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Vicious Listener Comments That Were 100% True: Today I share the story of some pretty harsh criticism I received, and how I had to deal with the fact that my listener had a point. Welcome to episode 639 of the School of Podcasting Sponsor: 3:47 helps you find...

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Today I share the story of some pretty harsh criticism I received, and how I had to deal with the fact that my listener had a point. Welcome to episode 639 of the School of Podcasting Sponsor: 3:47 helps you find guests for your podcasts for free will feature your podcast to its over 6,500 users to find qualified guests that meet your requirements You can also find 200 expert guests anytime in the directory at Today I'm talking about branding, and I could've invited Greg Corey  (Corey says, I love to talk to audiences about how creating better branding for themselves and their products can skyrocket their sales).  It took all of three seconds to find Greg, and we know he's looking to get on podcasts.  Sign up at  Fat Fingers Can Cause More Them Embarrassment 5:06 In the last episode, I mentioned that I had brought up a controversial subject (Collin Kaepernick) and that people might tune out (the subject was controlling the conversation). What is offending is not the episode but rather your poor grasp on basic spelling and grammar throughout many pages on this website.. By the way, if you want to sound like an authority, please learn basic spelling and grammar or hire someone (fiverr) to do it for you.. How do you have an education degree when this is how you write and communicate? By the way, in the sub-title, “Freedom of Speach is Not Freedom from Consequences”- The word “speach” is spelled Speech. Any sixth grader knows that and certainly a g college graduate should know that as well.. It is not that hard. At least have your written copy proof read by someone who does know how to spell and write decently before publishing it to the world. Geez! I think that is pretty basic.. How again can you confidently charge $200 an hour for consulting when you have such poor spelling and grammar skills in your written web copy? You are a joke sir! What college granted you a degree when you consistently cannot write legibly? and you are tying to sell yourself as an expert? Please! I will say again.. Please! At least hire someone to cover your mistakes and not try to promote yourself as some sort of “expert” – You look like a damn fool sir So I sent Mark Doyle and Email Dear Mark, Thanks for the comment. My Apologies for the typos. You're right I'm a damn fool and a joke of a human being... Dave Mark Sent Me a Reply Mr. Jackson I would like to take a moment and apologize for my comments and harsh criticisms. It was unwarranted and uncalled for and not like me at all to post something like that Please accept my apologies Best of luck to you sir Mark Made a Really Good Point in a Really Crappy Way I hold no ill will toward Mark. Mark may have had a really bad day, and I have forgiven him. He did get me to check into why these typos got through (I was using two spell checkers, and Grammarly does a GREAT job). In a nutshell, I had logged out of Grammarly and it no longer was checking everything I typed.  There is Probably More Than One Way To Fix Your Issue I had typed my show notes about an hour before I published them. I did this to "flush out" ideas before I pressed record. Then I thought, would this not work a day or two (or a week) in advance so I could come and look at the copy with "Fresh eyes." Yes, this could be done.  Another option would be to type shorter notes. This makes sense to a certain extent. I always want to have at least 300 words. I am currently at 1591.  If I pushed thing back even further than a few days, I could hire someone to look over my posts.  This is not an unsolvable issue. It just means I can't keep doing what I've always been doing.  Your Podcast Is Your Brand In looking up different items about what makes a good brand, I kept seeing things that I saw that I had dropped the ball on. Neglecting Public Perception: The public’s perception of your brand might not be the rosiest, but instead of chalking it up to

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