facebook or insta @gaynongay. Exec produced by @talia (she/her)

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