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Morning Musings: Weekly Encouragement for the Educator’s Soul

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Morning Musings: Weekly Encouragement for the Educator’s Soul

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With school violence, insufficient resources, overcrowded classrooms, and inadequate pay, educators encounter a variety of challenges that can potentially pollute their souls. If allowed, such pollution can interfere with their efforts to teach, lead, and serve their students.

When faced with intense challenges, educators will need power to encourage themselves and continue in the charge set before them. A Christian educator and professor, Stacey offers educators weekly encouragement to maintain a cleansed soul and teach with the purest of heart, intention, and divine guidance.

Morning Musings offers educators:

36 weekly musings--one for each week in a semester--that includes a Scriptural Reading, Weekly Teaching, Weekly Application, and Reflection.

Relevant biblical strategies to re-invigorate their soul by cultivating a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Relevant biblical strategies to fulfill their duties of teaching, serving, and leading with divine guidance.

Relevant biblical strategies to transform their lives, so they can transform the lives of their students.

As you read and meditate, let each musing encourage, strengthen, and renew your soul as you prepare to teach, lead, and serve.

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