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Instinct: The Riddle House (Book 4, Chapter 1): Instinct: The Riddle House (Book 4, Chapter 1)

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Vanessa and Casper dive into Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with The Riddle House - perhaps one of the most incongruous chapter in the the whole Harry Potter series. They discuss Frank's PTSD, Nagini's anatomy, and how Voldemort is just a big baby. Throughout the episode they consider the question: How do we avoid prejudice while following our instincts? 

This week we're sponsored by Audible and Care/Of and our voicemail is thanks to Katie Kelly-Hankin. Next week we're reading The Scar, through the theme of destruction. You can take the Panoply Survey at Be sure to check out our website to buy tickets for our live shows in Somerville, MA and Atlanta, GA. 

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