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Ep. 154: Hub Arkush on the 2015 Cubs vs. the 2018 Bears

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On the latest edition of the Cubs Talk Podcast, Luke Stuckmeyer, David Kaplan and Pro Football Weekly's (and lifelong Cub fan) Hub Arkush discuss the similarities of the Cubs' 2015 team to the 2018 Bears.:45 Memories of their first Cubs game3:30 Discussions with Bears Chairman George McCaskey about being a Cubs fan4:15 Similarities between 2015 Cubs and 2018 Bears5:45 Bringing in Joe Maddon vs Matt Nagy8:00 Trades for Jake Arrieta and Khalil Mack10:30 Rookies becoming stars: Bryant & Schwarber vs Smith & Miller12:00 Who does Eddie Jackson compare to on the 2015 Cubs14:00 Who is the Kyle Hendricks (under the radar) player on the Bears this year?16:30 What do the Bears have to do this offseason?18:30 How the Cubs will proceed this offseason20:30 Chili Davis' comments on how coachable the Cubs players are

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